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Enjoy the immersive power of a movie theater's giant screen and stunning sound from the comfort of your own couch
Enjoy the immersive power of a movie theater's giant screen and stunning sound from the comfort of your own couch
Enjoy the immersive power of a movie theater's giant screen and stunning sound from the comfort of your own couch
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    1. Missing avatar

      Amigo on January 9

      If I'm not going to get the product before March, please refund by February end.

    2. Missing avatar

      Dario on January 7

      Could you tell me the status of the project?
      An expected date for shipping?
      I really hope I do not have to cancel my reservation.
      Thank you

    3. Cinera Creator on January 5

      @Umesh Narania
      Hey Umesh,

      The carrying case is currently still in development. Once we have it available for purchase you can get them from us.

      Warm greetings,
      -Cinera Team

    4. Missing avatar

      Umesh Narania on December 30

      Hello Team Cinera,
      Could you please update us on the carrying cases as discussed in the earlier comments. You mentioned that you were considering some manufacturers. I hope the case is sturdy enough with good padding to carry around while travelling. I have ordered 2 Cineras & would require 2 cases just to confirm the order again. Thanks again & wishing you all the very best for Cinera in 2018 & coming years. Cheers.

    5. Missing avatar

      Umesh Narania on December 30

      Wishing everyone a Happy New Year 2018..watching movies on Cinera. Cheers.

    6. Missing avatar

      Amigo on December 30

      I almost got a refund for this costly one, but the experience stands out if they showed us is true. So, I cancelled pimax 8kx and continued with this. Pimax can be worn only for 2 hours max. I hope this gives a longer time. I used to use hololens all day taking breaks and made millions in my business out of that and sold it for the same price after an update ruined it. I would suggest waiting till February start or they are playing around..

    7. Douglas Raybeck on December 27

      I am rather disheartened and would like to cancel my pledge. However, I realize there is no way for me to do this other than to depend on your sense of fairness. You have every right to retain my pledge, but I hope you won't. Thank you, #478.

    8. Missing avatar

      Amigo on December 27

      We know there is no go other than waiting, get hands on cinera. Take leave, enjoy holidays and speed up the process by follow-ups. Even if you are really at office, you can do nothing except some extra spends, which you can save for new year!!! Waiting for the update where you say you are ready to ship.

    9. Missing avatar

      Jim Krisvoy on December 25

      I believe you promised an update this week. How long is this all going to actually take. I like the thought of having THX certification....but technically it wont really make a difference & the THX logo itself is not worth waiting more time for. You can always add that at a later date.As far as what you need to allow shipment now .which country's beaurocracy is standing in the way?

    10. Missing avatar

      Umesh Narania on December 24

      Cinera can be a trendsetter in this new emerging product market in personal movie headset. I don’t mind waiting some more time for a great finished Cinera. I hope you use the extra time at hand to make the product better. All the very best. Thanks.

    11. Missing avatar

      Amigo on December 23

      @Cinera that's rude. Laurens better not handle comments. The price of the product is actually way too high, where I could have got a pimax 8kx, which I did and later cancelled before the last day even after you agreed to refund. I did not cancel as I got a good message. We backed this product believing the words as written the campaign which conveys that mass production is the only thing pending and Christmas delivery is sure thing. Now, you have to to keep your customer experience up instead of spoiling the backer's spirit.

    12. Cinera Creator on December 23

      @Michael Davis
      Talking you down was far from my intention. Clearly you had hoped us to deliver on schedule (as did we) Your wording led me to believe you did not fully understand the intentions of the Kickstarter websites. Obviously, you did fund a fair share of other products, but from your messages it was not clear whether you had hoped we would deliver like amazon or do our best to meet the deadline as we have promised to do.

      Currently we work hard to deliver an amazing Cinera for all of you, we are just as bummed out by the bureaucracy holding us back as you are. But rest assured, once this is behind us we will work harder than ever to get everything shipped as fast as possible. You eagerly waiting for our product, and us anxious to hear about your experiences.

      Like I replied to you in PM, and something I would like to tell all of our backers is that, we are not on the road of failure, we are headed towards success, and hope to share that success with you as soon as possible. Our wish to deliver at or before Christmas may not have been successful but the product itself did not suffer any loss, in fact, we have been given the opportunity to give it more time and dedication, making an even better product for you.
      We are trying to do the right thing.

      Kind regards as always,
      -Cinera Team

    13. Missing avatar

      Amigo on December 22

      @michael we could have given them 2 months more. It's going to be an amazing product. There are many products not going to be worthy and going to be even more delayed. Cinera offered me a refund, but I'm waiting as it's worth if they deliver it within 2 months. What do you say?

    14. Missing avatar

      Michael Davis on December 22

      @cinera thank you for the response via PM but does anyone else find this as a response that has been received by numerous failed KS projects before. As an avid KS backer I find this response to be talking down to a backer and that as a backer I have no knowledge of the site.

      I have responded to you @cinera via your PM.

      Dear Michael,
      I am sorry to hear you would like a refund. I have been ill and therefore was unable to reply to you in a timely manner, for this I apologize.
      It has come to my attention too that you contacted your credit card company in order to be refunded. The process of which will now involve the Kickstarter team, something that was not necessary. Though this will now take more time, we will do what we can to work this out together.
      It is important that I remind you of the fact that Kickstarter is not a shop. The Kickstarter team have confirmed this to me, your contribution to our cause is an investment in our future. Without your funding we are unable to operate. You must know that even your singular contribution is of great importance to us. If Kickstarter where a shop cancellation of orders would be a normal order of business, however after the funding is completed, your contribution is our life blood, and your cancellation request has to pass a completely different consideration before being approved.
      When you say you "purchased" Cinera as a Christmas present; I feel like you did not understand the Kickstarter directive. I would like to point your attention to this article on Kickstarter:
      I hope this helps you see the importance to us, of your pledge. Not as an order, but as an investment making possible, the dream we have.
      As for now it is still up to you whether you would want to continue your cancellation or not. But it is up to us whether we can grant it or not. We have to deal with this through Kickstarter now and will keep in contact about the proceedings. I hope to have informed you sufficiently so far and also sincerely hope to be able to give you an amazing movie experience some time in the future.
      Kind regards,
      -Cinera Team

    15. Cinera Creator on December 19

      @James Smith
      Thank you for your support!
      Our update will be ready this week.

      -Cinera Team

    16. Cinera Creator on December 19

      @ Ricky Yoo

      I have replied to your request in your PM box.

      -Cinera Team

    17. Missing avatar

      Ricky Yoo
      on December 18

      Cinera Team,

      I am still awaiting for a response to the refund I requested 2 weeks ago. I was asked to provide a reason for my refund request from you on Dec. 4 and I responded the next day and have not been contacted since then. I even sent a follow up message on the 13th with no response. I have been beyond patient and respectful. I did not wish to place this on a public forum, but your lack of response is unacceptable. Please respond and begin processing my refund. Thank you.

    18. James Smith
      on December 16

      @Cinera can you contact sonnet they are completely different but there certification expected next week or the following maybe they can help.

    19. James Smith
      on December 15

      +1 Pillai
      +1 Luke ks or any other crowd funding will make you have more patience I myself gone to yoga moves

      @Cinera we need an update even a "nothing has changed since last update"

      I go by DE all the time for business can I come by the company to test the cinera ?

    20. Missing avatar

      Luke Toyer on December 13

      With less than two weeks before Christmas I have made peace with the idea of not receiving the Cinera before the New Year.

      It's disappointing, but to put things into perspective, at least one project I backed is still over one year late (and counting) in delivering the product, so I'm learning that you need to manage your expectations and develop a 'yen' patience when it comes to crowdfunding.

      Of all the projects I've backed, Cinera is the most exciting to me, so I've been that much more impatient to finally get my hands on it - however, nothing is more important than receiving it unrushed and at its full intended production quality and certification.

      I understand that Christmas was a hard deadline for those of us who intended to gift it to others (and who will have no use for it if it cannot be delivered by Christmas), but for the rest of us who simply hoped to enjoy it over our Christmas break - we'll just have to hang on a little bit longer...

      It would be nice to see at least one more update before Christmas though to keep us updated on things and provide an updated estimate of when we can expect our delivery to arrive, maybe even throw in another short video of Cinera in use to tie us over for the holidays. :)

    21. James Smith
      on December 11

      10 yr anniversary of breaking bad starting on December 31 please Cinera be hands by then

    22. Missing avatar

      Michael Davis on December 10

      Hello Cinera Team,

      I would like to request a refund for the pledged amount of $498.00 USD. I was purchasing this for a Christmas present and am now purchasing a different brand. Therefore this would be of no use to me.

      Please inform me when I can expect the refund to my credit card so I can be on the look out for it. Thank you and I look forward to the final product and may be purchasing once the final product is ready for retail sale.

      Unfortunately since it is not shipping before Christmas and I have bought another brand I will need to get a refund on my pledge.

      Thank you.

    23. James Smith
      on December 9

      Pillai they have kept us to date. if theres updates I think it would be "nothing has changed from last update" I'm in business don't like give customers bad news. You can call them there phone number is on the website of it bothers you that much.

    24. Missing avatar

      Amigo on December 9

      If there are continuous updates, at least on the website for the backers, it would be entertaining us and make us forget about the delays.. the absence of communication is making it difficult to wait for Cinera.. any updates on features or usage or anything on progress or so..

    25. Missing avatar

      Amigo on December 2

      Multi window multi tasking supported?
      It changes the game.

    26. Cinera Support Collaborator on December 1

      @Joey Roque
      Dear Joey, I must clarify my wording in my reaction to Daniel. The reality is like this, I did not properly inform myself with the team on the website and assumed this was a mistake,while in fact the number mentioned came from the production order we placed with manufacturers, ordering 150 units to be allotted to website sales.

      This is something i was not aware of at the time and jumped to the conclusion of it being an idea to generate more buzz. In my reply to Daniel i have worded it quite strongly, which, in hindsight i should have been more careful with.

      After confirming we did in fact assign 150 units to be sold on the website, I have to say this was not false information. The communication about this from my end was a bit harsh, and I apologize to have made you worry, I hope you would reconsider your refund as we have no intention of deceiving you. If you would like any further information on this, I will be happy to provide you with that information, in that case don't hesitate to ask.

      Best Regards
      -Cinera team

    27. Missing avatar

      Joey Roque on December 1

      I found it quite disturbing that the Cinera Team resorted to using "false information" to drum up support for the product. As much as I was looking forward to it, I cannot help but question their motivation to go that far and attempt to deceive the community. I would like to request a refund and hopefully, Cinera will be able deliver what it has promised to those who continue to support the product.

    28. Fernando Jasso
      on November 30

      Some delays are to be expected with kickstarter projects, so I had already factored in 3-6 month additional time frame to the project estimated date of delivery. Glad to see Cinera will be THX certified keep up the great work and remember transparency and communication are key for most backers as long as we're kept in the loop about a project most backers will be there to offer our support.

    29. Missing avatar

      Jörgen Magnusson on November 30

      Keep up the good work. I'm sure we are getting a great product.��

    30. Missing avatar

      Amigo on November 30

      @cinera, is refund already initiated?
      Or you are waiting for me to confirm?

    31. Cinera Support Collaborator on November 29


      Hey Mr. Pillai,

      As we discussed in chat, you will be getting your refund. I am sorry to hear you made this decision but it is of course up to you to decide. We will provide you with the refund as discussed. And i wish you a fine viewing experience with the Pimax.

      Kind regards,
      -Cinera Team

    32. Cinera Support Collaborator on November 29

      @Jim Krisvoy

      Hey Jim,

      Your message is very understandable, I would feel the same way regardless. A real recommendation can only come from having had a product in hand, before that time it is all just speculation. All we have to do now is properly impress you! Thank you for your message.

      Kind regards,
      -Cinera team

    33. Cinera Support Collaborator on November 29

      @Luke Toyer

      Hey Luke,
      Thank you for writing again. I understand everyone's concern, including yours, about the website, we have changed the stock, and are looking at the option to change the toning to something more in terms of pre-orders. At this time though it would be a short lived change as we do intend to have the devices ready for shipping really soon, and if we get an update on the certifications we will decide whether this is a viable option or not. As i told Daniel too, more regular updates are in the works, it would indeed be desirable for you guys, and fair to you if we do. It has been crazy busy and we are still learning so much every day about how to go about business that we make mistakes like this. Thank you for understanding so far and i will hope to give you the updates you have all been waiting for really soon!

      Kind regards,
      -Cinera team

    34. Cinera Support Collaborator on November 29

      @Daniel Huebel.
      Hi Daniel,

      Thank you for understanding, we are doing what we can to try and make the deadline regardless, although we can not conclusively say we will at this point in time. The information on the website about stock has been changed, we had hoped it would help sales but it is in fact false information and should not be the practice we engage in. Therefore it has been removed. We will do our best to post more regular updates here on Kickstarter for you guys to keep you up to date.

      Kind regards,
      -Cinera team

    35. Missing avatar

      Jim Krisvoy on November 28

      I will not recommend Cinera to my contacts in the motion picture industry until I receive & use it & then via my first hand experiece with Cinera recommend its importance to both their work & leisure actvities. I have represented products & services to the industry (3D film & video, a film protectant & a sound recording device) in the past & am well aware of the kind of skepticism that can be leveled against anything new & revolutionary. I hope you get your CE/FCC certication in understanding that can take just a matter of days if a product passes those there a problem at this stage before you can assemble the final product? And what should backers expect to be reasonable timeframe for a realistic shipping date?

    36. Missing avatar

      Jim Krisvoy on November 28

      I will not recommend Cinera to my contacts in the motion picture industry until I receive & use it & then via my first hand experiece with Cinera recommend its importance to both their work & leisure actvities. I h

    37. Missing avatar

      Amigo on November 27

      It was told that everything is final and production is the only part pending. Now, its all a bogus. Please refund the amount. Because, I'm getting a Pimax as gift by January. Then, this is of no use. Considering the high price tag, we expected quality in timeline and product. Now, I will be getting Pimax as a gift and having both is of no use where cinera will not be used.

    38. Missing avatar

      Luke Toyer on November 27

      This is why regular communication with backers is so important. Whenever something new suddenly emerges online, we all immediately jump to our own conclusions (and emotions start to run high) instead of being given an official explanation of what's happening.

      The launch of the online store on the Cinera website has been very confusing (especially with the apparent stock levels). Has it been made clear to any potential consumers who might purchase headsets from that store that there is no current firm release date for the products yet?

    39. Missing avatar

      Daniel Huebel on November 27

      Hello Cinera Team,

      that's what we want to hear, they work on a perfect product.

      I have no problem waiting for January or February, that's better than one
      half baked cinera before christmas.

      But please have more ubdates, that is also important for you if you want to sell more units people who are interested in such a product search the Internet and find these comments. No and false information (148 in stock???? ) from you is bad for you!

      Good luck and success for you and I hope to hear from you ! :-)

    40. Abby Braunsdorf on November 27

      Just because there's a storefront up doesn't mean we're not getting ours first. If anything, I take it as a sign production's lined up. I chatted with customer service on the site and they said they have an update coming soonest.

    41. James Smith
      on November 26

      I demand an update! Backers must get our pledges first!

    42. Missing avatar

      Desislav Petrov on November 25

      Yep .. selling on Go grab yours LOL. if you are backer like me you should wait I suppose. This is what I call Christmas surprise LOL

    43. Missing avatar

      Daniel Huebel on November 25

      I'm a kickstarter backer and we're all waiting for an answer when to start shipping? you have opened an online shop and write that you have 148 in stock? I would like an answer when they start to deliver

      And to all other backers, do you have an order number or where is your money?
      Look at your survey that's all we have a piece of paper

      No answer is also an answer for me!

      This company has no plan how the business works, or you just want ours

    44. Missing avatar

      Luke Toyer on November 25

      @Cinera Support With exactly one month left before Christmas Day, and three weeks since our last update, I think it's definitely a good time to let us know the status of the shipments and whether we can still expect our Cinera in time for Christmas - particularly now that you are selling them on your website now.

      Please don't keep us in suspense any longer... :-)

    45. Missing avatar

      Arnon Libshtein on November 24

      I see that cinera start selling in the web ( and delivering from now , what with yours Backer ? did you start the delivery...

    46. Domenic Robertazzi on November 23

      others are starting to show their version of this product. I suggest cimera get a beat on them and release this as soon as possible to

    47. Missing avatar

      Luke Toyer on November 22

      Abby, I'm guessing they're claiming 4K naming convention based on the concept that the horizontal resolution is equal to 4K (1920x2=3840). Pimax did this recently with their "PIMAX 8K" named VR headset, which was 2x4K screens with a native input resolution of 2x1440P (go figure!).

      Obviously this doesn't take into account the vertical resolution difference between 1080 and 2160.

      I don't know whether the headset can feed each eye a widescreen (for movies) image of half of horizontal 4K to achieve a true 4K? 3D images would certainly be presented in 1080P per eye.

      Cinera have sold me on the 66° FOV, so 53° on this Cinego doesn't sounds so good.

      AMOLED sounds good, but Cinera clearly explained in their FAQs why they opted for 2.5K LCD screens over 1080P AMOLED screens.

      It's an interesting product, and I'd love to sample all the comparable 'personal cinema' headsets that get released and compare them, but based only on the descriptions and specifications, I'm more than content with my choice of Cinera.

    48. Abby Braunsdorf on November 22

      Daniel- how the heck can Cinego claim 4k when the panels are clearly exactly HD?!

    49. Missing avatar

      Alex Zoghlin
      on November 19

      I'd love to know more about the FPV option. Any thoughts on timeline? Will it also allow for head tracking for 360 videos?

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