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An open-source, wireless, Internet of Things Greenhouse monitoring and automation system for your farm or garden.
An open-source, wireless, Internet of Things Greenhouse monitoring and automation system for your farm or garden.
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Recent updates

Specific needs

Thanks for everyone's feedback.  It means a lot that there are still supportive voices out there.

The hardware design for the base station and sensor station was outsourced and recently completed.  There is one remaining firmware task, which is to migrate from a custom Ethernet stack to the official w5100 libraries.  Not an overall huge task, but one remaining to be done.

The second task is slightly larger.  Although the web interface is mostly functional, there is some existing work to be completed before it can be released, and then ongoing feature additions and improvements.  This is a task for a javascript programmer, specifically someone with angular experience would be great.

Let me know if you have the skills / interest to help.



Happy New Year


Happy New Years all.

The New Year is a time of reflection on the year past and projection for the year future.  

Reflecting on what I've learned from this project is very difficult for me.  This project has become a very sore spot in my life, partly because of how difficult the road has been thus far and how much I believed in it going in.  Unfortunately, I had a series of misfortune all around, but upon reflection the main downfall has been lack of team.  I quickly burnt myself out and ran through a series of less than reliable partners.  Had I planned better or known what I know now, I could have either budgeted the cost of paying skilled professionals to do the work I was incapable of or not moved forward without trustworthy, reliable and skilled individuals who were wholly committed to the project.

All I can say at this point is you all have my deepest apologies for still not delivering.  That being said, I am still making weekly progress -- albeit rather slowly -- towards our shared vision.  At this point it would be infinitely easier just to throw up my hands and throw in the towel, however I've invested too much time and far too much money to get to this point, so I will see it through.  I hope you can all trudge on with me in the new year and give me your support.  Your kind words and encouragement are extremely motivating.  So I look forward to 2015 and hopefully can see this thing through to the end.  It has been a crazy journey of ups and downs and isn't quite over yet.

If anyone has a (serious) interest in committing to this project and lives on the West Coast, please do reach out to me. 

May 2015 bring you all love and prosperity.

received lcds


I've received the 500 lcds I ordered from taIran for the base stations. I'm refactoring some of the database tables to better fit the new dashboard model. Ive also received the milled enclosures back and am putting together an assembly document for the manufacturer. Once this is completed I can put in the order for production, at which point I will ask you to all make sure you have your latest shipping address on your harvestgeek profile.


Latest update

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It has been over a month since our last update and I'm sorry for that.  HarvestGeek moved from Charlotte to Silicon Beach in Los Angeles CA.  My belongings arrived a week late and I still have no date when the Internet will be installed in my apartment.  So my updates will be less until that is resolved.

Manufacturing has started and we ran into a slight unforseen snag with the LCD manufacturer who is based on Taiwan which is requiring we reroute the units through another country before importing to china for production.

The cases and the LCD units are the last pieces were waiting for prior to assembly.  The lead time the LCD mfr for those is end of October and will then probably take a couple weeks to be couriered.  


July 21st Update

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We have some pictures of the redesigned units for you.  We're just waiting on the displays to reach us to make some final measurements for the CNCing of the cases.  It has taken a little longer than expected due to delays in the sourcing of a few components.