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Enjoy the immersive power of a movie theater's giant screen and stunning sound from the comfort of your own couch
Enjoy the immersive power of a movie theater's giant screen and stunning sound from the comfort of your own couch
Enjoy the immersive power of a movie theater's giant screen and stunning sound from the comfort of your own couch
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    1. Missing avatar

      John M Allen just now

      Hello, U.S. backer #484 complete pack with FPV mount and remote, Any updates as to when U.S. backers might get a possible delivery window and/or a tracking number? Thanks.

    2. Missing avatar

      Luke Toyer about 12 hours ago

      @Lucas I have sligjtly mixed feelings about the headmount, but positive in the whole.

      First of all, it's pretty bulky when combined with Cinera. I didn't like the way you fit it to the headset. You have to pull part of the face padding back from the velcro to reveal a couple of small holes that the headmount hooks into, then you just screw it onto screwhole on the top of Cinera.

      It is possible to adjust the headmount to fit your head, but I have a big head, so all the settings felt pretty snug to me. The adjustable part is the two metal curved bars that connect the front and back of the headmount. The fit is solid, but less versatile than the usual straps you find on other HMDs.

      Once I had the headset on, surprisingly the combined kit didn't feel as heavy as I expected. The padding pressed a bit tightly on my forehead and the back of my head (Will have to check I set it up right). It wasn't uncomfortable to wear for the few minutes I tried it for, but it might not be comfortable enough to keep on for hours (which Cinera have already explained).

      My favourite feature is the battery. There are four LEDs on the back of the headmount to show how much charge is left. I love being wire-free! Cinera doesn't last long on its own internal battery and seems designed to be plugged into mains. This battery makes it portable for several hours.

      I don't know whether the four hour claim is accurate, but even 2-3 hours would be welcome. There is a micro-USB socket for charging it.

      I wouldn't call the headmount very portable. Both Cinera, the headmount and the hands-free arm all come in nicely presented, but quite bulky boxes, so you'd need a pretty big rucksack to fit them all in for carrying, and you'd need a decent amount of space to set everything up.

      All in all, I'm glad I bought it. I'm sure there are scenarios it'll come in handy. I don't know if it would be ideal for gaming, as I found myself adjusting it every now and then to get the best view through the lenses, which would be annoying during a game (though zooming out to true 1080p would probably fix that). Also, I personally play for hours on my PS4, so it would need to be really comfortable for that kind of long-term play.

    3. Missing avatar

      Rabiu Hassan about 16 hours ago

      Hello Cinera,

      I live in Nigeria and have been waiting, but I am yet to get my tracking Number. Kindly, let me know when I am receiving my Cinera. I have been patient for very long.



    4. Missing avatar

      Lucas about 20 hours ago

      @Luke Tower Nice ! So what do you think about the headmount ?

    5. Missing avatar

      Luke Toyer about 20 hours ago

      I just received my Cinera with FPV Headmount, in the UK!

      Thanks Cinera. :-)

    6. Missing avatar

      Amigo about 22 hours ago

      So, what about the shipping for other regions..

      See how late it's going again..

      Please share you roadmap on the shipping schedule for all the regions.

    7. 3-D SPACE 1 day ago

      When can we expect shipments to be received by customers in the USA? I'm very eager to get my Cinera.


    8. Cinera Creator 2 days ago

      Dear Backers,

      I hope you have all been well.

      Quick update on the customs clearance process for our European backers.

      Our logistic partner has just informed us that it might take until Tuesday 29th of May until our shipment would be cleared by the customs.

      After we investigated the reason for this long customs clearance procedure, we’ve been told that our shipment did not, as previously confirmed, arrive on May 16th, but on May 20th.

      Unfortunately, the delay was not brought up to us until we escalated the issue to the higher management of the company.

      As soon we get some new updates, we will let you all know straight away.

      Wishing you all a nice weekend,

      Kind regards
      Stefan – Cinera

    9. Missing avatar

      Bioh Kim 3 days ago

      Thank you.

    10. Cinera Creator 3 days ago

      Hi Bioh,

      we have not yet received tracking numbers form our logistic partner, but will contact you all and forward it as soon we have received it.

      Kind regards

    11. Missing avatar

      Bioh Kim 3 days ago

      HI~ Cinera
      How is the delivery going now?
      Didn't get the tracking number, but was it just me or others?
      When can I get the tracking number?

    12. Cinera Creator 4 days ago

      Dear backers,

      some of you have not completed the survey which is needed to confirm your address. Unfortunately, several email contact attempts from us have failed to receive a response, therefore we hope that we can reach you in this way.

      Kindly double check if you have completed your order survey, as we are otherwise not being able to ship your Cinera set to you.

      Wishing you a nice day,

      Kind regards
      Stefan – Cinera

    13. Missing avatar

      Luis 4 days ago

      Great news Cinera team. I can’t wait to see my unit and give you thanks for all your efforts.

    14. Cinera Creator 5 days ago

      Thank you, Joey Roque.

      It has been a challenge indeed, but we are more than pleased with the Cinera we’ve created.

      I will forward your praise to my team members behind the scene, who have literally worked day and night, weekends and on some public holidays to create the Cinera we have promised to our backers.

      Again, we are very grateful and thank all our backers for their great support, and journeying together with us on the sometimes-bumpy path of realizing Cinera.

      @Lucas, our shipping partner is preparing right now the shipment to Europe. As well as the previously sent shipment to Europe, we will consolidate all European orders to one bulk shipment in order to pre-pay the import duties and taxes, so that our backers will receive their Cinera sets delivered to their doorstep without having to pay anything additional.

      We wish you all a nice Tuesday,

      Kind regards

    15. Missing avatar

      Joey Roque 5 days ago

      I just thought that we should give Cinera and it's creators due credit for delivering the product despite the challenges they faced. They were able to raise about $260k from KS and another $315K from another platform. In contrast and a reminder of what could've been, OSSIC ( managed to raise $6M+ for a $200-$300 product went belly up and only made 250 units but ran out of funds to deliver them.
      Stefan and his crew have been hard at work to fully realize Cinera. At the very least, we should thank the Cinera Team for pushing forward and persevering despite the challenges. They've earned our praise and respect.

    16. Missing avatar

      Lucas 5 days ago

      Finally some good news !
      When can I expect to receive my Cinera here in France ?

    17. Cinera Creator 6 days ago

      Dear backer,

      we hope you have all been well and had a lovely weekend.
      As planned, our logistic partner has collected the 2nd batch of Cineras which include the FPV Head mount last weekend.

      As soon we have received the tracking numbers we will forward it to you individually.

      Wishing you a great start to the new week,

      Kind regards

    18. Missing avatar

      Lucas 6 days ago

      Hi Team Cinera,
      You were indeed supposed to ship the Cinera last Friday.

    19. Missing avatar

      Umesh Narania 7 days ago

      Hello Team Cinera,
      Any updates on shipping of the units with FPV mount? Thanks.

    20. Cinera Creator on May 16

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      Check out: for more detailed information.

    21. Missing avatar

      Bioh Kim on May 16

      Fighting! Cinera Team!
      Thank you for your trouble.
      Expectation! They say delivery is possible from the end of this week.
      I think can have a good time with Cinera.

    22. Cinera Creator on May 16

      Dear Backers,

      we hope you have all been well.

      Quick update on the shipment to our European backers which haven’t included the FPV Head mount in their order.
      The shipment has now arrived Germany, and its due to be custom cleared. We estimate that it should hopefully be transshipped to DHL by the end of this week, and shortly after delivered to you.

      As soon we have received the DHL tracking number, we will send it to you per email.

      @RYOU PIL SOO, we are currently getting the second batch of the Cinera set which includes the FPV Head mount ready to be shipped. We estimate that it should have been sent out by this Friday. These shipments are distributed globally, therefore also for our Asian backers.

      @Jonas Svensson, thank you for your support and clearly outline that Kickstarter is indeed a platform for products to be realized and that the development process of a new product not always goes as planned but complications are usually met along the road.

      @Amigo, we thank you for your suggestion, but rather contact our backers individually to inform them about the status of their shipments personally, and we welcome every question.

      We wish you all a good day,

      Kind regards
      Stefan – Cinera

    23. RYOU PIL SOO on May 15

      Hi, cinera.

      When Asian backers can have cinera product with head mount?

      On your update, no mention to delivery to Asian areas.

    24. Jonas Svensson on May 15

      So tired of seeing all the negativity in the comment section. The Cinera team has been pretty transparent, sure there have been delays and missed deadlines but that wasn’t really all that surprising with a technical product like this one.

      Seeing how other kickstarters struggle to produce simple lunchboxes or thermoses months after their deadline I must say kudos to Cinera for already having shipped units to backers. Sure it’s frustrating having to wait for a product you have already payed for, but if you aren’t up for that then perhaps Kickstarter ain’t for you.

      I have enjoyed reading progress posts and seeing photos from the production pipeline. The team has been quick and professional to respond whenever I have sent them a PM. But coming back to the comment section is often a real bummer... having to see the same couple of guys wine.

      Anyhow, looking forward to your next update. And to receive my unit... super excited!

    25. Missing avatar

      Amigo on May 15

      Please share a google spreadsheet with the backer numbers and shipping status, so no questions would be asked.

    26. Cinera Creator on May 15

      Dear Carson Sexsmith,

      we had a few roadblocks on the way, which is perfectly normal when creating a high-tech product from scratch, but we managed to realize Cinera as well as the promised accessories and begin shipping our next Cinera batch including the FPV Head mount this week.
      All in all, we do not feel having let down our backers on our promise but have delivered as promised and received many great feedbacks.

      We thank all our backers for supporting Cinera.

      Kind regards

    27. Missing avatar

      Bioh Kim on May 15

      When do you start shipping?

    28. Carson Sexsmith on May 14

      By far the worst Kickstarter experience I’ve had.

    29. Cinera Creator on May 14

      Hi Backers,

      we would like to invite you all to join us in our official Cinera Forum:

      Kind regards
      Stefan - Cinera

    30. Missing avatar

      Luke Toyer on May 14

      I'm going to move over to the new Cinera Forum as well, it's much easier to use than this Kickstarter comments section.

    31. Missing avatar

      ron labbe on May 12

      I'm moving to the new FORUM pages!

    32. Missing avatar

      Dario on May 11

      Hi CineraTeam

      I am impatient to receive the product, afterwards I will try to get confidence in the product. I will make my reflections on the Forum. Impatiently, I invite everyone to continue supporting those who are trying to give us a new experience. Thank you guys.


    33. Cinera Creator on May 10

      Hi Ron,

      Yes, its indeed a little bit of a workaround to get this done, but at least makes it possible to watch 3D movies on YouTube without the HDMI cable. :D
      Maybe if we start a discussion in the forum, we could find some simpler solutions for adjusting the aspect ratio in the YouTube app. Parallel our engineers are also seeking a software solution to solve this issue.

    34. Missing avatar

      ron labbe on May 10

      @Cinera Thanks for the indepth workaround for side by side video from YouTube on Cinera! Of course, it's way too much work for lazy guys like me ;) I wonder if it would be possible for Cinera to have some kind of control for the aspect ratio? Should we bring discussions to the forum??

    35. Missing avatar

      Amigo on May 10

      @cinera fair enough
      Please be transparent on the hiccups you are facing..

    36. Cinera Creator on May 10

      @Ron Labbe, watching normal 2D content on the YouTube app works perfectly fine on Cinera. However, when it comes to watching 3D SBS movies with the YouTube app, the 3D content will not be displayed correctly.
      The problem here is that the YouTube app offers no way to change the aspect ratio, which would be needed to adjust the video content to the screen.
      There is, however, one way to go around this. (Here my gratitude to Thomas, who came up with this solution)

      A. This requires a mouse linked to Cinera (Bluetooth or via USB)
      B. The step by step guide is based on Opera mini browser.

      1. Download a browser form the google play store and install it on Cinera (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc.)

      2. Open the YouTube website in your browser on Cinera and search for a 3D SBS 4k video.

      3. Select, and open a video from the search results.

      4. Click the website link at the top of the browser once to mark it, then click on it again, keep pressing the left mouse button until the options bar “CUT, COPY, PASTE, SHARE appears.

      5. Click copy and close the browser.

      6. Open the VLC Media player and select the STREAM icon.

      7. When the “Enter Network address” bar appears, click the address bar, and press the left mouse button until in the left corner of the screen the “PASTE” Icon appears.

      8. Click the PASTE icon and the YouTube link will be copied to the “Enter Network address” bar.

      9. After that, the selected 3D SBS YouTube video should start playing automatically.

      10. Activate the 2D/3D mode (at this stage the Video will not yet be displayed correctly)

      11. Press the “DOWN” button of Cineras navigation buttons. Now the movie menu should be visible at the bottom of the screen (not clear as Cinera is in 3D mode.)

      12. After clicking the navigation button DOWN, click the navigation button for the right two times and press the round OK button in the middle to change the aspect ratio.

      In this way, you will be able to stream any 3D SBS YouTube video on Cinera.

      Kind regards
      Stefan – Cinera

    37. Cinera Creator on May 9

      Dear Backers,

      thank you for your comments and questions.

      @Dean Becker, @Michael Stec, @Yoon Hanki, based on our data your order includes the FPV Head mount, and we will begin the shipping process of the Cinera sets including the FPV Head mount next week.

      Kind regards

      Stefan - Cinera

    38. Missing avatar

      Dean Becker on May 9

      Any idea when you will be shipping to the United States? There updates on the FPV Head Mount shipping next week, but I never ordered one. So whats the delay in shipping my Cinera?
      Backer # 53

    39. Michael Stec on May 9

      Have not received my Cinera yet

    40. Missing avatar

      Frank Michalski on May 9

      Is there any plan to sweeten the 6 months waiting for Cinera?
      Coupon, Gummi Bears or something?

    41. Missing avatar

      ron labbe on May 9

      @Cinera- You suggest hooking up the Cinera via HDMI to laptop/computer, but why does the YouTube app not work? When I try to play a side by side video, it only plays (in 3D) on the left half the the screen(s)... !>?

    42. Yoon Hanki on May 9

      I haven't received the Cinera yet. However, if you have someone who has already received it and has used the Cinera, please provide a frank and detailed usage review of the Cinera.

    43. Cinera Creator on May 8

      Dear Domenic Robertazzi,

      to test Cineras 3D capabilities, you could connect your Cinera via HDMI to your computer or laptop, press the HDMI button on Cinera, and use it as an additional screen. After that, open Youtube on your computer browser and drag it to Cinera. If you then search 4k 3D SBS video on Youtube, select a vide that appeals to you, full screen it and press the 2D/3D button on the Cinera body, you would be able to check out Cineras 3D performance.

      Hope this was helpful.
      Kind regards
      Stefan – Cinera

    44. Missing avatar

      ron labbe on May 8

      @Domenic Robertazzi have you tried 3D of the demo stills that come with the unit?

    45. Missing avatar

      Amigo on May 8

      Nice to hear..!

    46. Domenic Robertazzi on May 8

      well Ive had my cinera about a month now and heres what I think, I have no problems with it my netflix works great on it so does movies from my dvd. the only thing I cant get to work is the 3D but you know about that already. but so far I am having a Blast with this machine. can I ask will you be sending the head strap to owners or is that something you have to buy extra.

    47. Missing avatar

      Amigo on May 7

      @cinera could you please provide the certificate that you have from foxconn?

    48. Missing avatar

      M Arie Nugraha
      on May 7

      What is the logic to refund 1 backer will ruin your project ?

      How come you spend all the money you get for mass production and now you didn’t have any money at all to make just 1 refund, what is the logic for this ?

    49. Missing avatar

      M Arie Nugraha
      on May 7

      They refund me even when I requested it while they were ready to ship the product, they have no problem to do that.

      I really appreciate them.

      To refund me is easy and it is Not a rocket scince.

    50. Missing avatar

      M Arie Nugraha
      on May 7

      You are right, I backed more than 60 projects in KS and request refunds for some project because they didn’t meet their promises and they did refund me without any problems.

      So why you think that you are so special to not give any refund ??

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