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An exploration flying game set within an inverted planet. Explore a unique world, encounter its gods, and discover its secrets.
An exploration flying game set within an inverted planet. Explore a unique world, encounter its gods, and discover its secrets.
An exploration flying game set within an inverted planet. Explore a unique world, encounter its gods, and discover its secrets.
833 backers pledged $28,543 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Cole Paquette on

      I've got no email with a code, any chance it could get resent or something?

    2. zebra Matt on

      Hey! Can't see my humble email anywhere - any way to get it resent?

    3. Tyler Tomaseski Creator on

      We'll get you that tomorrow Rick!

    4. Rick Payne on

      Hi all.

      I just went to redeem my PS4 code, and it looks like I have been sent an SCEA region code, instead of an SCEE code. So I can't redeem it in my territory, can I get the code changed?


    5. Tyler Tomaseski Creator on

      We got the Switch keys in! Expect an email very soon.

    6. Tiso Spencer

      I'm sticking with the Switch too. PC is main platform so push come to shove I can simply open Steam and fly around. I kind of want more stuff for my Switch.

    7. William E Rayner on

      Cool, looking forward to it :D

    8. Missing avatar

      Brian Schwab

      No I’ll stick to the Nintendo Switch as I don’t have PlayStation Or Xbox.

    9. Tyler Tomaseski Creator on

      They should be coming in this week. We've poked people, but haven't heard back.

      As for the why we're delayed: we got a LOT more key request for Switch than we expected. KS requests spiked really close to launch and on launch day. Instead of rolling them out for some people we decided to request more and roll them all out once to keep it fair.

      We're working to get these out as quick as we can! Let me know if you want to switch platforms just so you can dive in quicker. ^_^

      @Brian Schwab
      @Tiso Spencer
      @William E Rayner

    10. Missing avatar

      Brian Schwab

      @William E Rayner apparently not because I haven’t gotten mine either. I hope he didn’t wait until the day of or the day before to ask nintendo for hundreds of keys and then has to wait weeks for them.

    11. Tiso Spencer

      Same. Has the Switch key issue been resolved yet?

    12. William E Rayner on

      Have Switch keys still not gone out yet?

    13. Tyler Tomaseski Creator on

      DRM free builds will be uploaded soon!

    14. Xeon Xai

      Would prefer a Switch physical copy...

    15. Anaxphone

      Got an email from Humble. Irritatingly for myself, it only lists a Steam key, not the promised DRM-free version.

    16. Luke Martin

      Hi. Launch day is today. Can you please detail how keys for platforms will be received? The mail of 15/12 suggested there'd be additional posts explaining it. Thanks.

    17. Eric Brodie Collaborator on

      @EvanCoolen Not currently planned. If there's enough interest after we get the initial launch out, then maybe!

    18. Eric Brodie Collaborator on

      @Nomnaut Soon! ^_^ Like, soon enough that the surveys are going out soon, so we'll know where to send stuff! Thanks for your patience with us; I really think you'll find the wait was worth it. The game's so much more than our original scope.

    19. Evan Coolen on

      Any chance this game will get VR support?

    20. Nomnaut on

      Any word on release? Almost forgot I backed this game (which means I entirely forgot that I backed this game).

    21. Missing avatar

      hlfx on

      I just saw this on your KS page:
      Note: you can add an extra gifted copy of the game to any pledge for $15. Simply leave a note with your pledge to let us know!

      So, How can I activate that? thanks!

    22. Eric Brodie Collaborator on

      @EarlBishop I'm looking into it right now, but I don't *think* it should be a problem for backers to request whatever platform they want. : )

    23. Earl Bishop on

      Hey! Congrats on having a release window, I can't wait! Question though, with the announcement of console - will backers get a choice of platform to download on or are all the backer purchases going to be Steam - I don't mind either way, just curious!

    24. Missing avatar

      Teddy Pen

      I just want to say that this was a kickstarter I backed because it seemed cool but I wasn't sure what would come out of it. I have been consistently impressed by the progress that's been made on this game and what its turning into. Great work Team!

    25. azerothl

      Hi, just a quick question, this game estimated delivery date was october 2015, is it going to be release in 2016 or should i wait one more year ?

    26. BloodyBane on

      Yes! More updates! I have Alot of idea's I'd like to pass by when I can.

    27. BloodyBane on

      Even though I'm pretty adept at using controllers, I don't much care if InnerSpace is on a console. I personally want to see more put into the game and less on how or where the game is played. I find more satisfaction in playing a game with alot of quality content then on what console I play it on. I'll also let it be stated, I'm a true Gamer. I play all consoles and any game that I find interesting.

    28. Missing avatar

      Raul Velasquez Jr. on

      I'm usually a console gamer, so I would love to see this game on the PS4 in the future.

    29. BloodyBane on

      If not, have you thought of having a Plane skin that looks like it came from the previous civilization before the Demi-gods destroyed them? Maybe as a reward for collecting all the artifacts, finding it in a well hidden fragile wall, or defeating it as very strong and mysterious enemy found traveling thru all the different inverted worlds?

    30. BloodyBane on

      Is there a specific place where I can post what id like to see in the game, like you said in update 14?

    31. Missing avatar

      Natchos on

      Seeing this in Oculus would be incredible, but since it might take a decent amount of extra work, maybe that would be something better to have as a "nice-to-have" thing after release if you have extra money/time.

      I would however very much enjoy support for other input devices such as Joysticks, Gamepads etc.

    32. Missing avatar

      TomH on

      Would love to see a port to PS4 sometime down the road, Playstation has a few other "experience" games, see Flower and Journey, so I think Innerspace would fit right in.

      Also Oculus support, but, as I understand it, it can be very timeconsuming to get Oculus (VR) to work really good, mainly due to our limited understanding of how to create good VR games. Better to release first on pc/mac/linux and then consoles and later look at VR support, as it might take alot of time and also force you to make some big changes to how the game plays to get it to work "right" with VR.

    33. Cheeseness on

      It looks like we finished $3.5k above the target. Congratulations again and best of luck with continued development! :D

    34. Anaxphone

      Just stumbled across this via a shoutout on Kelvin, and it looked interesting enough to take a chance on it.

    35. Tyler Tomaseski Creator on

      @cheeseness @asya @dominic @avery @david m @jasmine c @regine @dotstarmoney @lisa b @ joshua b @hobbes @mikail f @ryan m @brent s @mary j v
      THANK YOU!!! We're absurdly excited and we're super happy to see so many as excited as we are! We'll be posting regular dev-updates everywhere we can, IndieDB, our website, and here! Lets finish these last 12-hours strong!!!

    36. Missing avatar

      Mary Jo Veltman on


    37. Brent Schneider on

      Consider InnerSpace KickSTARTED - Congratulations team!

    38. Ryan Mendenhall on

      I was really stoked when you guys made it over your goal! Congratulations! I can't wait to play InnerSpace!

    39. Missing avatar

      Mikail Freitas on

      Oh god, I'm so relieved you guys made it.


    40. Hobbes on

      Over the wire, across the line, it matters not by an inch or a mile, you made it!

      Congratulations. This tiger looks forward to watching this project grow forth, it started beautiful, and I can only imagine where it will go from here.

    41. Joshua Bihun on

      Congratulations on making your goal! I was worried about how close to the wire it was getting.

    42. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Harris on

      Congratulations! be sure to keep up the dev blogging articles, they're super interesting.

    43. Missing avatar

      Lisa Bird on

      So at some point you guys are gonna have PolyKnight merch for sale, right? ;D I want a t-shirt some day

    44. Missing avatar

      Regina on

      Congratulations !!! Great job !

    45. Jasmine Choinski

      Funded! Hurrah!

    46. David Marlett on

      CONGRATS!!!!! you guys did great!!!!!!!

    47. Missing avatar

      Don Paco on

      Hey guys, you hit $25,000! Congrats!!! You did it!

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