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Join this unlikely pair of Shadow Creatures, on an epic metaphysical journey to escape their own nature and find a greater meaning.

- - New Funding Goal: $8,000 - -


We've reached our initial goal of $4,000. Thanks to all of the kind people who made a pledge! We honestly can't thank you all enough!

This original goal was set up as the bare minimum we would need to finish Crowman & Wolfboy. More funding would greatly help us in both production and marketing. With a strong marketing budget, we will be able to spread the word more effectively (buying ad space and setting up booths at conventions like PAX and E3), thus helping our game to be more of a success. With success in Crowman & Wolfboy, comes growth in Wither Studios, allowing us to continue to make unique experiences for you to enjoy :) 

If we can reach at least $8,000 we will have a more solid starting point to work with. It would help us to:

·         Create better quality music (see FAQs for more detail)

·         Buy additional software, instead of renting software

·         Bring the game to other platforms such as Android and  Steam

·         Provide future updates to the game with more content and levels

·         Give us a better marketing budget to work with and much more! 

Thanks again to all of our backers!
-The guys from Wither

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Join this unlikely pair of Shadow Creatures, on an epic metaphysical journey to escape their own nature and find a greater meaning. You'll flee the planet of shadows and travel across the universe itself, discovering amazing new worlds along the way. Nothing will stop Crowman and Wolfboy from finding the Truth!

Art Style

The game has a cartoonish style, with a unique personality. We love games where you travel to different environments and wanted to push that idea even further in our own game. So our artists created OVER FIFTEEN amazing environments! Most iOS games brag about having four or five. Crowman & Wolfboy visually progresses as you get further into the game as well. This supports the concept of the characters traveling to and witnessing new worlds. The planet you start on is void of any color, but as you leave this place you'll be introduced to beautiful, colored landscapes and fantastical settings.



Our game finds a unique balance between the simplicity of popular iOS games and the depth of beloved classic adventure and platformer games.  We've replaced the virtual D-pad with a mechanic that is more intuitive and gives more control to the player. In most of the current iOS Platformer and Adventure games, you'll notice they also have virtual buttons (i.e. "A" and "B" buttons). We've done away with these buttons all together to really streamlined the players experience and interactions.

Another unique feature is that our main character is actually made up of two characters, that act as one. They need each other to survive this incredible expedition. Crowman uses his abilities to jump, glide and dive; while Wolfboy uses his abilities to smash, dig and climb. With their combined skills, they will be able to conquer any obstacle that stands in their way.

There are also sections of the game that break up the gameplay to provide a nice sense of depth and fulfillment for the player. In these levels, you'll be falling through the air and flying through space in different rocket ships! All done with a straightforward tilt and tap control scheme.



We're about halfway through development at this time. The team is shooting to be at the Beta Testing phase by the end of this year. So as far as a release date, we are looking at early 2012. A more concrete date will come a little later, right now our primary concern is making this game as awesome as we can :)


Wither Studios, LLC

This company became an LLC in 2011, though it was originally founded in 2009 by Steve Gabry and John Cobb. Driven by our passion for art, storytelling and of course video games, nothing would stand in our way of achieving our dreams. Two short years later Wither Studios is now a team of seven extremely talented artists and programmers. We cannot wait to share our art and the experiences we create with the world!


Everyone loves prizes! Pledge today and get some awesome limited edition Crowman & Wolfboy Gear! (see the list to the right for details)








Remember, Kickstarter is all or nothing. That means, if we don't reach our goal we get zilch!

If we reach our funding goal on Kickstarter, it will allow us to fulfill the essential development costs. Below is a list of what the money will go towards.

·         Software Licenses

·         iOS Developer License

·         Legal Fees

·         Web Hosting and Marketing


If we raise over $4,000 that would assist production even more and help us create an even better experience for you to enjoy! Below is a list of what any extra money will go towards.

·         Music Production

·         Additional Software

·         Porting our Game to Android

·         Bringing you more Updates with more Content and Levels!

·         Better Marketing, to help reach more people


To all of the amazing people who made a pledge, we Thank You from the bottom of our hearts! You are helping us achieve our dreams, and that means the world to us. We hope you enjoy your prizes and more importantly our game.

If you couldn't make a pledge, we hope you'll still follow us on Facebook and give our game a try when it comes out ;)


  • We've put all of our savings and months of hard work into this project. Now we are out of money and need your help! You'll become part of our history, in helping our small indie team get its feet off the ground. Plus, there are cool prizes that we are only producing for Kickstarter. So they are all limited edition!

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  • Some or our team members are also talented musicians, on top of being game developers. We will be collaborating with a few members of a local Pittsburgh band to create some awesomely unique music. Very specific plans for something new is in the works. A little extra funding for this department would help us produce higher quality music (better recording devices, studio time, etc). Stay tuned for updates on this, when the time comes.

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  • Development is being geared towards iOS devices. Meaning Crowman & Wolfboy will be released for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. We would also love to eventually port the game to Android; but that all depends on funding and/or how well the game does on iTunes.

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