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I want to write a book on immigration to Sweden in both an English and a Swedish edition.
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SEK 632,205


The book will focus on the economics of immigration and will be published in Swedish as well as in an English edition for the international audience.

My ordinary job is as a researcher in economics, with a focus on taxation and entrepreneurship. Writing about immigration is an unpaid hobby of mine. It´s a fun pastime, but one that demands time. I have tried to only let my immigration writings take precedence when I felt it was necessary. Nevertheless, during the last three years debating migration has taken up roughly half of my working time. Because of time constraint, many interesting topics have been left untouched or were only mentioned in passing.

The book will take several months to write. I therefore ask for 400 000 SEK to write it. My hope is that the book can be completed during the second half of 2015.

Funds above 400.000 can be used for various supplementary goals. This includes marketing, a companion fact-homepage and seminars in cities such as Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Oslo and London. I also plan to send a free edition of the English edition to journalist, academics and opinion writers in the U.S, U.K, Finland, Denmark and Norway.

The Swedish record for crowdfunding for this type of project is 550.000 kr. Surpassing this record will give the book invaluable free publicity.

Risks and challenges

I have written several books and book-length research reports. In my experience, writing a book on a topic I am familiar with is a fairly straightforward project once you have thought through the idea. It is however time consuming. About half the contents will be based on the one hundred texts or so on the topic that I have already written while the rest will consist of new material.

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