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Return to the world of Root with new factions, maps, and an alternative game deck!
Return to the world of Root with new factions, maps, and an alternative game deck!
20,886 backers pledged $1,726,461 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Allen 5 days ago

      @Kory I believe they said they will not be stitched. @Miguel there were a lot of folks who had warped boards of the previous printings. Playmats I guess are nicer to play on, and you wouldn't have a problem with them warping at all

    2. Kenny Van Eysendeyk on

      While I see that having both sides printed adds value of course. If the playmats are double sided wouldn’t they move around a lot? I have another playmat and the non-playing side is made from anti-slip material. If these are anything like the one I have, then having both sides printed would make the board move around on the table rather easily (in a bad, everything gets scrambled, kind of way), no?

    3. BreezingThrough

      No details as to the size? I hope this is given before end of KS or very least before PM.

    4. Joey Bajcar on

      Glad the WA meeples were acknowledged but disappointed they won’t be until “later”.

    5. TyDeL

      Are these the same size as the normal board? Curious if they'd fit in the box rolled up.

    6. Missing avatar

      Travis Ellis on

      @Pier they already addressed why there are no stretch goals in this Kickstarter in one of their other updates.

    7. Pier Carlo Dall'Aglio on

      That would have been a nice touch if it were to be added as a Stretch Goal. I already pledged for the expansion and added top dollar for the upgrade kit and the bots. Why there is no stretch goals in this campaign? Will you be adding something before it ends?

    8. Selwyn Ward

      I've not been able to find an answer to the several queries about the neoprene map sizes. I too hope they will be a bit larger than the card game boards.

    9. DD on

      Double sided printing doesn't matter. Again i'd like to reference TMB.
      Granted that the edges would be slightly raised, but in a non-impactful way.
      Only the outer rim would be ever so slightly raised and there are no game components on the board's edge.

      I'll stop talking about this now, since I'll be getting the playmats either way. It's just that I found Patrick's argument against stitching hard to believe.

      Do you know what actually doesn't lay down real well? The current carboard map that comes with the core game. haha. J/K ;-)

    10. Missing avatar

      OopBop on

      Wish I could afford to add these, but I've gotta save for the Blood on the Clocktower Kickstarter at the end of the month. :(

    11. Missing avatar

      OopBop on

      @Dimi It's probably because they're double sided.

    12. DD on

      @Patrick I'm really happy for the playmats, but I find it hard to believe what you are saying about edge stitching.
      How can they not lay down well? Look at Too Many Bones. That game has loads of neoprene mats with edge stitching and they all lay flat nicely. Those mats are even smaller than the ones you are making, so if stitching had any impact it would be more apparent on those.

      Perhaps your mats are thinner or made of a different material?

    13. Himajin, Artillator of Valoria on

      One of the biggest benefits of these neoprene mats is they grip the table nicely, and I worry that this benefit will be lost with double-sided maps. Is this something you've looked into/tested? In my experience, the printed side of these mats slides around even worse than a regular board.

    14. Missing avatar

      M Peterson on

      Where do i go to increase my pledge?

    15. Patrick Leder 6-time creator

      Vivien - :P Me too!

      Stitching - We tried it and it didn't lay down real well.

    16. Christofil Waitforit Anciano on

      +1 for edge stitching for the playmats.

    17. Missing avatar

      Fox Keslar on

      Play mats are a welcome addition to the game :) Would it be possible to have stitching around the boarders for extra durability ?

    18. Tonichi Sanvictores on

      I just realized ... if folks get the Expansion, get just 1 playmat, you could have 2 parallel games going. There are enough factions for two 4-player games. One will use the standard deck, and the other, the Exiles deck. PNP the quest items on the board, get 2 d12s and off you go!

      Did I miss anything?

    19. Tonichi Sanvictores on

      Holy cow! Proud to be part of this campaign. And oh my goodness --- playmats! This might be the only game I'll purchase playmats for.

    20. Missing avatar

      M Peterson on

      And CONGRATULATIONS !!! Love the game! And the wooden Meeple insert!

    21. Missing avatar

      M Peterson on

      I request that the new mats be larger so when playing with 4-5 players there is more room. Other games increased the size of their boards/mats and I love it!

      My other request is for more stuffed critters for purchase like the Raccoon vagabond.

    22. Missing avatar

      Vivien on

      hehe I was funnin'

    23. Luke Venables on

      @Rotshrek @Patrick Leder - Oh cool. That sounds cute.

    24. Missing avatar

      ngzg611 on

      I would also like to know the size of the mats as @breezingthrough also asked.

    25. Nick Hansen on

      I’d hope they’d be offered during a Root KS!!

    26. Nick Hansen on

      I really hope the WA meeples don’t become a promo somewhere.

    27. Patrick Leder 6-time creator

      Vivien - 4 sided like a box?

      Luke - There are designs for a rabbit and fox meeple out there we dropped for useability reasons. Many people have asked them, but I have a more logical place to insert them later on

    28. Rotshrek on

      @Luke Venables We´ve been asking for foxes and rabbits meeples for the alliance (as were depicted in the original KS). And while I´m glad they acknowledged our plea, I´m sad it won´t come until 'later'. I´m guessing next KS campaign? 2020?

    29. Luke Venables on

      I've looked through the comments but I can't find what Patrick is referring to regarding "variant Woodland Alliance Meeples". What are people asking for? I'm curious. Is there a problem with the current Toast design?

    30. Missing avatar

      Vivien on

      you could save your backers a few dollars by releasing all the maps on a single 4-sided playmat. please consider it.

    31. Eric Hamel on

      Will the mat fit in the box rolled?
      Or will it need to be folded to fit or live outside the box?

      Also, I for one do not need SGs to feel the need to support a project I want to succeed.
      You told us what we get and what we get as a thank you for buying early that will cost others more later... I was satisfied and gave my $ . . . done.

    32. Ken (The friendly gamer)

      @Tim yes and that was when the funding goal was $25k we are now 4000% higher than that goal and nothing at all has been added to the game as a thanks. Sorry but I don’t see the how the pittance of any SG makes this a value for me.

    33. The High Frontier

      Congratulations, success well deserved!

    34. Missing avatar

      Tim Tigges on

      @Ken: Because they added the Stretch Goals from the very beginning (extra deck, vagabond meeples...).

    35. BreezingThrough

      Size of mats? Please

    36. Baramon

      Yaaaaaay playmats

    37. Patrick Leder 6-time creator

      HBG - Nah they will ship in a tube.

    38. Ken (The friendly gamer)

      You should be sharing the love to be truthful. The lack of any stretch goals especially for the meeples is disheartening. Not sure why you decided to forgo any stretch goals.

    39. METADNA

      Root is the "Fables de La Fontaine" of board games, a overview of the acting social forces, a comedy of nature it has the right content and the right form, that puts things into perspective, that's why... ;)

    40. Missing avatar

      Adam Monzon on

      Yassss! My board keeps warping lol

    41. Missing avatar

      Long on

      Awesome!! Can we have wooden tokens with sticker on each side next?

    42. James David Romo on

      Please add an add-on for the new dice to be ordered separately. By popular demand by me. :)

    43. Heavy Breathing Gaming

      @Leder Games - How will the mats be shipped? I'm afraid that they will be folded and get some wrinkles that won't go flat again. Edge-stitching would be awesome as well.

    44. Orion Harrison on

      @Miguel Duran
      Yes, playmats are more durable for people who play a lot. They are also easier to set up. They also feel a lot better to the touch, and have more friction to the table and to the pieces that are placed on it, so there will be lessened confusion from accidental bumps and stuff.

      It's just a preference thing. I prefer to have it easy to pack and bring with me, so having the board IN the box is better for me. I do really like playmats, but not for %25 each. But to some people who like them more than you or I, it's definitely worth $25.

    45. James Tolbert on

      Fantastic! Added in for the playmats. Glad to hear about the WA variant meeples down the line. Any chance of double-sided meeples as a stretch goal or addon? I think the birds, lizards, crows, and moles would all look great double-sided and I would be happy to pay for that on my copy.

    46. Nathan on

      Are the playmats going to be the same size as the board? Or a larger "deluxe" size like some other companies do?

    47. Kory Dondzila

      Will the edges be sewn on the playmats? I hope so, would be a nice touch

    48. Miguel Duran

      Out of curiosity, what's the draw on the playmats? The box is already pretty cramped for space and it's unclear to me what value having the playmats provides compared to the original board? Is it just a matter of the playmats being more durable if you're planning on playing dozens of times?