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The ultimate asymmetric cave-crawling adventure where you become the brave Knight, Goblin horde, massive Dragon, or malevolent Cave.
The ultimate asymmetric cave-crawling adventure where you become the brave Knight, Goblin horde, massive Dragon, malevolent Cave, or cunning Thief.
The ultimate asymmetric cave-crawling adventure where you become the brave Knight, Goblin horde, massive Dragon, malevolent Cave, or cunning Thief.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Leonardo on

      Never received my copy of the game. Can you please verify?

    2. Robert Cash Laidman on

      I have never received my copy of this game either. Quite sad by that fact

    3. Clare "grey lady" Langford on

      Hi I've just realised that I haven't received this game. I'm assuming I should have by now? I backed a load of games at one go and forgot all about this one as I've been trying to stay off kickstarter (saving for a holiday!)

    4. Missing avatar

      Karl Frank on

      Yes, there will be a pledge menager which will also allow new pledges.

    5. Josh Mc on

      I just missed deadline line for the new kickstarter for upgrade pack and mini .....can I late pledge

    6. Hans Oeij on

      Me too! I still haven't received my game.

    7. Patrick Leder 5-time creator

      I see that. I will dig into your e-mail and figure out why.

    8. Battistini Fabien on

      I have not recieve my game

    9. Patrick Leder 5-time creator

      We are stupid busy getting ready for the second printing and the next Vast KS. Your comments were very timely. Thanks!

    10. Joe Rogers on

      Just wanted to say that this game outlived all my expectations. What an amazing concept and delivery. Thanks again Patrick.

    11. Nikolai on

      Sorry I meant Caryl ... auto correct......

    12. Nikolai on

      Hey Patrick, just wanted to give some feedback on the great customer support and attention I have gotten from yourself and Carly. Keep up the good work and keep the games coming �. An expansion and or minis for the game would be great too!!

    13. Missing avatar

      Sheng-Yang Pan

      I didn't receive my copy yet, already sent mail to customer support.

    14. Patrick Leder 5-time creator

      Yes you should have received yours. Can you contact my customer support at and Caryl will help you sort it out.

    15. Missing avatar

      Aki Koyama

      I live near Los Angeles and still have not received my copy. Has anyone in California received their copy of the game?

    16. Josh Mc on

      This game is rad

    17. Patrick Leder 5-time creator

      Can you contact and Caryl will help you.

    18. Yichen Lin

      Still waiting for non-KS edition copies in Taiwan
      Some people already got their games 6 weeks ago

    19. Missing avatar

      Pedro Moncadas on

      Game received (Spain) and in perfect condition. Now you try it this weekend.

    20. Ricardo Fuente on

      Hi there.
      The game arrived yesterday (Spain) very well padded inside a huge parcel. Everything looks great and now it's time to enjoy it.

      Thanks for your effort!.

    21. Patrick Leder 5-time creator

      Jonathan H - Yeah I would have preferred working fast on that issue but the shipping has been eating my brain.
      Didac - Woot!
      Stephen - Oh my gosh you are very welcome.

    22. Missing avatar

      Jonathan H

      Got my missing components! Thanks!

      (Turnaround time to Ottawa, Ontario = 26 days for those interested - from initial reporting on August 17th)

    23. Missing avatar

      Didac on

      Hi all!
      Game received from Barcelona!
      Really looking forward to play it!
      Thanks to the creators

    24. Missing avatar

      Stephen Bennett on

      Starting to sound repetitive here, but I wanted to recognise Patrick and his team for their excellent customer service. Not only did they create a very unique and fun game, but they also "owned" all the issues I had with the US shipping company. Patrick went way above and beyond in communicating, escalating, and offering to make it right out of his own pocket. You learn a lot about a person and company when things do not go according to plan, and it is clear that Leder Games does care about their product and customers. Thank you !!

    25. Patrick Leder 5-time creator

      Eric - If you feel you need it replaced feel free to contact the support email. Be sure to include your address.
      Mike - You are welcome. Let's thank my awesome teammate Caryl Tan for helping out too. Woo!
      Paolo - Thank you very much! I feel like I worked hard for once to get where I am going.

    26. Eric Paulin on

      Game received in France. Corners of player mats and of the box damaged.

    27. Missing avatar

      Mike Parsons on

      Just wanna give a shout out to Patrick for his awesome customer service in dealing with the crappy shipping company. He kept me informed by email daily and sent copies of the emails he sent to the shipping company and my game finally arrived! Thanks Patrick for being awesome in customer service, a rarity these days!

    28. Missing avatar

      Paolo Pizzol on

      Hi Patrick! The game arrived here in the UK about a three weeks ago. I brought it to my local games club for three weeks in a row now, and EVERYONE who played it said it's a superb game! Well worth the wait :-D Thanks for the amazing job! (My box also has a dent in one of the corners, but I'm not fussed since everything inside is fine). Any chance you'll kickstart a print run for the two promo cards or the stickers for the wooden standees?

      Thanks again!

    29. Patrick Leder 5-time creator

      Ronnie - Please contact and we will get it right to you.

      Liz - I will contact you with the e-mail thread we already have.

    30. Liz McLain

      Hello! I just got my copy of Vast but I did not receive my copy of Trick or Treat that was to be included with my pledge. Help!

    31. Missing avatar

      Ronnie on

      Hello Patrick

      My game has quite a bit of crushing on one corner to the point the game lid won't close and some of the boards are affected. Is this cause to get a new game? If so, what's the best course of action?


    32. Missing avatar

      Pedro Moncadas on

      Patrick thanks for the reply . It was just to know .

    33. Patrick Leder 5-time creator

      Anyone reading this. If you received a new game due to crushing, is there any chance we could have your extra Dragon die? This is the "damage" to many people's game and I have having to open copies just to get to the Dragon Die. if you feel comfortable and the recipient does you could send it straight to them or I can receive it and send it to them.


    34. Patrick Leder 5-time creator

      Earthy - If there was you would have received it awhile ago.

      Pedro - The orders were supposed to go to another depot in Spain and the be sent out. I don't know why this didn't happen but Happyshops is going to send them direct this week. Sorry for the delay.

    35. Missing avatar

      Pedro Moncadas on

      Alguien lo ha recibido en España?

    36. earthy on

      @Patrick: Sure. Btw will there be email notification on the shipping?

    37. Patrick Leder 5-time creator

      Rye - Thank.

      Earthy - I just got an e-mail from another person that their Singapore order JUST arrived. Let's give it a few more days before we call out search and rescue.

    38. earthy on

      @Patrick: I am from Singapore and have not received my pledge yet. Should I be concerned?

    39. Rye S on

      This game is amazing. It was the favorite for the extended weekend.

    40. Ethan Furman

      @Oscar Iglesias: Remember, the Thief's stealth goes down by one for each treasure he is carrying back to the entrance.

    41. Missing avatar

      Karl Frank on

      Played two games by now. One Knight vs Dragon and one all 5 roles. Both games were quite the nailbiters except for me sucking as Goblins in the second one. The rules are sometimes a bit clunky with exceptions like the Goblins not scattering when attacking the thief, but after a game one shold easily grasp them. And with 2 pages per players the rules are also leraned rather quickly if not necessarily understood from a strategic perspective. But in th end its really amazing how tense the games are already and at the same time how much more room for strategies seem to be in the different roles.

    42. Adam Trezise on

      Yes you pedantic so and so - Knight vs Goblin vs Dragon!

      The goblins won :(

    43. Oscar Iglesias

      We finally test it.
      5 players game. First time we try it, so turns were slow and errors arise.
      Because each player uses a different ruleset I read all of them, and try to help everyone else to play. I was the cave player for the same reason.
      After a few chaotic turns were no one was really sure about what to do game began to flow.
      Thief manage to win, but everyone accepted we commited a series of errors that helped that player at the beginning (easy to pick gems and treasures).
      Everyone was amazed how balanced the game worked, and wanted to play again (well, not everyone, but the knight player does not really enjoy board games a lot :( )
      The greatest complain was about the Thief stealth. 4+1 make it really difficult to find him. Anyway, we want to play it more and check how it works now we know the rules :P

    44. Patrick Leder 5-time creator

      Do you mean Knight vs Goblin vs Dragon? :)

    45. Adam Trezise on

      Just had a three player game. Knight v dragon v goblins.

      Awesome fun :-)

    46. Missing avatar

      Mike Parsons on

      Still waiting on mine in the US, going to Nova tomorrow hopefully its there when I get back...

    47. Krieg Bastion on

      Arrived in Australia. Some very minor creasing to one of the player boards, but apart from that all is good. Will echo Leigh's comment about the eyebrow raising packaging.

    48. Missing avatar

      benjamin schmauss

      Arrived in London.

    49. Leigh Ryan on

      Received in Brisbane, Australia in good condition. They upped their packing efforts since Scythe. Still a little eyebrow-raising but at least there were packing peanuts involved this time. Here's hoping the upward trajectory continues.

    50. Missing avatar

      José Luis Pitarch on

      Óscar - Qué empresa se encargaba del reparto del paquete?? Gracias!

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