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Leder Games presents its new asymmetric adventure game, the long-awaited follow up to to Vast: The Crystal Caverns.
Leder Games presents its new asymmetric adventure game, the long-awaited follow up to to Vast: The Crystal Caverns.
4,287 backers pledged $416,186 to help bring this project to life.

Manor Pledges - TCC Shipping Update

Posted by Caryl Tan (Collaborator)

Hey everyone,

Just providing an update on what was going on for Manor backers and the Crystal Caverns portion of your pledges.

An Apology to our Manor Backers

Back during the campaign, we promised the immediate shipment after the campaign for the Crystal Caverns games for our Manor backers. After waiting about a month for backers to confirm their addresses, we soon realized internally that a mistake was made. We had not taken the proper preparation to brief our fulfillers and arrange the stock to get sent to the appropriate shippers in their regions until it was too late, resulting in the current delay. 

For the past few months, we've heard and read all of your comments and concerns, and completely understand and sympathize with everyone's frustration that the project was not fulfilled as quickly as promised. For that, we sincerely apologize. During that time, we've made corrections internally and made some changes to our team to try to get the project back on track. 

It's not in our interest to air how these mistakes happened or led to this point. We instead, take full responsibility for the failings as a team and as a company as a whole. The campaign ended at the very end of May and it is now October, and we find that unacceptable for our first time backers and our returning backers. This definitely isn't the experience we want any of our fans to have. 

We just want you to know that each and every one of our backers is appreciated because the support they show us on Kickstarter is what allows us to exist and fulfill our passion to make games. We can only hope that knowing that we're working hard on making the best that Mysterious Manor can be, and that we're working hard to rectify our mistakes will provide some solace for some of you. We apologize again for disappointing our backers. 

Regions Breakdown

US & Canada - TCC shipments have already been completed as of August/September

EU, Asia, Australia and Rest of the World - to make the process fast and simple, Happy Shops in Germany is handling all non US and Canadian shipments for TCC. When the rest of Mysterious Manor fulfills, region specific fulfillers will be used. 

The Current Timeline

As of Friday afternoon, we were informed by Happy Shops that they would finally be shipping your Crystal Caverns games on Monday and Tuesday of this upcoming week. To our understanding, they've been emailing backers with notices that their shipments would be going out soon. If you have not received such an email, please email me at so I can make sure that your order was properly imported into their system. 

From the time of your packages being sent, depending on where you are located, may take anywhere between 1-3 weeks to arrive (South America or Asia, for example, taking longer than EU for transit time). Delays at customs are entirely possible and may affect your delivery timeline. 

Additional Questions or Support

If there's any questions regarding the campaign or need for support in any way, please email us at

Please refrain from messaging us on Kickstarter, as our communication is easier to track via email.

We apologize for how these delays happened, once again, and ask that you please do your best to stay a little more patient as we wait for your packages to send out. 


Caryl & Leder Games

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    1. Zoidberg on

      Missed the delivery today, should be good tomorrow.

    2. Notnek

      I also appreciate the update. However, frankly, if I had known that I could have a PnP of the new game before Vast CC was shipped, I would have pledged at a lower level and saved a lot of money.

    3. Scott D

      Thanks for your candour Caryl. I appreciate the update and have emailed support for some answers as directed. Things may have not gone smoothly or as planned but what is done is done and I think the way forward should be a better experience. It takes a lot to own up to mistakes and they can and most likely will happen, but honesty and information like this go a long way to smoothing any Ill tempers.

      Thank you. Let’s see what the future brings.