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The Godfather of turn-based RPG action is making its comeback! Mercenaries, guns and sarcastic humor galore!
The Godfather of turn-based RPG action is making its comeback! Mercenaries, guns and sarcastic humor galore!
7,167 backers pledged $368,614 to help bring this project to life.

Stretch Goals & Diorama Sneak Peek

Dear backers,

A new week and 10 days to go! We are past the 50% after a good weekend, and we are gearing up for the final push.

We are thus slowly closing in on the $200,000 stretch goal reveal mark, so we would like to show you the first two stretch goals as a carrot.

Stretch Goals

$ 375,000 Mountains, Mines and Pits

The first stretch goal will be an additional themed zone bringing the mines back into the game. We would like to add 10 sectors with mountainous region and at least 2 mines. Each with their own mining town.

We will create an art set themed for mountainous regions where locals have been digging for materials for decades. Riches lie beneath the earth in form of coal, iron and even precious metals.

Several small mining towns exist in the different mountain regions and can be controlled by the player or the enemy factions. So they serve as an income source as well as give interesting opportunities for fighting in the dark pits.

Mountain regions have also been known to have hostile animals like bears and hamsters!

$ 400,000 Map Editor

Keeping in line with wishes for additional modding options we’ve decided to go for the map editor as one of the first stretch goals.

We want to build a level editor that scales with the costs needed, therefore we're starting out with a high level editor (for those of you accustomed to halo's forge editor this is something along those lines). You will be able to pick between different preset terrains where you can start placing buildings and props.

Additionally you will have control of spawn points for NPC’s, hooks for dialogue scripts, triggers that can be linked to e.g. alarms or the faction loyalty system.

We are basing the editor off our internal tools used for especially Space Hulk. A older version of the editor tool can be seen here for a quick demonstration of a Space Hulk like environment using Frontline Tactics art: 

While the editor in the video is used to place corridors and rooms on a black/blank grid, it could easily be used to place a house on a ground plane instead.

New sectors created with this editor can be hooked into the strategic map and override existing sectors.

It will not enable you to do _everything_ into small details, but it can be used to easily expand the world with new exciting sectors that you make up. For hardcore modders it would even then give the ability to redo the entire island.

The map editor is a standalone executable, and does not require Unity or programming skills.

Diorama Progress

As Javier and Jesper are chewing their way through creating the diorama scene, we wanted to give you a fresh work-in-progress shot of the art as currently in Unity.

Remember this is totally WIP and the final look might differ.

Full Size Image Link

Here is an up close of the M16 that Javier has been working on as well.

We are all looking forward to a new and exciting week and we will keep our efforts on the same level and even higher them in order to get this project funded. Work on the Diorama is progressing nicely and we’ll be covering certain aspects of it in the upcoming updates.

Until next time!

The Full Control JAF Team


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    1. Missing avatar

      KJJ on

      Although it's set on a mostly jungle island, to me the most interesting sectors were always the urban ones. The variety of urban forms was nice, but I hope there'll be a chance to have ones with high-rise urban apartments (watch out for snipers!) or dense favela-type slums (get out your SMGs!) to give the weapons more breadth of use. Jungle settings make for more uniform combat (and vanilla guns like assault rifle is king) no matter how you distribute those trees!

    2. Full Control Creator on

      @Peter - yes and no. The base model is one that can be found many places. But the textures need to be re-created to fit the overall art style of the game. So that everything is coherent and looks the same.

      If we just throw everything together in a pot and disregard the coherency, it will look like a bland mix of "a big mess"

    3. Missing avatar

      Peter on

      @FC: Javiers M16 looks good, but isn't there some library of 3D-art you can use for free or little money? Seems a bit unnecessary to create standard issue like the M16 or AK47 over and over again.

    4. Billy/Erica on

      I will do my part as well, I will try to spread it even more-so throughout my people's FB page, and I will even pledge another $25 tier on a separate account... IF it gets close with only 1 day left.

      I don't mean to be a turd lol. Just really want to see this happen. I will try to see if I can get any other friends to pledge, even if its just the $5. Every little bit should help.

    5. Full Control Creator on

      Totally fair - we would have liked to be past $1m too at this point. Hahaha. But we still believe its possible, and are pushing all we can. We got a lot at stake here, and really want to make the game happen.

      Resubmitting to Kickstarter - now - that most likely wont happen. Its extremely expensive and time consuming to running a Kickstarter. And even worse, the press on launch would be even less exciting of a resubmitted project. Meaning even less people, less pledges, more work keeping the project running.

      So this one HAS to make it! We will do our part to do that, and with help from you it still has a chance.

    6. Billy/Erica on

      I realize that, I was mainly just aggravated at the fact that it seems like the project itself isn't gonna be funded, then realizing that we won't get a map editor until 50K after that initial proposal. (which prolly isn't gonna get funding)

      Its kinda frustrating. I bet it is even more-so for you all at Full Control. I think having some more stuff written out, the videos ready and all before the kickstarter page was kicked off, would of helped in this. Now even if you put out yet another video, fleshing more stuff out, it would only have 9+ days for it to do any good.

      I don't mean to seem hyper-critical, but I would just really like to see this game funded, and made. I really hope the next time this game is submitted to kickstarter.. That some of these things could be addressed.

    7. Full Control Creator on

      @Erica - modding support is not the same as nice end-user friendly editors. But spending time to make it will enable a lot more people to create content - which would be awesome!

    8. Nakano

      That map editor would be very cool. Especially if it could be combined with a mission editor like in Deadly Games. Then there would be no need to overwrite the existing sectors. You could just start a new mission based campaign. Easier to do than build the whole world map.

      If we reach the base goal, do another kickstarter to expand the features when we're at alpha/beta stage. $400,000 is our minimum now.

    9. Billy/Erica on

      I really hope it gets funded, but with 10 days to go, and only half way. I don't really see it to happen.

      That, and the $400,000 mark for the map editor... (this should actually just be included with the game, seeing as how your supposed to be supporting Modding with this project)

      I just wish that asking for so much, they could have had a better presentation, maybe then this would have been successfully funded.

      That being said I have funded $35, and I have spread the word on my family's various Facebook pages. But less than 10 days and only half way... Come on people, prove me wrong.

    10. Dunkare on

      i wouldnt get too excited about those stretch goals.. reaching the main goal (sadly) seems unlikely at this point, so we'll already be really lucky if we get the base game funded. if this campaign succeeds, it is going to be a close one. sorry for not sharing your imperturbable optimism. i wish i could ;)

    11. Full Control Creator on

      Imagine the diorama as a small "this is what I would see on the screen at any time" kind of size. Not a full sector - just a single screen size.

      Technically there is no real limit on how large the sectors could be (from the game engine or such). But there are practical limits of how interesting it would be to run 1 hour through a forest to get to the other side.

      Big is not necessarily equal to good/interesting

    12. Full Control Creator on

      Veevoir: This differs. Sectors won't have the same size each time. Doesn't make sense. A town of course is bigger than a bridge or a small road-sector.

    13. Veevoir on

      How does a full sector relate in size to this diorama?

    14. Antonis Skoulikaris on

      Ok, being a commercial (and thus math) guy, I like to evaluate the numbers before the end of a campaign and (re-)act if things do not go as planned:

      Up to now we have 3.856 backers and 182k in 20 days.

      If we continue with the same rhythm and provided the average contribution per backer remains the same we will end up with 5.584 backers and 273k.

      Based on the above, we need 7.415 backers to reach 350k, therefore missing 3.559 backers!

      Call to action: each one of us (backers) must "recruit" at least ONE more backer of the same VALUE (I recruited 2 friends but they backed with 5$ each thus missing 15$ from my target - I am a 25$ backer).

      So, read this one fast and "SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!"

      PS: good luck all - coordinate on this one and we'll nail it!

    15. Vortex - Syndicate?Satellite Reign 3.93 on

      Curious... you say it will be possible to replace sectors with the ones we create. Is the total number of sectors hardcoded? Or will we have the ability to expand on the strategic map?

    16. Loki on

      10 sectors would be how much percentage of the 350k game?

    17. JayM on

      cool - I like that pic of the diorama, even though it isn't finished. also, that map editor video makes me want to play space hulk now!

    18. Missing avatar

      KJJ on

      We NEED to get $400k come on!

    19. Chim Panse on

      YAY! Epic content!
      I made alot of friends and friends of friends aware of JA and JA:F. Now we have 10 days to go and im pretty sure, we will rock this.

      luv you guys <3

    20. Andy on

      cheer Y(^.^)Y