Vast: The Mysterious Manor

by Patrick Leder

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    1. Gary Lee

      Hehe it was pretty funny to read the updates in advance coz I backed Root too :)
      Have a good rest Team Leder Games!

    2. Ryan T.

      I think far too many Kickstarters don't take the time to send thanks to the important people who made the campaign successful when it ends. Well done, Patrick.

    3. Missing avatar

      Gary on

      +1 Ryan :-)

      Congrats Patrick and team Leder Games! :D

    4. Zoidberg on

      What about if we ot the first Vast? What happens now?

      Congrats and rest well!

    5. Missing avatar

      Csaba Kassitzky on

      Hi there,

      I'm before paying right now, but i would like to change my pledge. Is it possible to add miniatures from the original Vast? Also, just to be sure: the miniatures for Mysterious Manor are included in Paladin pledge?

      Thanks in advance!

    6. Aleksey Kabanov on

      Thank a lot for you and for all people hum work with you! ❤

    7. Matt Freilich on

      I'll take the "thank you" here as well! Now, you guys need to make a Vast/Root hybrid ruleset due to the incorrect post.

    8. Patrick Leder 6-time creator

      The early copies of Vast will be going out when we pack Root.

    9. Dr. Tom Jack on


      Gratz on the campaign!
      I made a Vast Manor pledge and a pledge in the Root Campaign.
      Is it possible to send Root and Vast: TCC in one shiping to my European house?

    10. Patrick Leder 6-time creator

      Tom Jack - I think that's the plan.

    11. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Thomas on

      Vast is one of my favorite games, I look forward to this one. I hope to upgrade during the Manager since money was just to tight during the campaign. But really this style a game while hard to teach is just so much fun to me and my group.

    12. Nico Wichert on

      Are there any new Information when the pledgemanager will become live?

    13. Patrick Leder 6-time creator

      Nico - We are running the smoke test right now with Backerkit. Shouldn't be too much longer maybe a day or two. Its really in everyone's best interest to go slow on this, I know you're excited about we haven't even received the money from KS yet.