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ArtVend Machine in the Fall of 2011. The machine will display and sell the work of local artists and crafters in vending machine form.

The predicament!

A large machine is on the loose!  It wanders through the streets, stalking artists, and gobbling up their art.  If you are careful, if you have the patience, you can tame the beast and teach it to share a piece of the local Ames art scene.  However, it will take a group of hunters to capture and secure the great ArtVend Machine for the benefit of the community, visitors and local artists and crafters.

The excitement!

It’s time for another Ames Annual Project!  This year we are on a hunt to bring an ArtVend Machine to Ames in the Fall of 2011.  The machine will display and sell the work of local artists and crafters in vending machine form, making local art readily available to anyone passing by.  The machine will spread morsels of Ames art where they might not normally reach, and local artists and crafters will have a unique option to promote their work.  In addition, the presence of ArtVend in our community will encourage the integration of art into everyday life both in the Ames community and in peoples’ homes.  Residents and visitors will have a new way to appreciate what Ames has to offer by the spreading of beauty and creativity through our ArtVend project.

What we need for success!

We need a vending machine and funds for promotion!  We will need $800 for a used vending machine, supplies to retrofit the machine for ArtVend., and start-up artist packages.  Last year our group successfully created a public art mural which helped beautify our town’s Campustown area, and gave local residents the opportunity to participate in the mural’s creation.  The ArtVend project requires a little more creative funding, and because of its unique nature we need your assistance.  

Proceeds and rewards! 

Please help make this project a success, and help spread creativity and art throughout Ames!  If we are successful, hopefully our example will help other communities plan and create similar projects.


  • During the course of our first kickstarter campaign, we were able to find an amazing source for vending machines in our own backyard - the State of Iowa surplus! But we were unable to adjust the goal accordingly, that’s why in the video we talk about needing $1300 and now we are working towards a much lower number of $800.

    We also have found a great partner who is willing to volunteer his time and knowledge to help us retro-fit the machine - making metal cut outs to revamp its look as well as electronic know how of installing a bill changer. Exciting!

    So here’s the breakdown:

    * $450 to purchase the machine
    * $200 to refit it with a bill changer and a sweet new look
    * $100 for packaging supplies (recycled boxes, cello sleeves, sticker labels), printing for maker’s consignment packages
    * $40 for Kickstarter once we successfully meet our goal

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  • This is the most exciting thing about the ArtVend machine, your handmade imagination is really the limit. The only guidelines are:

    * It has to be handmade
    * It has to be family friendly
    * It has to handle the “drop” in the vending machine
    * It has to be local (50 mile radius with Ames, Iowa as the center point)
    * And it has to be the size of a bag of chips, a candy bar, or a pastry item to fit in the machine.

    Already we have zines, bookbinding kits, mini paintings, crocheted scarves, zippered clutches, drawings, knitting kits, and block prints lined up.

    Email: to find out how you can sell your handmade goods and art in the artvend machine. All work is juried on a monthly basis by the Ames ArtVend Committee so we are continually accepting submissions.

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  • We are happy to say that we officially have a location, and it's as great as promised! Wheatsfield Co-op will be hosting the ArtVend machine and they are as excited about the project as we are! The machine will be located inside the store, just to the left of the exit in the deli eating area. What a great spot in such a great store! Thanks Wheatsfield!

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