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A new print magazine that goes behind the scenes of companies and individuals that create websites and apps.

A new print magazine that goes behind the scenes of companies and individuals that create websites and apps. Read More
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This project's funding goal was not reached on December 1, 2011.

About this project


Even though we might just miss our funding goal, the first issue is definitely going ahead! Please read our update here and make sure you subscribe to, follow or like us to be notified about the release date of issue #1.  And thanks again, for all your pledges and spreading the word. :)


Offscreen is a new, quarterly print magazine with an in-depth look at the life and work of people that create websites and apps shaping our digital lifestyle. We want to tell the less obvious human stories of creativity, passion and hard work that hide behind every interface.

Each issue is built around 8 lengthy interviews with creative minds—from aspiring freelancers to well known companies—taking a closer look at how they work, live and collaborate to build the products we carry around on our mobiles, tablets and laptops. 

Offscreen wants to go beyond the "About" section of a website and explore office setups, co-working environments, freelance culture and all the things that influence digital creators.

Issue #1 will include contributions from these talented people:

  • Andrew Wilkinson 
    MetaLab and Flow App
  • Lisa Bettany
  • Ji
  • Dan CederholmSimplebits and Dribbble
  • Ryan Singer
  • Benjamin de Cock and Kickoff App
  • Drew Wilson network of apps & services
  • Blake Whitman
  • Rob Morris
  • Tim van Damme
  • Sam Brown

...and more TBA.  


The magazine will consist of about 100 pages, composed in a beautiful design and printed on environmentally-friendly, high-quality stock through an established printer in Germany. With a compact form factor of about 8 x 10 inches, this nice little booklet will fit into any backpack or bookshelf. Put it on the coffee table in your office, take it to the beach or give it to somebody as a gift.

Depending on your responses and interest, Offscreen will become a quarterly publication that can be ordered and subscribed to through our website at

Our aim is to almost entirely cover our costs through single issue sales and subscriptions. We want you to enjoy the content of the magazine without annoying interruptions, so there are no invasive ads on every second page. However, in each issue we will offer around 8 selected partners a very unobtrusive sponsor position that blends nicely into the character of the magazine.

To lower our impact on mother nature, we make sure our printer is certified for a carbon-neutral, environmentally friendly production process.


As the name suggests, Offscreen explores what happens off the screen—outside our digital world. It's not about a specific app or website, but about the people that build them. And their stories. Having a physical product you can touch, collect and take with you to read anywhere seems like a logical way to present this content. 

Reading it offline, in a distraction-free environment, lets us step back from the digital context. It allows us to reflect on our industry from a less ephemeral and fast-paced angle. 

We want this to be a product people buy and keep because it gives them a real, physical experience every time they open it. 


Besides receiving a printed copy of the first issue of Offscreen ($25 and above), we will keep all backers up-to-date with regular news on the different stages of the production. Your exclusive comments and feedback will help shape the design of the magazine and make it come to life. 

Our estimated shipping date is Jan/Feb 2012. 


Your contributions will go towards the cost of designing, editing and producing the magazine. The handling and shipping costs to any address worldwide are also included in your pledge of $25 and above. 

Kai Brach is a German-born, Australian-based web designer who—on successful funding—will be making the transition to become the magazine's first full-time employee as a publisher and designer. By contributing, you're helping Kai make the necessary time to conduct interviews, create editorial design guidelines and produce a lasting, collectible journal. 

Your pledge will help us measure the community's interest and allows us to give it the time and attention that is required to produce a high-quality magazine. 

You can also receive general updates on Offscreen through TwitterFacebook or via Email through


Offscreen is only possible with the generous support not only by its fine Kickstarter backers but also by amazing people working in the design, web and publishing community who will help with the content curation and editing to create this very first issue.

If you would like to mention Offscreen on your website (yay!), you can find a larger size image here.

You can find out more about the personal whys of Offscreen on Kai's blog.

A special thanks to Campaign Monitor for providing some of the video footage of their wonderful Sydney office, and to Parliament for providing a shot of their office as our cover image (photographed by Lincoln Barbour).

(Cover design and contributors list may change.)


  • Yes. We will contact you and confirm your shipping address closer to the release date. That way we can keep your records as up-to-date as possible and avoid sending the magazine to an old address.

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