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An open-source, wireless, Internet of Things Greenhouse monitoring and automation system for your farm or garden.
An open-source, wireless, Internet of Things Greenhouse monitoring and automation system for your farm or garden.
449 backers pledged $47,053 to help bring this project to life.

New HarvestGeek Blog

Just a heads up, head over to to see pictures of our prototypes and a video of our sweet sweet upgraded LCD screen


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    1. Evolved Agriculture Creator on September 29, 2013

      Hey Kai,
      I understand your frustration. This is my first time through all this as Im sure it is for many kickstarters like me. Ideally, we'd be farther along by now but things happen and I think in this case it was for the best for the quality of the product and ongoing support of the product line, via the team and skill set we have in board now.

      Stay tuned for more updates which will come via the harvestgeek blog moving forward

      Thanks for your continued support!

    2. Missing avatar

      Kai Kiutra on September 29, 2013

      To be honest i am a disappointed about the progress. The package for 99 USD that I backed was promised to deliver in July.
      I understand of course that there always problems occure that are hard to consider before starting up everything and you also mentioned reasons for a delay in one of your updates.
      but we are now 2 month over the promised delivery date and we get to see a prototype of the diplay and no further information what is going to happen.

      Anyway, as I said, I understand things happen which delay the progess. Also I prefer to wait longer for the final product and have good quality instead of a unfinished product that was rushed out, but I would be happy if you would keep posting more updates which also include more details about the manufacturing progess and estimated dates about the delivery.

      Unfortunately I have this experiance with many Kickstarter projects that I have backed, I think the makers of Lumio (also kickstarter project) handled that very well, they also delayed shipment but there were very open about the process, explained problems, postet pictures of suppliers and prototypes, so you always felt in the loop and then the delivery time doesn't really matter if you know you can expect a good product and the people who produce it care about the product.

      Sorry for the negative comment, I think your product is awesome and I am looking forward to use it, usually I don't leave comments and I just do this because I really care about the progress here.

      Sorry for the bad sentence structure, english is not my native language.