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On February 23, we're going to make a magazine from start to finish in 24 hours and broadcast the making process online.
On February 23, we're going to make a magazine from start to finish in 24 hours and broadcast the making process online.
165 backers pledged $5,259 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

issue two is here!

Dear all, 

We’ve done it again! 

Issue two of twenty-four magazine has just crossed the finish line. Thank you again for helping us to get this project off the ground last February. We could not have done it without you, and we’re glad to do it again despite the welling exhaustion. 

The last twenty four hours have brought us 3D animated gifs, artistic hats, a dress made out of balloons, a multiple choice question, a fully illustrated comic, and a cocktail garnished with a torn up, brand new, never played composition for solo violin. It’s been ridiculous, it’s been wonderful, and we’ve put it all into our magazine and online for you. We hope you enjoy our second issue. 

If you’ve already ordered it, a link to your digital copy should be sitting in your mailbox right now. 

 If you haven’t, would you like to? We’re ordering our first print round on Monday morning, so you still have time to get a copy that will arrive in the next two weeks! 

You can order your copy or see a preview of the magazine itself here:

Thank you! Again and again, thank you. 

The twenty-four magazine issue two contributors

Announcing Issue TWO! Hurray!

Greetings backers!


Since last you saw us, issue one was a part of an article about Kickstarter in Forbes, and our editor wrote an article about the process for the Guardian. Print copies of issue one have traveled the world, and we have had SO MUCH great feedback from all of you. Thank you so much.

Please join us for issue two on June 15th at 10am ET! Order your copy right here:

Watch the launch video:

As always, ALL of the money you give (minus ferociously budgeted expenses) goes directly to our contributors, so that they can keep getting their own work out in the world. We have HUGE plans for this issue, including making custom animations, scoring interviews with awesome folks, creating better links between our digital and print content, and creating a richer content experience for all of you.

Thank you so much launching this project. We will continue to try and make amazing things happen for you.

All the best,

Sara & the issue TWO contributors

Magazines are shipping!

Hi all,

I'm thrilled to say that issue one is in the mail! Copies to addresses in the US went out yesterday and today, and international copies will be on their way tomorrow. Here's our first glimpse of the magazine, hot off the press:

I loved the digital version, but waited to read all of the articles until I could get my hands on the print edition:

Please let us know what you think!

If you didn't pick up a print copy but now think you'd like to have one, we have a few extras. You can order a copy from Thank you all for joining us for issue one. 

AND we've tentatively confirmed issue two for late May!

Lastly, if you're free and local to New York City this Saturday evening (3/17), come by Rhymes With Opera at 7pm, 520 Park Avenue. "String," the musical piece in the magazine that was created in collaboration by Kevin Clark and Elissa Goetschius, is being performed live! You can also now listen to the piece online. Please say hello if you do come; we'd love to meet you.

Thank you again! Until May, when we come back and do it all over again.

- Sara & the issue one contributors you go.


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We're on!

So here's the thing about making something big and enormous. Sometimes it means that you have twenty different things to do, and they all have to get done RIGHT NOW. Like updating your Twitter stream. And find a knife to cut the bagels, and making the coffee, and getting the cameras rolling, and updating your amazing Kickstarter backers.

We are live RIGHT NOW making twenty-four happen for you. You can follow us on Twitter at @24magazine or on the hashtag #24mag. We have photos already all over our Flickr stream, links on our homepage, tons of ideas, signs on the walls, everything. It's fantastic. We're also asking questions and taking responses and finding time to do interviews and exchange ideas - come and join us!

Thank you again for your generous support and enthusiasm and for helping us make this ridiculous idea come to life. Thank you, thank you, thank you.