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An icon set truly designed for the modern web, pushing iconography forward with new technologies, techniques and thinking.
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Finally, Our Stretch Goals!

Posted by Waybury (Creator)

It's been a crazy couple of weeks and we're still amazed by the amount of support you have given us. We can't thank you enough. We took some time (OK, a lot of time) to put together some stretch goals. We're pretty confident that we'll hit at least half of these goals, which is exciting! In the coming days, we'll be talking more about some of these ideas to try to communicate why we think they're so valuable. Without any further ado, here they are!

$40,000: Icon themes 

All of Iconic's icons can be styled with CSS, but we'd like to make it so that you can style all of them by simply adding a CSS file. This is a big deal because it allows your icons to have radically different aesthetics based on your needs. Through our research, we've figured out that making all the icons theme-ready would take considerably more work to do right. If we reach $40,000, we'll make this happen. We'll create three pre-made themes for you to use and more importantly, we'll show you how to theme Iconic on your own.

$50,000: Super-duper documentation 

You're already going to get a great collection of documentation, but at this level we'll be able to make it much better. If we reach this goal, you'll be getting screencasts, interactive demos and even more code samples. We know documentation isn't the most sexy stretch goal in the world, but we really think you'll appreciate it.

$60,000: Web component icons 

Web components are where the web is headed and we have some pretty awesome ideas as to how we could make icons work with web components. Imagine adding an icon to the screen with all the features Iconic is bringing—by adding a single HTML tag to your code. That would obviously be a big deal! However, web components are still in flux and in the process of being defined. This part of the project will take considerable research and even more documentation.

$70,000: A web GUI for Iconic's toolkit

This is the most obvious and most ambitious project to take on. We know some of you aren't too stoked with using the command line and we'd like to make all our tools accessible through a web interface. It would be awesome, but it's no small undertaking. We have a lot of thoughts on this subject and we'll start to share them with you when/if we get closer to this stretch goal.

Thanks again everyone!  

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    1. Waybury Creator on

      Hi Kathryn, I can't alter your messages. Let's continue this conversation through a message.

    2. Missing avatar

      Kathryn Madsen on

      please remove my email, I thought it would juts put my gravitar in there :(

    3. Missing avatar

      Kathryn Madsen on

      to clarify, I am confused about October date $50. What is that for?

    4. Waybury Creator on

      Hi Kathryn, you should have a message in your inbox.

    5. Missing avatar

      Kathryn Madsen on

      I keep getting a please respond notice from Kickstarter and I respond but no survey and nothing happens. I have emailed you but no response. What do we do next and what is the ETA on being able to download Iconic? PS Congrats on the $$$$!

    6. Prerak Patel on

      Hey Waybury, it's Also if possible can you delete this comment once you get my email. Don't want it to stay public in the comment section.

    7. Waybury Creator on

      Hey Prerak, thanks! I'm happy to share that with you. What's your email address?

    8. Prerak Patel on

      Hey @waybury thanks for update. That's awesome that we still get all that built right into the pledge. In the meantime I have been talking about it and getting few ppl sign up for it just because I think it's worth it.

      Lastly, any chance you can share the music you used in the video or I can buy it if it's available somewhere?


    9. Waybury Creator on

      Thanks Prerak!

      That's a good question and it's something we should have made crystal clear. In short - YES! Everything we end up making from this Kickstarter project will end up in your hands if you backed at the $35 pledge or higher.

      So, it's in your best interest to get as many people to back Iconic as possible. The more funding we get, the more you'll get in return.

    10. Prerak Patel on

      It's already an amazing product you're building here. It's even better how further you're looking to take it. However, just a small question is - will everyone who backed this project get the same benefits as the full package when this goes public if say you do reach $70,000?

    11. Jack McDade on

      Make it hap'n, cap'n!

    12. Edward Kok on

      gogogo. this is truly the epitome of awesomeness!