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Zak Sally's "Sammy The Mouse" Vol. 1, from La Mano books's video poster

A 104 page collection of the first 3 issues of Zak Sally's Sammy The Mouse comic, to be printed by Sally on his own offset press. Read more

Minneapolis, MN Comics
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This project was successfully funded on June 4, 2011.

A 104 page collection of the first 3 issues of Zak Sally's Sammy The Mouse comic, to be printed by Sally on his own offset press.

Minneapolis, MN Comics
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About this project

hello everyone: my name is zak sally. i'm a cartoonist. and a publisher. and sometimes a musician. and some other stuff, depending.

at the risk of being redundant (as it's all in the above video),this kickstarter campaign is for publication of the first volume of my ongoing Sammy The Mouse series; it collects the first 3 issues of the individual comics, previously released by Fantagraphics Books in the US, as part of the international "Ignatz" line of comics administered by Italian publisher Coconino. the entire series will (hopefully) wind up to be around 500 pages. it's the story of a mouse and his pals (or in some cases, UN-pals) while they seemingly wander around yelling and drinking and having arbitrary terrible things happen to them. but it just seems that way because it's still the beginning of the story. it's not arbitrary, it's EXPOSITION. 

anyway, there's still plenty o' laffs to go around and some very pretty artwork. i'm not going to go on about the content. it's good stuff. this is the format in which i intend to complete the story: 6 x 8 inches, in chunks of 100 pages or so, using the 2-color (and slightly insane) process i developed for the Ignatz version (see below).

if i raise the funds, i'll be putting out the book on my own (Eisner and Ignatz award nominated) micro press concern, La Mano

for the WHAT WHEN HOW and possibly WHY, all is explained in the above video. hopefully. i honestly think it's a pretty singular thing.

La Mano has always been interested in the gray area between forms and formats-- "Art" book, portfolio, zine, record, comic, "Graphic Novel"; between mass production and handmade. Volume 1 of Sammy the Mouse will be a beautiful, well constructed book that's a good read, period. but beyond that, this is a cross between a book and...something else; a printmaker's edition. a handmade/ assembled book. an art project where the artist is involved in every single step, from conception to execution to reproduction to delivery.

for some reason, i want people to know that i MADE this thing, not some anonymous worker across the country or the continent who may or may not be making minimum wage or have a union or whatever.

and most of it was in a room the size of a one car garage (and the rest within a 2-mile radius of that room).

the $4300 is, basically, the cost of making 3500 books: paper, metal printing plates, ink/press supplies, and binding (which will be a thread-sewn perfect bind; which is a step up from the regular glue perfect bind.

believe it or not, this is WITHOUT actually paying the printer for his time (in this case, me). 

and, speaking of which; thanks for your time, and for checking this out.

-- zak sally.

ps--international backers will be asked for extra postage (based on size/ weight/ delivery type; EXACT AMOUNT, no markup).


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  • You selected
    Pledge $12 or more

    110 backers

    At this level, you will receive the book itself: Sammy The Mouse vol. 1; 104 pages, approximately 6 x 8 inches, 2 color throughout, sewn/ perfect bound. you get it signed (and mailed to you, which is like a buck off the cover price).

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    Pledge $25 or more

    66 backers

    Sammy Vol. 1 and your choice of either Recidivist (104 pages, hardcover, nominated for 2 Eisner awards in 2005) or Fear Of Song, my 2009 "solo" record (hand assembled, signed and numbered).

  • You selected
    Pledge $40 or more

    10 backers

    Sammy Vol. 1, Recidivist AND Fear Of Song.

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    Pledge $70 or more

    9 backers

    Sammy Vol. 1, Recidivist, Fear Of Song, and a very large limited edition 2-color silkscreen poster (shipped in a tube).

  • You selected
    Pledge $125 or more

    5 backers Limited (20 left of 25)

    all of the previous (Sammy vol. 1, Recidivist, Fear Of Song, and the silkscreen poster), as well as an "outtake" panel taken from the original artwork (inked on vellum; size varies. see video above for an example).

  • You selected
    Pledge $250 or more

    3 backers Limited (7 left of 10)

    Sammy the mouse Vol 1 in a HANDMADE HARDCOVER edition; that is to say, hand folded, punched , sewn and glued into a signed and numbered hardcover edition (of 10. again, see video above). these things take forever. you will also receive all the other stuff.

  • You selected
    Pledge $500 or more

    0 backers Limited (4 left of 4)

    the hand made Hardcover edition of Sammy Vol. 1, only this will be a BLANK cover, upon which i will draw (in 2 colors) an ORIGINAL COVER. you can even make requests as to what you want it to be. cripes. also, ALL of the other items (Recidivist, Fear Of Song, and the limited edition silkscreen poster)

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