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Return to the world of Root with new factions, maps, and an alternative game deck!
Return to the world of Root with new factions, maps, and an alternative game deck!
20,886 backers pledged $1,726,461 to help bring this project to life.


Posted by Patrick Leder (Creator)

I had a feeling when I woke up, today was going to be a day I wouldn’t soon forget. I cannot imagine I will forget this day as long as I live. We just passed the original Root campaign’s funding in less than 14 hours! What! How is this even possible? You have to be kidding me! Obviously funded and then some! Thank you everyone! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I would also like to thank my team that worked diligently to help me design and develop this expansion, getting the campaign ready, and help answer your questions. A message in an update cannot possibly convey how thankful I am to the backers and to my employees.

A few people have noted the lack of stretch goals. We have decided to forgo them this campaign and offer the free things up front. This keeps the design manageable and allows us to deliver a quality product to you. That being said as the whim strikes us we reserve the right to add stretch goals.

Tonight and all weekend I am at SXSW. Cole and I will be demoing the expansion Friday and Saturday. On Sunday we will be talking about the creation of Root. So yeah I flew on the day I launched a Kickstarter!

Well thanks everyone! I look forward to speaking with you more over the next few weeks. Good night!

Patrick Leder

Leder Games

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    1. Missing avatar

      stephen on

      Loved the original and can't wait to get these expansions. I can also agree with you not going for any stretech goals. Too many campaigns I have been a part of seemed to of drown in theirs so I a am glad this is keeping a tight focus.

    2. Missing avatar

      Griffin on

      Joining the choir. Love the game, excited for the expansion. Looks like this is going to be super successful. Would love to see some stretch goals or something added to this.

    3. Murrell

      The no stretch goals is just a missed opportunity to keep investing into your game.

      I understand many KS backers are sick and tired of the smoke and mirrors that go into these things, but plenty of KS projects have been to known to have legitimate "goals" attached, including funding things they never would have unless given the chance here.

      Obviously Fox and Bunny Meeples keep coming up

      If we get to 1 mil, aren't you going to want to get that NEXT expansion already started?

      Are there no more Bird Leaders you wouldn't want to throw into the mix who take advantage of the new board and do a better job countering the new factions?

      Are there no more factions you want to kick out and possibly just make this a 3 faction expansion, bringing us up to a much cleaner "10" count versus "9" options (two vagabonds folks, I didn't miscount)

      Are there no more Vagabond you want to get in NOW before these special Meeples are released? Best to finish off any floating ideas so they all get included and none get left out of the Vagabond pack.

      I love everything going on, and I only speak up to make sure all opportunities are taken advantage of and to encourage and support. You had me sold at "No KS Exclusives" because I'm out on any game I haven't already invested in that does that crap. I just know that we, as the fans, can push this thing so much further if you just let us here and now and then BAIL on the KS model and just do expansion at your leisure!

    4. Michael langzfor on

      Could one of the stretch goals be Fox and Bunny maples?: )

    5. Missing avatar

      TJ Presso on

      SG - Green rabbits and bunnies! *fingers crossed :)

    6. Viktor Haag on

      One stretch goal, or add-on, that would be great would a box of sufficient size to store the game and the two expansions, and the extra components! Thanks for such a fun game, Patrick!

    7. The REAL Bill Richards

      Funded twenty-five times over! That's not a bad start to the campaign at all.

    8. Jussi-Pekka Jokinen

      Well deserved! Congratulations to all of you, especially Kyle for the (yet again) excellent cute-but-meaning-business art. 😊

    9. Missing avatar

      Jan Hendrik Mica on

      This game is so amazing. I don’t mind there are no stretch goals; however, should they invoke ‘their right to include stretch goals’... please let it be a Keep wooden miniature! That’s what this game is really missing.

    10. Maarten Roex on

      Fantastic news! You are without a doubt one of my fave board game companies and I look forward to delve (heh) into more Root!

    11. David Bryson on

      I can’t wait to receive this hopefully later this year. Root was one of my favourite games of 2018, so the moment I hear about a further expansion on Kickstarter, there was never a question of not backing this. Clearly I am not alone in thinking this. Congrats to all at Leder game for continuing to create things that capture our imagination. I hope the final numbers end up completely exceeding all expectations!

    12. Missing avatar

      James Lapalme on

      I'm happy for you and your team. Root was a great design and a great product. With regards to the SG, I'm happy knowing up-front what I'm getting as value. Having said that, I have NO problems if some unplanned SG appear! ;o)

    13. Luke Venables on

      @Dan Panamaroff I'm hoping my wife will be the same. Wish me luck.

    14. Cristian Gonzalez Mundaca on

      I'm go to my work this morning, i buy my expansion, i finish my work and is allready funded. Yeeeessss thanks to avery one make thats possible. Cristian, Sydney Australia

    15. Dan Panamaroff on

      Only wargame that my wife will play with me!

      Stealthy design. (Cute!)

    16. Low B Game on

      Root is a great game! Really support this project :)

    17. Quackalope on

      Thank you :) love the game - testing out the solo variants for my channel now I will have a video on them posted tomorrow!

    18. Nathan Biangel

      Thanks for the update. I am truly excited for all the additional game content. Is it wrong that I’m really excited for the plushie?!