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Crowman & Wolfboy - iOS Adventure's video poster

Join this unlikely pair of Shadow Creatures, on an epic metaphysical journey to escape their own nature and find a greater meaning. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on December 1, 2011.

Join this unlikely pair of Shadow Creatures, on an epic metaphysical journey to escape their own nature and find a greater meaning.

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Google Play Store!!

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The Android version of Crowman & Wolfboy is now available for FREE on the Google Play Store!

News Highlights!

Crowman & Wolfboy has been selected to be in the PAX East Indie Showcase! The Wither team will be attending the Boston event next weekend, 11th - 13th. If you'll be there, make sure to stop by! 

Crowman & Wolfboy is 99% of the way into the top 100 games of Steam Greenlight! Help us to get on Steam, by visiting the Crowman & Wolfboy Greenlight page and voting YES!

Crowman & Wolfboy will be on Android this month! So Android users, keep an eye out! 

More Platforms!

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We are currently working on two big things:

1 - The Android version of Crowman & Wolfboy. This will be released in the first half of 2014. 

2 - World 2 of Crowman & Wolfboy! This will be released when it's ready :) ...hopefully by mid 2014.

In addition, we have just put the game on Steam's Greenlight. We hope to also see Crowman & Wolfboy on Steam, taking advantage of their new controller's touch pad. So if you have a Steam account, please vote for C&W! Here is the link:

Thank you all for the continued support!

A little Pain for your Pleasure


Watch Doyle of Wither Studios eat a Habanero Pepper and then try to pitch Crowman & Wolfboy! 


 In other news, Crowman & Wolfboy has been receiving some great reviews!

"Endless hours of enjoyment" - 148Apps (4.5/5)  

"The controls are tight and responsive, and every error is going to be your fault." - Touch Arcade (4/5)

"A great game, I highly recommend it!" - ShnunGames (video)

"I really can’t get enough of this game" - Capsule Computers (10/10) 

"Haunting, atmospheric and highly playable" - God is a Geek (8/10)


P.S. If you haven't gotten your free copy yet, send us a message on Kickstarter so we can send you a code. Please don't ask for a code in the comments :)

Crowman & Wolfboy FREE - today only!


To celebrate one month in the App Store, Crowman & Wolfboy has gone FREE today, the 18th! This is a one day sale only, so if you haven't gotten a code yet or have friends with iOS devices that you think would like the game, don't miss out! 

P.S. If you do miss out and still need a code, we do have more that we will pass out starting tomorrow. 

Love, Wither Studios