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Leder Games presents its new asymmetric adventure game, the long-awaited follow up to to Vast: The Crystal Caverns.
Leder Games presents its new asymmetric adventure game, the long-awaited follow up to to Vast: The Crystal Caverns.
4,287 backers pledged $416,186 to help bring this project to life.

Thank yous!

Posted by Patrick Leder (Creator)

I think one of the highlights of this campaign for me was a game we played a few weeks before the KS started. We were playing the game in the studio. Things were going well, but it wasn’t firing for me yet. We stopped after a game and asked what was missing a few times. At that point I didn’t miss the Spider or the Manor when we were playing 3 player so I knew there was something in there to fix.

We discussed the Manor for awhile. We felt like too much of a rhyming couplet of the Cave. At the time it was trying to get the tiles into certain shapes but the design was failing in many ways. At this point we played around some more with the formula and added the Wraith to the game. After some changes to the Runes (thanks to the quick hands of Cole) we now had a model of the Manor where the Wraith had to move through the shapes of the Runes to complete them. This electrified the whole design and I haven’t looked back since. The Spider soon fell into place.

We had moments like this during the Root design and I realized how important the studio has become to me as a tool to design faster and better. I am less an individual struggling to design a game and more leading a team now. I look forward to the greater fruits of our labor as we move forward into the future.

I would like to thank a few people tonight.

The backers - Thank you very much! Without you, Leder Games wouldn’t be possible. I mean literally, I wake up everyday and think about how lucky I am to have fans like you. And 155,000 on the first day! Wow!

The playtesters - Thank you all to the playtesters including the Monday and Wednesday night teams! Your help was invaluable.

Reviewers - I think you did a lot where I failed to clarify why people should be excited about a second Vast game.

My staff!  

Caryl Tan - Helped us with a lot of user questions as usual and made that amazing video (and others) for us. Ask us at the next convention you see us about CMON. That’s my other favorite story of the campaign.

Clayton Capra - Helped retailers connect with purchasing game and has been selling a ton of Vast on the side.

Cole Wehrle - Beyond creating what I assume will be an award winning game Cole is managing the timeline of the project as well as the game’s development. Running the studio I get pulled in many directions and he is there to make sure we are on track. He also redesigned the Enchanter for me when I got stuck and has a ton of design input along the way.

Jake Tonding - Has handled the ins and outs of bidding the game with the manufacturers as well as the necessary logistics. 

Josh Yearsley - I feel like he still has a ton of work to do turning my chicken scratches into legible English (protip Josh I can’t spell legible). 

Kyle Ferrin - What can I say? The Vast series would be nothing without him. His world building, his lore, his insight into character design have done much to inform how I make the game. Heck without him just doodling the Shadow Paladin wouldn’t have been a thing. He pushed to make the Skeletons, Skeletons and not Orcs. A lot of this project was due to me asking him what if the Paladin had a scimitar and the rest went from there.

Nick Brachman - This was Nick’s first Kickstarter. He helped us as our graphic designer and I have been teaching him the ropes of Game design. He has been an amazing sounding board for ideas and he has redesigned more than a few cards.

Alright I have been sick for the last few days! I am heading to bed. Kickstarters as you can imagine are exhausting and a bit emotionally draining. I have felt a little out of touch with my creative side even and I am looking for this opportunity to focus on getting the design right as well as spend some free time on other little projects. Tomorrow the studio parties for a bit and then I think we are going to take a few days off if you need me I might be absent.

Other Things 

Pledge Manager - It is going to take a few days (maybe weeks) for us to set up the pledge manager. Please be patient. Setting it up is a very technical process that we want to be precise. Once we’ve set up our pledge manager, we’ll post another update on when to expect your surveys in your inbox. 

PNP/TTS - We posted a set last week. I am going to iterate the roles a little and release a new PNP soon as Cole lets me. If I have more tests in for the Armored Knight or the Shadow Paladin I will include them. We are coming up on the lock down for the design so I need to hustle.

Thank you all again and have a good night.

Patrick Leder

Creative Director

Leder Games

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    1. Patrick Leder 6-time creator

      Nico - We are running the smoke test right now with Backerkit. Shouldn't be too much longer maybe a day or two. Its really in everyone's best interest to go slow on this, I know you're excited about we haven't even received the money from KS yet.

    2. Nico Wichert on

      Are there any new Information when the pledgemanager will become live?

    3. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Thomas on

      Vast is one of my favorite games, I look forward to this one. I hope to upgrade during the Manager since money was just to tight during the campaign. But really this style a game while hard to teach is just so much fun to me and my group.

    4. Patrick Leder 6-time creator

      Tom Jack - I think that's the plan.

    5. Dr. Tom Jack on


      Gratz on the campaign!
      I made a Vast Manor pledge and a pledge in the Root Campaign.
      Is it possible to send Root and Vast: TCC in one shiping to my European house?

    6. Patrick Leder 6-time creator

      The early copies of Vast will be going out when we pack Root.

    7. Matt Freilich on

      I'll take the "thank you" here as well! Now, you guys need to make a Vast/Root hybrid ruleset due to the incorrect post.

    8. Aleksey Kabanov on

      Thank a lot for you and for all people hum work with you! ❤

    9. Missing avatar

      Csaba Kassitzky on

      Hi there,

      I'm before paying right now, but i would like to change my pledge. Is it possible to add miniatures from the original Vast? Also, just to be sure: the miniatures for Mysterious Manor are included in Paladin pledge?

      Thanks in advance!

    10. Zoidberg on

      What about if we ot the first Vast? What happens now?

      Congrats and rest well!

    11. Missing avatar

      Gary on

      +1 Ryan :-)

      Congrats Patrick and team Leder Games! :D

    12. Ryan T.

      I think far too many Kickstarters don't take the time to send thanks to the important people who made the campaign successful when it ends. Well done, Patrick.

    13. Gary Lee

      Hehe it was pretty funny to read the updates in advance coz I backed Root too :)
      Have a good rest Team Leder Games!