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By Gnome Templar
$31,240 pledged of $100,000 goal

Using Reinforcements During Combat

Since Saga Kingdoms in an MMORTS combat works a bit differently than your typical strategy game. Instead of starting with a few workers who collect resources just to build a barracks so that you may begin deploying troops, in Saga Kingdoms you come to every encounter with your army already premade and ready for battle. 

Depending on your avatars level, the army you take with you to complete quests will be able to hold a specific number of heroes. It is this group of heroes who will fight when you enter a quest. You may return to your capital in between quests to grab a different set of heroes, however once you begin a quest, you only have the heroes in your current group to use.

Each quest will allow a specific number of hero led units and a number of reinforcements. You do not need to use all of your reinforcements or even deploy all of the heroes at the start of the battle, however if you run out before completing the objective, you will fail the quest, although you may return to try again. The number of units per quest varies according to the quest difficulty and is listed as (total starting units/ total units usable per battle).

For example, a 5/8 quest means you may deploy up to 5 units at the start of the quest and place 3 additional units in any of the deployment zones should any units get destroyed (for a total of 8).The only restriction is that each commander may not deploy units to the field if doing so would exceed the first number. Although this limit may be exceeded due to resurrection and summoning spells.

Lets take a look at how this might work in combat.

On the first leg of your quest you hear that Omaba the evil lich king is holding a village hostage. Your quest is to bring him to half health and cause him to flee the battlefield. For this battle you are allowed 4 units and 4 reinforcements making this a 4/8 quest.

Lets say you currently have 15 heros with you. Prior to the start of the battle, you choose 2 units of cavalry to act as scouts because you do not know what forces defend Omaba. You could have started with 4 units but decided to wait to deploy the remaining 2 until you see what you face.

As the battle unfolds you may deploy additional troops, with the restriction that no more than 4 may be on the field at any one time, and you may not deploy more than 8 total over the course of the combat. If this was a group quest, all players participating are under the same restriction.

We love this design because not only does it allow for strategy prior to battle when building your units, but also requires quick thinking and strategy during combat when you must decide which of your reserve units can best accomplish the goal.

Disclaimer: All characters used in the above example are purely fictional. Any similarity to actual people is purely coincidental.


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    1. Gnome Templar Creator on October 17, 2012

      Before I get too many more emails on this topic, I would like to set the record strait. Yes I realize I just turned our president into a lich right before an election. This does not reflect the views of our studio. It's just one guy trying to be funny before getting enough sleep.

    2. Gnome Templar Creator on October 17, 2012

      The troops in Saga Kingdoms have all been to basic training. They will defend their objectives and this time you wont be able to kite them halfway across the map.

    3. Missing avatar

      Robert Therrien on October 17, 2012

      I can live with these rules PROVIDED that enemy troops as well as my troops do not race across the screen! Every battle has time to assess the enemy before engagement. Let's try for some semblence of reality this time around.