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3D Walkthrough of the Fane of the Sea God

We've talked about doing 3D walkthrough videos of the various levels of Dragon's Delve and we'd like to show you just what we mean. Here is the first one which is for "Fane of the Sea God", written by Charles Ryan. The 3D visuals were produced by Sterling Hershey.

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    1. Charles Ryan on

      I really enjoyed putting this dungeon together, and creating a really 3-dimensional space was one of my goals. At the time, there was no plan to do this fly-through, but I think it really helps visualize what the design was trying to achieve. I'd love to see more of these for Dragon's Delve.

    2. Missing avatar

      Colin Stricklin on

      Thanks Hyrum. You're a gentleman and a scholar. :)

    3. Hyrum Savage 2-time creator on

      Hey Colin,

      Once we have the video (and more importantly the 3D model it is built from), there are lots of ways we can potentially use it. The current intent is as an overview (much like the popular side-view map for the entire dungeon) that helps a GM visualize the dungeon as more than a flat map. However all your suggestions are good ones, and we'd certainly take input from patrons on how they'd like to see any videos we products made more useful.

    4. Missing avatar

      nmilasich on

      This is useful. I'm all for the encounter numbers appearing on the screen. I would LOVE to see level 1 in all it's glory!

    5. Erik Peterson on

      Very cool! I see the idea as more helping the DM understand the level in ways that can be really hard to express on a piece of paper; which rooms are above others, and how are they connected? How deep _is_ that water that the dwarf just drowned in?

    6. Missing avatar

      Colin Stricklin on

      There's a lot of "gee whiz" going on here, but how do you picture these being used by DMs and players? Will you number the rooms so I know where I'm at and which encounter I'm in? Can you break up the video in such a way that I can just show my players the room they're in? A really useful version of this would be somewhat interactive -- click the arrow if they're taking the north exit. Hit this button if they activate the secret door. Etc.