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The Godfather of turn-based RPG action is making its comeback! Mercenaries, guns and sarcastic humor galore!
The Godfather of turn-based RPG action is making its comeback! Mercenaries, guns and sarcastic humor galore!
7,167 backers pledged $368,614 to help bring this project to life.

Closed Alpha, New Logo and Steam Early Access


Dear Backers,

Today we would like to announce that Jagged Alliance: Flashback is officially in Closed Alpha, which means that backers at $250 Tier and above, as well as backers who paid for the Alpha as an add-on, will get access to the game. We will launch with a Windows version and then make a Mac and Linux version over the next days.

We have chosen to run the Alpha on Steam, as this is the least time consuming approach for us, leaving us more time to develop the game. For the Alpha we will be sending out the keys through email, so keep an eye out for mails from Full Control. If you haven’t received a key please check your spam filters before contacting We will start sending out keys manually once we have everything setup on Steam sometime today.

As an added bonus, Alpha backers and Modders will gain access to the level editor sometime next week, which means they will be able to get a first look of the “engine behind the hood”. We are focusing heavily on moddability for JAF as we think this is what has been keeping the old games alive for all these years. 

Alpha, Beta and Early Access Clarification

For those of you who haven’t seen that we are going on Early Access on Steam in Q2 2014, we would just like to officially state it here and also clarify what it means for the Alpha, Beta and Early Access backers we have on the Kickstarter. 

When we ran the Kickstarter back in April 2013 we had no idea we would be going on early access on Steam or if we would hit our funding goal, which is why we ended up with Alpha, Beta and Early Access. It was communicated back then that Early Access was a Head Start to play the final version of the game minimum 1 week before everyone else. This is still the case, but to make sure there’s no confusion we have chosen to change the setup to. Alpha, Steam Early Access and Head Start. 

As explained in the part about Alpha, we chose to go with Steam as it leaves more time for us to develop the game, facilitates community involvement and also makes the game visible to potential new supporters of the game. We will go on Steam Early Access with a price point of $45, which is the same as the base game + Beta as an add-on. 

The community hub will first be made available for Steam Early Access. 

New Logo 

We have been considering changing the logo for a while, as a lot have changed for the game story wise. With the release of the Alpha version, it feels like the perfect time to make the change. Our concept artist Jesper, who made the first logo, got the task once more and after many iterations and a lot of discussion within the team, we ended up with this: 

Dev Diary 3: Explosions

Since it’s not everybody who has access to the Alpha, we decided to make Dev Diary, that shows off the Alpha and explains what is currently possible and what is to be implemented, in broad terms. 

New Shop Options 

We have updated the shop on our website, so it is now possible to upgrade to alpha for $40. Furthermore, we have added a digital deluxe edition for late comers priced at $80. You can find more info on the shop page HERE. 

Until next time! 

The Full Control JAF Team

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    1. _Journeyman_
      on April 6, 2014

      @Leon Moor
      Maybe a little minority, but still backers and as you'ld worry and ask if the game would be made available in a way that makes it unacceptable for you to play it, so we do.

      That was the thing I asked about in the first place as other projects tried to turn "DRM-Free" in "Steam-only" first using Early Access and then switching to Complete Release without releasing the promised unchained version until backers kick them in the mouth.

    2. Turk
      on April 5, 2014

      as for the DRM argument, final game advertised as DRM free, alpha/beta is not. End of argument.

    3. Turk
      on April 5, 2014

      testing is good tho i keep losing most of the boys :p !

    4. Missing avatar

      Leon Moor on April 5, 2014

      I also like the new logo :)
      Don't worry about the "DRM Free" activists. Like the other guy said, they're a vocal minority. You will hear all sorts of claims about how the project never would have went ahead without their vital support but that's not true.
      Rimworld is a tiny game that is easily distributable. This is not. Steam is free for the developers and the users. I would be annoyed if you wasted some of the money I gave you on pushing out constant enormous alpha and beta updates when you can use Steam instead.


    5. Gavin Reading Rainbow KS backer! on April 4, 2014


      The points you bring up about DRM are valid. Ultimately it comes down to what is explicitly stated vs what is implied. Personally, I would prefer KS projects to say up-front (from the beginning of the campaign) that alphas & betas will be conducted on Steam & Windows. That is specifically what is occurring with most KS-backed games and I think this should factor into their final funding amount.

      I do not have a problem with Steam & Windows, and will likely use that combo for most of my KS games, but I have a substantial library and am no stranger to *NIX-based systems and FOSS. It really comes down to the principle of the matter and whether or not it is misleading to fund a KS game with Mac/Linux/DRM-free money and not deliver that from KS submission to final delivery. So you have a lot of high profile KS games doing the Steam & Windows thing for alpha/beta even though they launched as being DRM-free and multi-platform, and some of them are even saying that Mac/Linux releases will lag behind the Windows release by up to a few weeks! Now I do not think that DRM-free and non-Windows people are unreasonable, so if this is the way the devs want to do it, then fine, just say it. Final funding might drop a bit, but not by much and it would certainly avoid any bad feelings. It would also make it easier for future KS games to fund because part of this whole direct funding/avoiding big publishers push is based on transparency and honesty. This all needs to be explicitly stated.

      They are dropping the ball on this by going with Steam & Windows, IMHO. "They" being anyone and everyone who is doing it, really. If you fund with DRM-free, you need to mention that whole Steam & Windows combo. That is just being honest.

    6. British on April 4, 2014

      @_Journeyman_: You (indirectly) raise a valid point.
      The issue with DRM-free is very simple, and here's how it seems to work: developers put up their projects on KS, and obviously they need money. They thus brainstorm a bit and come up with the idea of saying the game will be DRM-free, since the people that want DRM-free games tend to be quite vocal, so let them be vocal about the game and bring more money.
      So, those DRM-free proponents get aroused and pledge, and the game gets funded, yay !
      (I'm not saying it got funded exclusively by the DRM-free crowd, mind you, that's not my point here)

      At some point there's an alpha or a beta coming, and since sticking to the DRM-free spirit is too complicated and requires too much commitment, they issue a big F**K YOU (Torvalds-style) to those that pledged for a DRM-free game, and release the alpha/beta *exclusively* on Steam.

      And then, when the DRM-free-goers rightfully complain, they get flamed by devs and Steam-zealots alike, by the account of "You'll get the final game DRM-free anyway, and it's just an alpha/beta, so stop whining !"

      Some projects do announce from day 1 that the alpha/beta will be on Steam even though there's a DRM-free version, because, you know, if they say it up-front, then that makes it right, right ?
      Some say that they *might* add Steam to the possible distribution systems, making you think that the alpha and beta will be available for everyone, while in the end you'll get the finger.
      Some even emphasize on how thrilled they are for their game to be DRM-free, for whatever reasons, even though, ultimately...

      The result is the same: DRM-free lovers can't help making the game they helped funding better (or let's be honest, play it in advance), just because they *don't want* to use Steam (or the likes, but the problem really is Steam here).

      For me, the paragon of alpha-distribution done right is RimWorld: around 9500 backers eligible for the alpha (not counting backers that used PayPal), and the distribution is *not* done on Steam, even though the game has been greenlit early.
      Oh, and the "team" is just one guy.
      Makes you wonders what it does say about those full-fledged teams that "had to" release it on Steam... because of reasons.

      Anyway, it's not an accurate answer for what you asked, but I suppose I had to let it out at some point.
      To answer your question: If for some reason they remove the final DRM-free version, then we'll do what us DRM-free people do best: be vocal.

      Still, I'm glad I pledged for the bare minimum, as I tend to do nowadays (sadly, even for projects that I'm really thrilled about), since that "methodology" is rampant.

    7. Missing avatar

      Mad Squ on April 4, 2014

      I very much like the character portraits! They are a great reference to the old games and SO much more pretty than what they had in "back in action"! I am sooo much looking forward to see Fox again this way.

      Good work so far people! It looks you really nailed it and I am very much looking forward to the game.

    8. Gomisan on April 3, 2014

      I really need to retract my last comment... looks like the page hadn't loaded properly at my end, because when I look now I can see the $40 add-on below the other options.



    9. Gomisan on April 3, 2014

      I'd like to upgrade to Alpha (backed at $85 level) however when I go to the store page there is only a $25 pre-order option and a $65 alpha+beta option.

      I don't quite get why the Kickstarter asked for $250 before granting Alpha access yet the store has an all inclusive pack for $65. and also, that you state in the update that anyone can upgrade to Alpha for $40. I'd love to do that... but the option just isnt there.

    10. _Journeyman_
      on April 3, 2014

      I know I'm gonna be killed by the "Only Steam exist, only Steam is good" people, but I must ask: will the game still have a DRM-Free release once done?

    11. Missing avatar

      Knight (deleted) on April 3, 2014

      The Alpha was excellent guys, thank you :) Fingers crossed for some more of those JA2 features to come down the pipeline in the near future ;) :)

    12. Gavin Reading Rainbow KS backer! on April 3, 2014

      Awesome new logo! Great job, Jesper!

    13. Missing avatar

      Marcus E Pettersson on April 3, 2014

      Love the Dev diary vid. Looking awesome.

    14. TheRealCuran on April 3, 2014

      Looking forward to my e-mail/key!

    15. Connor on April 3, 2014

      this is incredible extortionate

    16. Nakano
      on April 3, 2014

      Thanks for the clear explanation. Looking forward to seeing streamed gameplay content from the alpha and participating Steam Early Access later in late May or June.

    17. Zombra on April 3, 2014

      The new logo is cool! I'm sad about the loss of the Cold War theme, but ... the new logo is cool :D