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Enjoy the immersive power of a movie theater's giant screen and stunning sound from the comfort of your own couch
Enjoy the immersive power of a movie theater's giant screen and stunning sound from the comfort of your own couch
Enjoy the immersive power of a movie theater's giant screen and stunning sound from the comfort of your own couch
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    1. Missing avatar

      smyrzashev just now

      Hello! I'm #303. When are you planning to send my pack?

    2. Cinera Creator 3 days ago

      Hi Christian,

      we haven't received the tracking numbers yet, but we're pushing for it.

      Based on our experience gained from the previous shipment to Europe, it might be possible that some of the EU backers receive their Cinera sets before we received the tracking numbers.

      We'll be on it though and forward the tracking numbers as soon we have received them.

      Kind regards

    3. Missing avatar

      Christian Fuchs 3 days ago

      Hi Stefan,
      you have any tracking number for me too?

    4. Cinera Creator 3 days ago

      Dear Robert and Ken,

      we will contact you per email to inform you about your delivery status.

      Kind regards

    5. Missing avatar

      Robert Taylor
      3 days ago

      Can I get an update on the status get of my order please?

    6. Ken Nickerson
      4 days ago

      Have you shipped? I still don't have my unit: Order #679 - Please confirm, with tracking number. thank you, ken

    7. Missing avatar

      Amigo 6 days ago

      Okay, waiting for the test results to download it

    8. Cinera Creator on

      Hi Altug Dogan,

      I hope you have been well.

      You should receive your Cinera set probably next week, as it is currently being transshipped in German.

      @Amigo, the Google Plays tore version I'm currently using on my testing Cinera is 9.2.32 However, this version offers only limited Android TV box apps, for a larger variety on Apps, we are testing currently the Aptiode Android app store which so far works very well on Cinera.

      Wishing you all a great weekend.

      Kind regards

    9. Altug Dogan on

      Hi, I have backer No. 298, when can i expect the Cinera? Still have´nt got shipping Infos or anything else.

    10. Missing avatar

      Amigo on

      I had to reset it. Which version were you referring to earlier? It was said that the tv version will not work.

    11. Cinera Creator on

      Hi Amigo,

      the mobile Play store version isn't compatible with Cinera. Please uninstall the mobile version of the app, restart Cinera, go to the app settings and enable the Play store app you have previously disabled.

      Hope this helped.

      @Joey Roque, Fantastic! hope you will enjoy your Cinera set!

      Kind regards

    12. Missing avatar

      Joey Roque on

      Guess what showed up in my doorstep today! Muh muh muh My Cinera!!! Thanks Stefan and to the Cinera team! #630 USA.

    13. Missing avatar

      Amigo on

      Enabling says that the version installed is nit compatible and won't open. Thats what I was saying from beginning.

      Let me repeat, please don't ask again:

      Problem: normal apps not working
      Fix suggested by you: install normal version of the play store.

      Steps I tried:
      3 to 4 times I repeated the below steps with each version of playstore
      1. Downloaded apk.
      2. Disabled playstore.
      3. Installed new playstore version.
      4. Enable play store if it's not enabled automatically after installation or if playstore is Missing.

      Then, the play store either said its not compatible or restarted Cinera. Every time I reset it back to factory settings.

      Versions I tried:
      Same version of the playstore apk installed in cinera.
      Latest version available.
      Versions close to the one installed in cinera.
      Please note that it was for mobile phones and not tv.

      Now, tell me what is the mistake I did and how can I get it installed.


      Should I install aptiode apk from somewhere?

    14. Cinera Creator on

      Hi Amigo,

      If you had disabled the play store, you must return to the App settings and enable the play store again. After that, you should be able to access it again.

      We are testing currently another app store called Aptiode which offers a near similar choice on apps as the mobile google play store.

    15. Missing avatar

      Amigo on

      9.2.32 to be precise and other versions said its incompatible and had to reset because uninstall option wasn't present.

    16. Missing avatar

      Amigo on

      I answered that I tried installing the specified 9.x version of play store and it just had the install option disabled. I was not able to open play store and how will I ve able to search or install other apps..

    17. Cinera Creator on

      Hi Amigo,

      please read the message sent to you on July 3rd asking for further information from you.

    18. Missing avatar

      Amigo on

      Waiting for the play store issue fix about which you messaged me.

    19. Missing avatar

      scryed on

      backer #662 (with FPV head mount) in the Japan
      When will Cinera be shipped ?

    20. Missing avatar

      Fahed Saeed Abdulla on


      I just received my Cinera with all accessories except Burden Free Arm .

      So I would like to know when are you going to ship the Burden Free Arm?

      Backer #448

    21. Cinera Creator on

      Dear Backers,

      There are still 5 backers who haven’t finished the order survey.

      Multiple attempts to contact you via Kickstarter message and provided email address have failed to trigger a response.

      Please note, that without completing the order survey we are unable to ship your Cinera sets. as your reward hasn’t been selected and no delivery address provided.







      Please contact us via our support email address: and finish your survey at

      Thank you

      Wishing you a nice day.

      Kind regards
      Stefan – Cinera

    22. Cinera Creator on

      Hi Alain,

      thanks for your great review and comparison.

      @Frank, due to a large number of shipments to Europe and for being able to pre-pay the import taxes and duties, we decided to consolidate the single shipments to a bulk shipment and send it via Sea freight to from China to Europe. We estimate that the Cinera sets will arrive our European backers around the beginning of August.

      Wishing you all a nice day.

      Kind regards

    23. Missing avatar

      Alain Mari on

      Hello everyone,

      I have tried some other things in order to improve my experience with Cinera and 3D movies :
      - I upgraded VLC to version 3.0.11
      - I made a conversion from 3D MVC (obtained with MakeMKV without any recompression) to 3D FULL side by side, I mean a 3840 x 1080p video (1920 x 1080p) for each side with a very high bitrate (50000 kbps).
      - The result is absolutely wonderful. I compared with Sony HMZ-T2 in introductory scene of Life of Pi 3D, and I can really see that despite the bigger screen with Cinera, the image resolution is better than with the Sony.
      Image overall quality (excepted deep blacks maybe) and 3D depth are also astonishing !
      - Same result with Kodi 17.4 with some settings in order to may video as smooth as possible :
      + Only double buffering in video settings
      + Deactivate video sync with display frame rate of Cinera (which is 28.70 fps and Kodi doesn't like it at all)

      So in order to finish my comparison with Sony HMZ T2, I would say :
      Image definition : Cinera 1 - Sony 0 (With 3D FULL side by side compared with MVC frame packing displayed 720p in Sony)
      3D depth : Cinera 1 - Sony 1
      Comfort : Cinera 1 (with arm) - Sony 0 (the major drawback of Sony)
      Image color and brightness : Cinera 1 - Sony 1
      Image contrast : Cinera 0 - Sony 1 (OLED ... I miss you)
      Sharpness of the edges of the screen : Cinera 0 - Sony 0 (even with IPD set at max, I can't see the whole screen with Cinera and Sony edges are blurred)
      Need of external decoding boxes : Cinera 1 (no need, excepted PC for conversion) - Sony 0 (I use a Raspberry Pi)

      Total : Cinera 5/7 - Sony 3/7
      Winner : Cinera !

    24. Missing avatar

      Frank Michalski on

      @ Cinera
      Really, will it be another month before the FPV head mounts sets are shipped?
      Wow, I've been waiting 9 months!!!
      How long will the trip to Germany take?

    25. Cinera Creator on

      Dear Backers,

      thank you for your comments and questions.
      We really appreciate all your dedication and support.
      Should you require technical support, please contact the Cinera support directly at

      for receive a timely response to your inquiry.

      Check out our Cinera Help Center for finding Cinera introduction guides as well as quick problem-solving guides.

      Wishing you all a nice day,

      Kind regards
      Stefan – Cinera

    26. Andrew Corteling on

      Hi Everyone
      If you have a google chrome cast and content it to the HDMI and USB port on Cinera along with your phone ( mine is iPhone) you need video and tv cast for chrome cast for apps store from 2kit consulting ( I believe paid version works best) you can cast 3d content from YouTube to your Cinera also cast videos and movies from different streaming sites.
      ie: both need to be connected to the same WIFI network.

    27. Andrew Corteling on

      @creator hi Stefan
      Do I automatically receive firmware updates on my devices?

    28. Andrew Corteling on

      On the zen site it recommended I connect via my 5 ghz internet connection. My phone is connected and before i was using the 2.4 I have reset everything .
      Also does Cinera have in built speakers?

    29. Missing avatar

      Amigo on

      Waiting to buy the final and best iteration of cinera, if the problems are fixed.

    30. Missing avatar

      Amigo on

      Cinera is actually intended for movie primarily, with our inputs, later versions should bring up cinera to be comfortable and preferred for multipurpose. They gave more than they told, but a bit backward in experience.

    31. Missing avatar

      Amigo on

      @Toby with the fpv attached, the Cinera headset can be moved towards you or away from you in a swinging motion to help to a better extend, but the sides will be blurred a bit and to see corners, your eyes will have to pop out. Next iteration should fix, and cinera will be longer or smaller with higher resolution I think....

    32. Missing avatar

      ron labbe on

      @Alain Thanks for your detailed review. I was interested in your references to the Sony HMZ... I had one and even though the display was good, the sweet spot (in focus area) of those lenses were so tiny that it was very difficult to maintain for any length of time. Certainly near impossible to share without resetting/explaining. The great thing about Cinera for me is that it's EASY to view. Almost anyone can easily get it, right away. I sold the Sony (before it became obsolete, which I guess it hasn't yet!)

    33. Andrew Corteling on

      For me personally the screen being to big that with many adjustments from move the lenses in different potions to my head closer, lower and higher it can be hard to see the edges like the time power ect.
      With the FPV yes to top heavy I have tried it and adjusted it the main for me is comfort with this one the nose bridge is so tight and on the Cinera it have no foam padding it quickly ends up hurt the bridge of my nose and .
      I have-not tried any gaming but I hope to.

    34. Missing avatar

      Toby on

      Hey Cinera! I'm Backer 570 (Australia) Unfortunately this has missed the mark for me.

      It feels like I'm looking through two holes underneath one of the seats in a cinema and cant see the edges of the screen even after changing all the settings. If there is a way to choose the amount of screen that is used that would be great. (I have seen other people with the same problem)

      There is only a small part of the screen that seams to be in focus and to look at different sides I need to move my head.
      There is a rather large gap at the bottom that lets in alot of light.

      Gaming (the main reason I bought this) is unplayable as there is massive lag when using the HDMI input. this is the case for my desk top gaming PC, Macbook and Playstation.
      even moving the mouse around or flicking through the menu there is a delay.

      The sound has droped out quite a few times. It is fix with a restart but still annoying.

      The headmount is very front heavy. I can see how this is a hard issue to fix but I don't find my other VR headmounts anywhere near as heavy!

    35. Cinera Creator on

      Hello Alain,

      thank you for your product review.

      We hope to hear more from you after you have taken your time and tested Cinera fully.

      Wishing you a nice weekend.

      Kind regard

    36. Missing avatar

      Alain Mari on

      Hi everyone,

      Just received my Cinera last Week and I wanted to deliver here my first impressions in comparison with Sony HMZ T2 that I already have.

      - Packaging : very clean and nice, Professional.

      - First disappointment : No Full 3D MVC with frame packing, only SBS. 3D and comfort were the 2 reasons I backed Cinera …

      - So I have tried Tomb Raider 3D that I have converted myself in 3D side by side with CloneBD. First I played the movie with my Raspberry Pi 2 and Librelec distrib with Kodi on it (Krypton V 17.4) and with HDMI input to the Cinera. The movie plays jirky, so first disappointment in comparispon with Sony HMZ (with same Raspberry Pi). I tried many settings in Kodi but it did'nt make it.

      - I tried the same movie with Kodi (Krypton v17.6) embedded in Android installed with Cinera. After changing some settings in Kodi, it runs perfectly smooth. The image quality seems to be comparale with Sony HMZ excepted the blacks better on Sony (due to OLED). The screen is much bigger in Cinera but with rapid movements, it is a little bit uncomfortable for the eyes. It is like I was sitting in the first row in a movie theater…. With Sony, the screen appears less close to the eyes. It is a matter of taste I think.

      - I also tested the movie with VLC (in Cinera Android) with no problems. It runs smooth but I prefer Kodi.

      So as a conclusion, I could say that the image quality is very close to Sony HMZ excepted the black better with Sony due to its OLED screens I think.
      Immersion, 3D and overall image quality seems to be slighlty better with Cinera but I have to test with other movies like Life of Pi (a reference in 3D world).
      I will test the arm this week end to see the comfort (Sony is really heavy after one hour watching).

      Last but not least : I really hope Cinera will be compatible with 3D MVC with frame packed in the next firmware update in order to have a better resolution and to beat easily Sony.


    37. Missing avatar

      Amigo on

      @Jack Staley

      Connect the audio device and restart it with the device connected.

      BTW, is it physically broken or just not working?

    38. Cinera Creator on

      Hi Jack,

      please contact us at

      Kind regards

    39. Jack Staley on

      I received my cinema today, the sound doesn’t work and I have one that has a broken headphone port. I did all your suggested remedies but none worked. How do I exchange this for a working one?

    40. Pablonicacio

      Hello I'm backer number 581. I haven't received anything yet. Please let me when I will be receiving my products.

    41. Cinera Creator on

      HI Andrew,

      could you take a picture from the scratch on the arm and send to our support email?

      Thank you

      Kind regards

    42. Andrew Corteling on

      @ creator I have just revived and inspecting
      I have found a small scratch on my long arm near the end with no adjust it looks like it happened in shopping more I will write more feed back as I find

    43. Cinera Creator on

      Dear Danai Janewattanavit,

      we have made a step-by-step guide on how to install a browser on Cinera. Please visit:

      and open the PDF guide.

      Kind regards

    44. Danai Janewattanavit on

      Can’t find any web browsers (chrome, Firefox...)in Google Play Store?

    45. Missing avatar

      Amigo on

      Android play store version compatible with cinera, please..

    46. 3-D SPACE on

      I just received my Cinera with FPV yesterday, and have now had a day to test it out There are some very good things, and some bad technical problems.

      •The resolution is fantastic when viewing 3-D still photos. This is by far the best compact digital 3-D viewer I have seen so far, with no screendoor or herringbone effect.
      •WiFi setup was simple.
      •Easily paired the Cinera with a bluetooth speaker and gamepad. Easy to control with either the built in control buttons or the external gamepad.
      •The arm is great. Very easy to set up and very comfortable to watch for long periods.
      •After factory reset Youtube (2-D) streaming works.
      •Netflix streaming works.
      •I am able to transfer my own 3-D video files directly to Cinera via USB, and playback works via VLC and MX PLAYER (with aspect ratio properly set to fill screen)
      •3-D Playback also works from USB stick and micro SD card.
      •3-D Playback of video over HDMI works.
      •Able to use AIRSCREEN app to miracast (2-D) from phone to Cinera.

      •The left view in my Cinera has a dead pixel (shows up white on black screens). Visible during both android use and HDMI use. Factory reset did not resolve.
      •Right view has hot spot in upper left corner, very visible on darker images.
      •Synchronzation mismatch between right and left views. They appear to be about 1/120th second out of sync. Very visible on any video with fast motion, paging through menu, etc. This causes temporal 3-D distortions and makes watching both 2-D and 3-D videos difficult. Factory reset did not resolve. Visible in both Android and over HDMI.
      •No audio over HDMI. Factory reset did not resolve
      •Youtube 3-D does not work properly (known bug)
      •3-D mode does not work in AIRSCREEN miracast app.
      • FPV does not fit my head properly. Without Cinera it is fine, but with Cinera attached It is too front heavy, slides forward and bears all of the weight on the unpadded nose bridge. I have tried positioning the rods and pads numerous ways, but cannot find any setting where it will stay on my head.
      • Use of Google Play for Android TV prevents installing numerous mobile apps including Chrome browser, 3D Steroid Pro, VR Player Pro, etc.
      •No support yet for frame-packed 3-D (Blu-ray) or over/under 3-D.

      I really want this device to work. I am sure that there will be future firmware and software updates to address playback problems. What should I do about the various hardware issues with my unit?

      Eric Kurland
      Founder and CEO, 3-D SPACE
      The Center For Stereoscopic Photography, Art, Cinema, and Education

    47. Missing avatar

      Amigo on

      I finally used builtin explorer fto option 2i5h winscp, but it just stays on the installing window and nothing happened.
      Can anybody let me know the version of play store compatible with cinera?

    48. Missing avatar

      Amigo on

      Got it, it was air share.. if you get stuck like this on a fray screen, left click on notification bar once and then on the notification drop-down and uninstall the recently installed apps. I use cloud services and no usb or sd cards. I need a cloud service to transfer the files

    49. Missing avatar

      Amigo on

      I think my cinera is stuck trying to sign into degoo file sharing. The gray screen keeps dimming and dipping and no response to any keys.

    50. Missing avatar

      Amigo on

      How to share a file over Bluetooth?

      It says the Bluetooth file receiving should be confirmed, but no other notifications ir anything.

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