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Reflection is an experiential sound installation that investigates an interaction between a set of electro-mechanical bells & speakers.

Reflection is a sound installation that will be exhibited at PDX Contemporary Art in Portland, Oregon during the month of January, 2012.

Reflection matches a series of electro-mechanical bells with a set of distinct, corresponding speakers.  Each speaker plays back a reversed recording of a bell, and at the exact moment that the recording ends, the actual bell strikes.  This temporal manipulation seamlessly shifts the objects' sound between its material presence and its altered reproduction, resulting in a dialogue of apparent transformation.  The immediacy of this interaction is heightened by its spatialization, effectively allowing the listener/viewer to gain entry to the exchanged space, between speaker and bell.

This sound installation draws from a series of pieces that I have developed around mechanical instruments.  Whether it be music boxes, player pianos, theater organs, or automated carillons I am interested in both the physical tactility of these objects as well as their historic relationship to sound recording technologies.  I am also excited by the varied possibilities of listening experience that result from taking the simple studio-based gesture of reversing sound and re-situating it out of the hermetic studio environment and more directly into the world.  

And that is what brings me here, to ask for your assistance in mounting this new work.

I am seeking funds to help me complete this piece as I need to cover the costs of the bells, electronics, hardware and shipping.

I have put together a list of thank you items that will be passed on if you donate specific amounts.

Even if you can donate only a small amount it will help as I am hoping to cover the material costs for putting this installation together.

Thanks for taking the time.


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    Thank you email with a direct web link that documents the project.

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    A direct link to downloadable MP3 sound recording of installation.

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    A hand packaged CD recording of the installation and all of the above.

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    Your choice of any one of Ethan Rose's full length CD releases and all of the above.

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    Limited edition print inspired by installation and all of the above.

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    A wall mountable object that references the installation on a more intimate scale. Featuring a 3" electro-mechanical bell and a single 3" speaker that plays the bell's sound in reverse.

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