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Leder Games presents its new asymmetric adventure game, the long-awaited follow up to to Vast: The Crystal Caverns.
Leder Games presents its new asymmetric adventure game, the long-awaited follow up to to Vast: The Crystal Caverns.
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Fantastic Miniatures and How to Paint Them

Posted by Cole Wehrle (Collaborator)

Hi everyone,

Today I called up our development schedule for the next month or so, and a new date popped into view: final submission. I don't know why I was surprised by this. Over the past few months, I've been bumping into little signs that the end was approaching. Anyone following Kyle on Twitter has seen him steadily cross off items from the game's gargantuan list of art assets. Our graphic designer Nick has continued to sharpen the games visual presentation and keep up with the many little wording adjustments that our editor Josh rains on him. The final game was clearly coming into focus.

That said, there's nothing like the arrival of a big box of proof miniatures to shock you into realizing how real the project is and how close we all are to completion. That box arrived last week, and we tricked out our play-test kit immediately. Suddenly I didn't have a problem finding volunteers for our office playtest sessions.

As you might imagine, hammering out balance adjustments, running the game through usability testing, and creating the cross-compatibility scenarios with previous Vast products can be exhausting, but the work comes with the territory. Our whole studio is built around making games that present intense development demands. We're all well-suited to the task, but it's still a lot of work, and it's easy to find yourself spread thin. This kind of creeping exhaustion happened towards the end of Root, and it will happen during the next project. It's part of the process.

Still, when we cut open that box of miniatures, a lot of that exhaustion that had been hovering over the office simply evaporated. My goodness they were so charming. Like the earlier Vast miniatures, these were largely hand-sculpted by Chad Hoverter who worked from designs draw up by Kyle. We couldn't be happier with the collaboration.

 (Yes, we know a couple of colors are wrong here.)

As with any proofs, we had a couple of adjustments that we need to make which may require new molds for a couple of the miniatures. This will likely translate into a small delay on the project, but nothing is certain yet, and we will let you know when we know more. In general though, we have a pretty clear rule-of-thumb when it comes to stuff like this: if you can make it better, do it. We plan on following that rule.

Despite a couple production hiccups, I want to say that most everything is running on time, and these miniatures are very close to perfect. In fact, as soon as we got them, we forwarded a set to Casey Holt, a local miniature painter. If you'd like to see him paint them, he'll be doing a live stream this evening at 7PM US Central Time. You can find that live stream here. 

And, if you'd like to see the painted miniatures in person, we'll have a full set with us at Pax Unplugged next week at booth #2415.

Alright, that's all for now!

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    1. Steven Tolhurst

      Minis looking good team thanks for all the hard work play testing , it must be tough with this sort of game keeping it all balanced. Well done

    2. Cole Wehrle Collaborator on

      We're all big fans of the web design here as they both stack easily and can have a miniature (or egg) on top of them which saves board space.

    3. Cole Wehrle Collaborator on

      @Christian :)

      Though, just to be clear, we really don't know if this will translate into a delay or, if it does, what that delay will be like. it could be nothing, a couple weeks, or a couple months. As soon as we figure out exactly how long the new mold will take, we'll update everyone with a new timeline. I only buried the news here because, we're not yet sure what it will mean and likely won't for a couple weeks.

    4. Chad Hoverter on

      Really happy with how everything is turning out Patrick! Nice!

    5. Aleksey Kabanov on

      All looks great! Thank!
      - we had a couple of adjustments that we need to make which may require new molds for a couple of the miniatures.
      I hope it is Net, please change it

    6. MC on

      When it started that grandiose, I knew the "delay" easter egg was coming ;)
      Let's see how this turns out. Minis are looking good.

    7. Missing avatar

      Rygar on

      These look great! Can't wait to start painting them myself.