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Enjoy the immersive power of a movie theater's giant screen and stunning sound from the comfort of your own couch
Enjoy the immersive power of a movie theater's giant screen and stunning sound from the comfort of your own couch
Enjoy the immersive power of a movie theater's giant screen and stunning sound from the comfort of your own couch
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    1. Missing avatar

      Amigo about 18 hours ago

      How many units are you shipping at a time?

    2. Missing avatar

      Dinand Bultman 1 day ago

      Good to hear that we soon will get our Cinera.
      Is there also some English version from the satisfied end user.
      I can`t find a good translation form for the link below: imxc9d07a for the Cinera.

      How much Cinera`s are produced in one batch, and what would be de latest date that they would be sent out to us?

    3. Cinera Creator 1 day ago

      @Arnon Libshtein good find ! This is a review of an early version of our unit - we made sure to run a few rounds of domestic tryouts in order to iron out any bugs that could occur last minute. As such, the device our backer will receive will be the updated version of our Cinera headset ! Here's another one of such tryouts with the end user satisfied with his experience -

    4. Cinera Creator 1 day ago

      Hi backers! As you may have seen in our latest update on March 15th, we are resuming production and are shipping the CINERA Headset in batches! You'll be informed individually once the packages have been shipped overseas. Thank you for your patience and we can't wait for you to enjoy a movie theater-like experience in the middle of your living room !

    5. Rasmus Jakobsen 1 day ago

      Please issue full refund

    6. Henry Batynski
      1 day ago

      I want a full refund not willing to wait anymore.please sincerely hank

    7. Missing avatar

      Daniel Huebel 2 days ago

      Hello Cinera Team,
      please explain how I can get my money back!
      I've waited enough and read enough!

    8. Missing avatar

      Desislav Petrov 3 days ago

      Dear Cinera team I would like immediate refund. I waited enough and I don't need more disappointments. Thanks !

    9. Missing avatar

      Desislav Petrov 3 days ago

      Thanks Arnon !

      in short we are f***d .. .

      here is the end section from the link ... translated with google

      " This is the conclusion of Kim's thinness on this Cinera sample. This product is a semi-finished product!

      Maybe everyone will think that Kim's evaluation criteria are a bit harsh. Indeed, as a start-up brand, Cinera released at a crowdfunding price of 3,000 yuan, the overall 2D image quality is not bad, the panel size is larger than the competing products, and the 3D effect can reach the middle level of the cinema. but……

      As a latecomer to the niche market, Cinera has no obvious advantage over competing products. It feels that the main parts are incomplete from the cut-out of the box, from the burdensome host design to the poor workmanship control, from the unattractive 2.5K screen. Inadequate system features not only compromise the ultimate user experience, but also run counter to what Cinera claims to be “defining the future of private cinema”!


    10. Missing avatar

      Lucas 3 days ago

      All right, this is what we can find when you go to : "
      NOTICE: The CINERA Headsets will be shipping out at the end of the month. Thanks for your patience!"

    11. Missing avatar

      Desislav Petrov 4 days ago

      On the bright side only 288 days till Christmas so I hope we are on schedule (LOL). The only problem is that some of the biggest names are entering the market and we'll see some very impressive product and will regret for some of our decisions -

    12. Andrew Corteling 5 days ago

      People I Don’t represent Cinera, but please try and just be patient. Honestly it’s not easy to make such a complex product from the ground up I and only speaking for my self but I believe this company will be successfully and will not only deliver but chance The world of VR as we all know it.

    13. Missing avatar

      Frank Michalski 6 days ago

      For 4 months we've all been waiting for the delivery of the Cinera.
      I think it's time for some new information.
      There is no need to wait another week if you can tell us something today.
      In this sense.

    14. Missing avatar

      M Arie Nugraha
      on March 9

      Refund me !!

    15. Missing avatar

      Luke Toyer on March 9

      Thanks for being responsive to the concerns of your backers, Stefan.

      Just knowing that a new update is on the way (especially a positive one!) can work wonders in setting our minds at ease.

      I look forward to hearing the latest on your progress, and possibly finding out what the adjusted delivery dates will be. :-)

    16. Cinera Creator on March 9

      Dear Backers,

      thank you for your patience.
      We will be publishing our new update next week, and are happy to make some positive announcements.

      We wish you all a nice weekend.
      Kind regards

      Stefan - Cinera

    17. Missing avatar

      Sören on March 7

      March 7th - Did production relaunch as ist was planned? When can we expect shipping? It's definitely time for a new update ASAP!

    18. Rasmus Jakobsen on March 7

      Any update? Or how do I get a refund?

    19. Missing avatar

      Rolf Keplinger on March 6

      Any Update on the Delivery? Still waiting

    20. Missing avatar

      Amigo on March 6

      I had informed about the cancellation of my refund request on one condition and you agreed to that and will consider the refund based on that one condition. Now, I will wait only till march end. If not, please refund the amount. Because, I will be traveling continuously and I will not have an address to send the courier ads I cannot predict where I will be.

    21. Missing avatar

      Lucas on March 6

      I sent them a mail a few days ago, i'm still waiting for an answer...

    22. Missing avatar

      M Arie Nugraha
      on March 5

      Any update ??

    23. Missing avatar

      Shimon Cohen
      on February 27

      Hi there, when i will get my cinera???

    24. Abby Braunsdorf on February 26

      Additionally on the diopter question, it shouldn't appear to be close, right? What is the approximate perceived optical distance for Cinera? How big should the screen really look?

    25. Cinera Creator on February 23

      Dear John M Allen,

      Thank you for your question.
      Cineras mask design allows the user to wear glasses whilst using it, therefore there is no diopter adjustment function necessary.

      I hope we were able to answer your question satisfying, but should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.

      Kind regards
      Stefan - Cinera

    26. Missing avatar

      John M Allen on February 21

      One question I have is there a diopter adjustment? I have had cataract surgery and see 20/20 at a distance but I MUST wear readers to see up close to read or use my iPad or phone. The diopter I use for my readers is +1.5 or +1.75.

    27. Abby Braunsdorf on February 15

      If you sit as far away from the screen as it is wide, that's a 53 degree field of view. (2 * arctan(1/2), right?) To get a 66 degree viewing angle, you'd have to be closer than that. Since TV sizes are given in diagonals, lets use that as the units. You'd have to be 67.1% of the diagonal size away from the screen to get a 66 degree field of view. So, for example, pull up your chair to 40 1/4" away from your 60" flat panel to see how much of your field of view that is. (Somebody might want to check my math on that: 8 / (sqrt(337) tan(33)), right? Two-thirdsish.)

    28. Cinera Creator on February 12

      Dear Daniel,

      thank you for your question.

      Perhaps the best way to answer your question is if we briefly analyze the human eyes stereoscopic field of view. The human eye has 60° of a focused viewing area, which is divided in 30° of symbol recognition focus, and additional 30° comfortable area focus.
      Cinera offers a viewing angle of 66°, which means that 6° fall into the peripheral viewing area of the human eye. (For reference, 70° is the viewing angle of an IMAX cinema screen)
      Cinera combines 66° viewing angle with Dual 2.5K displays, glass-free 3D technology, and many other features. This combination will not only give you the illusion of watching a movie on a huge screen but also let you experience astonishing details and effects.

      LG or Samsung may use 66° curved screen technology in their new TV generation, and will absolutely have their own advantages, however, Cinera is a headset that gives you a theater-like movie experience, and has its very own unique features, that makes Cinera as it is, not very comparable to a TV.

      I hope we were able to answer your question satisfying.

      Kind regards
      Stefan - Cinera

    29. Missing avatar

      Daniel on February 11

      I don't know if this has been covered on this thread already, but what is the screen size of Cinera? It says cinematic theater-like experience(or enthralling screen size), and from that I expect at least a few hundred or thousand inches. But the only number I get from the campaign details is that it comes with 66 degrees to provide an immersive experience. Isn't it something that recent LG or Samsung curved TVs do? Last year, I purchased a similar looking product and when I wore it, the screen size was just about 7~10 inches in my eyes which was terrible. I don't think that's the case with Cinera, but just want to clarify.

    30. Cinera Creator on February 9

      Dear Backers,

      we like to share a short article about an event Cinera has participated a few days ago.
      Great success with Cineras live presentation in front of a live audience and the local media, at the ACT LAB technology forum in Shenzhen.
      The article can be translated with e.g. Google Chrome website translation function:

    31. Cinera Creator on February 9

      Dear Taeyoung,

      Thank you for your question.
      Having our users’ health in our best interest, Cinera provides the possibility for every user to install blue light neutralizing apps. Depending on the app, the user will be able to optimally adjust the screens color and brightness according to his or her personal preference.

      Kind regards
      Stefan - Cinera

    32. Missing avatar

      Taeyoung Im on February 7

      Does the Cinera have a function to eliminate blue light? Blue light is harmful to our eyes. Nowadays all display have such a function to filter the blue light and protect our eyes when we see a display for a long time. If Cinera does not have the function, I hope Cinera to upgrade before shipping out.

    33. Rasmus Jakobsen on February 5

      Any chance of getting a refund...?

    34. Missing avatar

      Jörgen Magnusson on February 1

      Great news. Keep up the good work.

    35. Cinera Creator on January 31

      Dear Sören,

      Thank you for your reaching out and for your questions.

      Apart from our large-scale test in China, we provided 5 pre-mass production Cinera units to selected testers in different countries, in order to identify the last hiccups, and collect user experience improvement suggestions.

      All in all, every test we conduct, any feedback we receive, and the following updates and changes we perform, will result in creating an even better, and more enjoyable Cinera. We thank you for your suggestion to provide a Cinera to an independent testing agency.
      It is after all our aim to draw more attention to Cinera, and let it grow to become a popular product among all movie lovers.

      In terms of signing off the CE/FCC certificates, we are just about to cross the finishing line and to close this grueling chapter. Last but not least, unfortunately, we cannot disclose an official release date yet, however, we can tell you that much, if everything goes well, we might have the first Cineras flying off to you in early February.

      Kind regards,
      Stefan - Cinera

    36. Missing avatar

      Sören on January 29


      I have a few questions to you.

      Can't you give an pre mass production unit to some known independent reviewers, so they can share their thoughts and show the cinera in their videos? If not - why? This would definitely rise up the confidence and patience of your backers, because at least my concern is rising. We are all eager for tests.

      I know this question has been asked before but I also want an update on the estimated shipping shedule. Since you have indicated in your last update that you are just before starting mass production this can't be an impossible task.

      And what about the CE and FCC certification? Did you finally get it? This was mentioned as a roadblock back in december.

      I hope to get a response to all of my questions soon.

    37. Missing avatar

      Amigo on January 28

      Just 30 more days for March. Kindly help with the shipping schedule.

    38. yohan on January 28

      I just read your update. So when are you going to ship?

    39. Cinera Creator on January 25

      Dear Backers,

      we thank you all very much for your patience, which we might have stretched a little bit these past few days, but rest assured, that we have been working very hard to fine trim Cinera, and will provide you more details in the soon be published update.

      Kind regards
      Stefan – Cinera

    40. Missing avatar

      Amigo on January 19

      A few days more for February and we don't have any updates?? It should not take this long unless there is a blunder. Please be transparent.

    41. Missing avatar

      Amigo on January 9

      If I'm not going to get the product before March, please refund by February end.

    42. Missing avatar

      Dario on January 7

      Could you tell me the status of the project?
      An expected date for shipping?
      I really hope I do not have to cancel my reservation.
      Thank you

    43. Cinera Creator on January 5

      @Umesh Narania
      Hey Umesh,

      The carrying case is currently still in development. Once we have it available for purchase you can get them from us.

      Warm greetings,
      -Cinera Team

    44. Missing avatar

      Umesh Narania on December 30

      Hello Team Cinera,
      Could you please update us on the carrying cases as discussed in the earlier comments. You mentioned that you were considering some manufacturers. I hope the case is sturdy enough with good padding to carry around while travelling. I have ordered 2 Cineras & would require 2 cases just to confirm the order again. Thanks again & wishing you all the very best for Cinera in 2018 & coming years. Cheers.

    45. Missing avatar

      Umesh Narania on December 30

      Wishing everyone a Happy New Year 2018..watching movies on Cinera. Cheers.

    46. Missing avatar

      Amigo on December 30

      I almost got a refund for this costly one, but the experience stands out if they showed us is true. So, I cancelled pimax 8kx and continued with this. Pimax can be worn only for 2 hours max. I hope this gives a longer time. I used to use hololens all day taking breaks and made millions in my business out of that and sold it for the same price after an update ruined it. I would suggest waiting till February start or they are playing around..

    47. Douglas Raybeck on December 27

      I am rather disheartened and would like to cancel my pledge. However, I realize there is no way for me to do this other than to depend on your sense of fairness. You have every right to retain my pledge, but I hope you won't. Thank you, #478.

    48. Missing avatar

      Amigo on December 27

      We know there is no go other than waiting, get hands on cinera. Take leave, enjoy holidays and speed up the process by follow-ups. Even if you are really at office, you can do nothing except some extra spends, which you can save for new year!!! Waiting for the update where you say you are ready to ship.

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