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14 years after the Kosovo War, a young woman tracks down the man responsible for her mother's death, and pays him a surprise visit.


Song to Save a Child is a short film drawn from my experiences and reflections during the Kosovo war. It is a story about a young Kosovar woman, the sole survivor of a massacre, who 14 years after the war tracks down the killer and travels to Serbia to find out the story behind her mother's death and the puzzle that ultimately led to her own survival.

The film deals with the survivor's journey, the need to understand and come to closure with the past. It is an exploration into the meaning of justice, revenge and nationalism from a survivor's perspective. The story ultimately is dedicated to mothers who, during armed conflict, are stripped of dignity and more important, their ability to protect their children.


After many years of working as a documentary filmmaker in Kosovo, I moved to Los Angeles in 2009.  I have recently been accepted into the AFI Directing Workshop for Women.  I am one of 8 women accepted from hundreds of applicants all around the US.  AFI's Directing Workshop for Women is an incredible tuition-free program that provides emerging female filmmakers professional training and support in making a short film.  My shoot is scheduled for July 25th.  I plan to complete the film by the end of 2012.


While AFI does provides training and support from industry experts to help mentor and guide us, as well as access to their film equipment, each woman in the program is expected to raise their own funds to make their film. I need 25,000 USD to complete Song to Save a Child.


Writer/Director: Antoneta Kastrati

Producer: Richard King

Cinematographer: Sevdije Kastrati

Production Design: Shawn Bronson


The money donated will go toward equipment rentals, production design, location fees, food and transportation, costumes, special effects, production sound, audio and video post-production.


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    BONUS REWARD! Digital Download of 5 Previous Films From Antoneta and Crossing Bridges Productions. EMPTY BUCKET (2011) A short film about a pregnant wife facing nightmares and dark secrets from her past. THE KINGDOM OF COAL (2011) A documentary on the World Bank plan to build a new coal power plant next to the capitol city of Kosovo. UNMANNED (2011) A short film about an Air Force drone operator who fights war by remote control, returning each day to his family in suburbia. THE GUARDIAN (2010) A documentary about a man who fights to protect the mountains from deforestation, the same mountains where his brother died in combat. WEDDINGS AND DIAPERS (2007) A documentary about the rapidly changing traditions of marriage in Kosovo.

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