Vast: The Mysterious Manor

by Patrick Leder

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      Jeffrey Thomas on

      If I'm understanding correctly. I had until January to update my pledge from the 1 dollar to getting the Paladin Pledge?

    2. Patrick Leder 6-time creator

      Jeffrey - Yes.

    3. Ethan Furman

      @Patrick: But if we upgrade our pledge now, we still won't be charged until January, correct?

    4. Patrick Leder 6-time creator

      Ethan - Right.

    5. Matt Freilich on

      Very cool. I can't wait for the new content. I got a full collection of Crystal Caverns a couple months ago, and am loving it!

    6. Aleksey Kabanov on

      Manor Pledges
      1. Waiting for the letter from Backerkit.
      2. Confirm the address.
      3. Waiting for Vast The Crystal Caverns shipped.

    7. John

      Cool, so what about those who pledged to a copy of Vast Crystal Caverns after the Kick ended?
      Thank you

    8. Zoidberg on

      Yay, I added a Crystal Caverns too, how will that one go, we were supposed to get those shipped asap, right?

    9. Patrick Leder 6-time creator

      TCC addons - It will ship with your copy of TMM in March.

    10. Jacob Fratus on

      So excited! I’m definitely getting that Mansion! Time to force my chums into learning roles and twiddle my thumbs until the Frozen Fear KS ... also fill the void with some sweet sweet Root.

    11. Caryl Tan Collaborator

      Smoke Test has been sent to a random 206 backers. Once it looks like everything is fine, we'll send the rest of the surveys out, most likely tomorrow :)

    12. Ethan Furman

      Woohoo! Smoker Backer! Upgraded to full game and added meeples!!

    13. Seánó Domhnaill on

      Hey congrats on an awesome campaign! Thanks for being patient with our questions. If I want to add on Vast TCC minis, didn't back at Manor but did back Root, how can I co-ordinate that?
      If thats too complicated and doesn't help, no worries! Just read on the comments that might help for combining shipping. Cheers!

    14. Missing avatar


      Seánó Domhnaill there is an option on the PM to add the minis for $35 but I think were only 198 left when I looked ( And added one -.-)

    15. Patrick Leder 6-time creator

      I have given up on combined shipping, its going to be too much trouble. You can use the store on our website if you need something sooner.

    16. Johan De Meersman on

      Smoker, confirm received survey. @patrick, any chance we'll have the option of adding a copy of Root ?

    17. Dr. Tom Jack on

      Survey received!

    18. Zoidberg on

      Hello! When can we expect the Crystal Caverns part of the pledge to be sent?