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S$ 9,599 pledged of S$ 30,000 goal
By Play Nation Studio
S$ 9,599 pledged of S$ 30,000 goal

Update #1: This is so awkward, but we are sorry!

We are sorry!
We are sorry!

 Hello Dream Catchers!

This update is a tough one to write. Today is day 6 of our campaign and we are very grateful and thankful for the support of the 90+ backers who pledged for Dream Catchers at the moment. 

However, we have also received plenty of feedback from backers as well as non-backers with regards to the current campaign that alerted us to areas of concerns that we previously overlooked.  

Amongst the matters raised was the high price of the reward tiers as well as the lack of clarity on shipping information that prevented would be backers from supporting the campaign. 

Based on the feedback received as well as our observation of the funding trends over the past few days, we are now quite confident that the campaign will fail to reach its funding goals. 

The Dream Catchers team held many discussions over many sleepless nights, but we couldn't find a reasonable solution to the problems present under the framework already set in place by the current campaign. We therefore made the difficult decision to cancel this current campaign, so that we can re-launch our campaign with a much more realistic funding target, as well as allowing us to address the errors we made in this current one. 

So, what's going to happen now?

After this update goes live, we will be cancelling the campaign. The re-launch for Dream Catchers will be set at 3 weeks from now, on the 28th of March. 

The new campaign will feature these following changes from the current one:

  • Price reduction for base game only reward tier from USD$45 to USD$39
  • Price reduction for base game + play mat rewards tier from USD$65 to USD$55
  • Price Reduction for 3 copies of base game reward tier from USD$130 to USD$99
  • Funding target to be reduced from USD$23,000 to USD$10,000
  • Shipping prices for each reward tier will be subsidized and published upfront. We expect shipping prices for the base game only tier to fall in the range of USD$6-$8 for backers from the US. Shipping prices will only be finalized during the re-launch.
  • All reward tiers with miniatures will be removed from the campaign
Explanation for decision

It is relatively easy to understand prices for all tiers coming down and the benefits of receiving subsidized shipping, therefore, it is more important to address the elephant in the room. Miniatures!

In the current campaign, backers who pledged for reward tiers with miniatures make up 50% of our backers and contribute 70% of our current funds. Why would we want to cancel the tier which is raising the most funds?

To fully explain the decision, total transparency, and unfortunately, some math is required. Sit tight.

  • The production of miniatures added almost USD$15,000 to the campaign funding target. (63% of funding target is channeled to miniature production). Removing the miniatures will allow the campaign to fund much more easily and ensure that backers get the game that they want.
  • Even though the price for a Collector's Edition rewards tier is set at USD$99, we were charging for the miniature set at close to cost price.
  • Adding a third item in the campaign also complicated shipping costs calculations, considered with the fact that we were charging for the miniature at cost, we were not able to subsidize shipping for that rewards tier. This was a major factor in our decision to not publish shipping rates upfront, which is a dumb move on our part! : (
  • Even though we have enthusiastic response from our backers in the Collector's Edition tier, it is unfortunately not sufficient to carry the campaign to meet its funding goals. 

At the end of the day, as a team, we realized that it is an uphill battle for a new publisher with no track record to pitch the premium edition of a new game to players who have never tried the game before, no matter how well made or visually appealing it can be. 

Our focus should have been spent on making great games and introducing them to a new fan base at a fair and affordable price so that more people can enjoy them. The introduction of miniatures at this stage is harmful to the viability of Dream Catchers as it severely restricted our ability to maintain flexibility on pricing issues and as a result, many would be backers were priced out of being a part of the campaign. 

We understand that many backers who wished to purchase the miniatures will be disappointed with how things have turned out. We apologize for having disappointing you, and failing your expectation. We hope that you can understand why we made the decision and humbly seek your forgiveness. 

As a team, Play Nation has put in tremendous effort to create a high quality product that we believe deserves a spot on family gaming tables around the world. Our inexperience as a first time KS campaign manager may have come with a small setback, but we are determined to see this project through to the end and will come back wiser and stronger from this experience.

We will be back on the 28th March, and we hope you can continue to support the campaign then. Nevertheless, we are thankful for your support and will always consider you a part of the Dream Catchers family!

~Gabriel Leow

We will get it right the next time!
We will get it right the next time!



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    1. Eric Appleguy on March 7

      Sweet dreams, Lily.

    2. Stephanie Ho on March 6

      I tried the game and really love it! Have been waiting for some months to back it on kickstarter. Don't worry, you will still have my support for the next campaign. Good luck and jiayou!!

    3. Maggie Cole on March 6

      Thank you for the explanation. I've been a part of other campaigns that unfortunately ended without such thorough explanation. I know it was hard, but thank you. You gain my respect for it. I'm sad, to hear Abbott the miniatures, and had not yet pledged for them, but often do during the pledge manager. That said, it's sort of a relief. If a thing doesn't exist, I don't have to feel like I need it. Less future waste (nothing lasts forever) and my children won't have to clean out a bazillion game miniatures when I'm on my death bed! Ha ha! There is always a silver lining! So, I'll be happy to back a fun game that is lovely, but minimalist in design, and most importantly something to enjoy with my kuds, in the future!

    4. Steffi Liew on March 6

      And ps. my bad about spelling Play Nation wrongly. Paiseh ah. (^_^ |||)

    5. Steffi Liew on March 6

      Hey Play Station, don't be disheartened! As a backer, I'm thankful that you all explained to us what led to this decision. Being honest and apologising for a mistake isn't easy, but most importantly you've kept your integrity and your values! (Trust me, I know the feeling when I have to own up for my mistakes to my customers.)

      I look forward to supporting your campaign when it relaunches again :D

      Maybe in future, for the miniatures, you could consider to do a pre-order? I understand it's pretty expensive, especially with MOQs (minimum order quantity) that the factory may have set for you to even consider it viable to produce with them, so maybe a pre-order, and then you guys will have a better idea of the demand, and can focus on that solely.

      You guys definitely can make good games, this is just part of the learning experience in the journey, so good luck! (9 ^_^)9

    6. Missing avatar

      Davide on March 6

      I backed it 5 hours ago :( , adios miniatures

      Hope to back it again next month.

    7. The Glass Die
      on March 6

      Understandable, regarding the structure of the campaign and cancellation of the collector’s minis. Good luck with the next campaign, I’ll keep an eye out for it!