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Youth sports are positive in so many ways to the community, players,and to the schools. Building cyber stadiums help fund sports

Youth sports are positive in so many ways to the community, players,and to the schools. Building cyber stadiums help fund sports Read More
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 ICUBalling, LLC, or ICUB, is a media content collection and distribution company focusing on AAU & high school level sports. Games are streamed live and/or recorded and made available on a video-on- demand basis to student athletes, teams and individuals. 

 Market Opportunity.   The technology used by ICUBalling is not unique in of itself.     

           What is unique about ICUB beyond employing high definition recording and distribution technology, are the following: Market Focus – The most recent research on youth sports estimates that there are more than 21 million kids between the ages of 6 and 17 in the US today involved with at least one organized youth sports program. Of the 39.82 million U.S. students ages 8 to 17 in 2011, 28.7 million played in a organized sport. That’s a 72% participation rate or a population larger that Texas reported in the 2000 census. ICUB’s strategic focus is to concentrate on geographic regions to build market share. Tournaments are competitive by nature. Like the teams they serve, sporting organization and tournament organizers are seeking competitive advantage over their counterparts. There isn’t anyone one else in this market that offers the combination significant Revenue Sharing/Fund Raising Business Model – ICUBalling service is subscription based service that relies upon providing a high quality service in a local market that is virtually untapped by traditional sports media. ICUB partners with a group of schools or tournament promoter to develop a marketing campaign that will engage,  well in advance of the sporting event to maximize online subscribers to live streaming of games, especially showcase competitions as well as recording of all team play for VOD distribution. 

         Revenues generated through subscriptions are shared with sponsoring partners. Multi-year Relationships – ICUB’s objective is to enter into to two to three year contracts for service with each partner to insure a long term revenue stream for operations and continuous funding of member sports programs. Expanding Recruitment Opportunities – ICUB will maintain an archive of games to assist all students, parents and coaches in pursuing scholarships to attend colleges and universities. Often students from lesser known schools do not receive the degree of exposure to higher education scouts as the more prestigious high schools known for producing Division 1 players. The ICUB archives levels the playing field by providing a video library or archive for use by all participants.  

This enables parents scouts, coaches to now see all of the players they wish to see play.  Parents that have more than one child playing sports find themselves split one with one child and the other with the other child.  This was always tough for the parents.  They want to support all of their kids the same way.  Now the parents can be in one location with one child and watching the other game on their phone.  This is what the parents told me they would like so parents here it is.  Icuballing allows people to be at many locations at 1 time.  


That adds up to 21.47 million kids between 6 and 17, or more than the population of Texas in 

ICUBalling, LLC is a media content collection and distribution company with a focus on all Boys and Girls sports from the age of 8 years old to 18 years.   Games are streamed live or recorded and made available as video on demand.  We have the equipment to live stream, but will need much more to be able to be at multiple sites the same day.  We must be properly capitalized to  meet the demands of the sports clubs. . We need to raise money through the kickstarter community.  These clubs will keep 30% of the revenue from their cyber stadium.  The clubs will sell the subscriptions much the same way they sell other products , Each organization will sell subscriptions as a fundraiser.  The players have sold pizza, crispy cream donuts, candy, washed cars, tipping,  etc.  Selling their own product is much easier to sell because they have communities that will support them.  These organizations will benefit more when they host tournaments.  They have anywhere from 80 to 120 team for a weekend tournament. The teams play from 2 to 4 games over the weekend. The sport organizations have sponsors,  The sports organizations will sell advertising as 30 sec spots in the games.  This will create a lot of additional revenue for the sports clubs.   80% of the teams travel.  This represents increase customers during the tournaments for the local advertisers.  

There are 21.47 million kids between 6 and 17 who play organized sports in the U.S.   We plan to get 10% of that number as subscribers with in 5 years.  That would be 2,100,000 subscribers .   If each fan bought a 1 day pass once a year.   $5.95 per year that would be $12, 495,000 in annual revenue. The break down would be $4 million going back to the sports organizations. 8 million going to support icuballing expansion into new markets.  we are starting with sports. ( We will stream  school plays, band competitions, choir , any event for the youth that have customers willing to support the program ).  The  expense of running the business such as expansion to new school districts, hiring more contractors, more equipment, travel, new product development.   Such as websites development for each team,  collaboration tools , recruitment tools etc. There are a lot of clubs that have  3000 to 250,000 kids playing sports.  This is most true at the county sports rec leagues such as fairfax County Virginia, Montgomery County Maryland, Howard County Maryland.  The annual per capital income is above 100k per year in these areas.  i think the easiest group to sell to is the age group 7 to 13 boys and girls.  The area were the funding is needed more may actually have more upside for growth. They have used community and business working together to fund their programs like some other areas have.  The more affluent areas always raised a lot of money on their own to give back.    In the lower income areas more children may be on subsidized meals.  Once they learn a way of raising capital through doing business, they may become the best fund raisers. ICUballing will actually do more for them to keep their sports going. We will give them more resources.  We learned from St Frances Academy this season that cut backs have made it so they do not have the resources to market.  everyone is wearing more hats than they care to wear. 100% of their kids go to college many on scholarships from sports. D1 D2 and D3.  How much more could they do if they made a extra $100k    If sports can keep 5% more in school it is worth it to ICUBALLING.


This initiative is based on the millions of students that have played organized sports trying to accomplish the goal of playing at a higher level. My daughter had a AAU tournament in Ohio. I could not go. Her mom was very sick with M.S. I was calling parents to get updates, but that was not enough. My wife would love to see her daughter play but is bed ridden. I created this to solve some problems that I needed to fix. If we cannot be there,  she needs to know we are always watching and supporting. Many student-athletes and programs do not have the resources and expertise to provide footage of their games to showcase their talent and skill. It is imperative in today's sports industry to be able to have video as a part of the local sports arena. We want to provide the avenue to those young athletes and families who cannot readily have footage to show college coaches and fans.  Once the cost is spread over 8 games filmed for the day.  it is affordable for each team.  when it is spread across 160 players for the day.  Now it is affordable for each player.  The player has a professional grade video for 5.95.  We will create highlight film from his/or her video library.  Every child will have a video Library and a full body of work to create the opportunities that they dream about.   We want all of the kids to dream and go for the dream.  We are taking the obstacles away.

 Where’s The Opportunity?

ICUBalling, LLC is a media content collection and distribution company with a focus on all boys and girls sports from the age of 8 years old to 18 years old.According to demographic research, sports participation is of greater concern for boys than girls in their high school careers.

The sport of choice appears to be basketball for both Boys and Girls.Based ESPN survey results, boys football and basketball of equal preference at 40% each.Girls however, have a distinct preference for basketball over all other sports including volley ball.

In a study done for the United States Tennis Association Don Sabo looked at data from 2006 to 2010 via an annual survey of about 50,000 students a year and found that 40 percent of adolescent boys and 25 percent of girls play competitive hoops. Soccer and track are the next most popular with both boys and girls, followed by swimming. (Kelly,ESPN,2014)

In summary, the ICUBalling team estimates there are 10.18 million high school age kids playing organized sports.Using survey results, an combined average of 35% or 3.56 million boys and girls play basketball.Households with the highest per capita income have a higher percentage of participation and population density than other segments of the economy.For ICUBalling the mid-Atlantic geographic territory can offers the highest probability of potential clients of our services.According to US Census data states within the mid-Atlantic (MD, VA., NJ and DC) are ranked in the top ten of states with the highest per capita income (US Census Bureau: Median Household Income (In 2012 Inflation-adjusted Dollars) by State Ranked from Highest to Lowest Using 3-Year Average:2010-2012)



New Hampshire




New Jersey








District of Columbia



The origins are in the Mid-Atlantic Region in which the location to begin this project is set. This will be a regional production that will highlight amateur players in North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC, and Delaware.

The film crew will come from trained students and local filming organizations. Our filming will be monitored by our executive producer Stephen Whetstone, an experienced technical broadcaster. Stephen has a good sense of how to bring forth the best in our videographers and broadcasting capabilities.With Stephen, Eric Hines will add additional assistance as an experienced web and mobile developer. Eric will help run the production to produce the best online video delivery.


Our team consists of a unique collaboration of sports fanatics that have extensive background in marketing, sales, web development, mobile applications, multimedia broadcasting, and photography. Each team member desires to not just watch the young talent but to also help those learn to use sports as a means to build character and societal advancement.


It cost ICUballing  $ 2000.00 to do a weekend tournament filming on 1 court.  We have done five.  None of the ICUballing owners are taking a salary.  We pay the cinematographer $500.00 per day for 8 hours.  it may be five gyms but we only film on 1 or 2 courts, unless the tournament host helps to pick up the cost. The tournament host schedules all of the teams to play at least 1 game on the main court. We hire local college students to do demo's of the live stream in the lobby of the gym.  The student  sell 1 day passes for $5.95, weekly Pass for 9.95 or a monthly pass for 29.95. We try to pay the college student $100.00 per day.  We spend approximately $ 300 on hand outs materials to all of the spectators.  The Fans usually call people not at the game and let them know they can see the game. on   If we have 5 tournaments we have to have $10,000 in available funds.  This has been tried before, but the cost model was much higher.  We studied this for 2 years.  The growth of cloud technology, has just made doing this business attractive.  The price points have come down to the point that it is now affordable to the subscriber and easy to access.   This is why you see no competition.  The market is shifting now.  We are in front, we have the opportunity to be the market leader the conditions are right.


The ultimate goal is to create a web series of live events broadcasting amateur high school sports across multiple regions in the United States and help thousands of unseen student-athletes get higher education through sports scholarships each year. This can only be accomplished with your support.

We will begin with the mid-atlantic region then migrate to different regions to showcase those athletes from the eastern coast towards the Pacific coast throughout the United States. We hope to have each region help to fund their student-athletes and empower those communities to have a hand in the creation of the ICU Balling project in their areas.

Our goal is to create 1,000 high quality videos of athletic events live and on-demand. We want to feature over 5,000 student-athletes to be seen across the United States by the end of 2014

Risks and challenges

The risk is small because of the size of the market. The market is untapped. The price points have dropped to the point that the pricing is very low. 5 years ago one could only get a DVD. the cost was $20.00 for one game. Today block busters is gone . A new model has emerge and that new model is live stream and video on demand from the cloud. viewed on many devices, smart phone , T V, tablet or computer. The technology will not shift before 2024. Wireless is coming out with 200 meg. This industry will explode as cost come down and wireless bandwidth expands to the levels you have from your cable provider over hardwire. Are you a early adopter? Do you have the vision to see trends early ? if your are a visionary, you see this as one you must put your name on. The biggest risk is people fail to pledge. Please pledge right now!!

. i took this Quote from ESPN. ESPN The Magazine

"" The suburban soccer mom (and dad) is based in fact. "
Indeed, Sabo's WSF data paints a distinct picture of suburbs where swaths of kids in elementary and middle school, especially boys, play on three, four or five teams, and the culture revolves around their practices, tourneys and getting to their games. In contrast, childhood in cities and rural areas isn't as intensely sports-focused

Living in poor corners of cities culls even more kids from sports. Nationwide, according to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, only a quarter of eighth- to 12th-graders enrolled in the poorest schools played school sports. (Those are schools with the highest rate of free-lunch eligibility, which are also among the schools with the highest dropout rates, meaning that even lower percentages of the kids in those communities are playing.) This situation won't be helped as schools continue to cut back funds for teams. The percentage of high schools with no sports has already jumped from 8.2 percent during the 1999-2000 school year to 15.1 percent in 2009-10.

These schools can fund their own sports programs by getting the community to subscribe to their organizations events . The community will support sports if given the vehicle to do so. Please donate to this great cause. for more information on the espn article go to this link

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