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Tired of sleeping through your alarm? Do you just hit the snooze button over and over again? Ramos is here to help! Read more

Hoboken, NJ Gadgets
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This project was successfully funded on April 1, 2012.

Tired of sleeping through your alarm? Do you just hit the snooze button over and over again? Ramos is here to help!

Hoboken, NJ Gadgets
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About this project

If you missed the Kickstarter opportunity to get your own Ramos, not to worry. You can still preorder the Ramos Clock at and take back your mornings!

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Thanks to all the media and blog coverage! Here's what some people had to say:

Uncrate: "We've already seen several clever alarms that attempt to lure you out of bed, but few look as good as the Ramos Alarm Clock"

Gizmodo: "There are countless alarms that go the extra mile to get you out of bed in the morning. But none go quite as far, or look as slick, as the Ramos."

Apartment Therapy: "This is one of the most striking, steampunk-inspired alarm clocks that we've seen"

Technabob: "Alarms clocks are a dime a dozen, but this beautiful bedside clock aims to shake things up a bit."

Ohgizmo: "There are many alarms on the market that try to tackle this issue and the Ramos Alarm Clock, currently on Kickstarter, is one of the better ones."

Ramos alarm clock. 

If you've ever tried to wake up early in the morning, but ended up just hitting the snooze button till it was too late, Ramos is for you.

After consistently failing to wake up when I wanted to I started designing a better alarm clock. After years of hard work I came up with Ramos. Ramos forces you out of bed and to the Defuse Panel, where you'll have to enter a code. You'll have to use your brain a bit more, which will help wake you up. Best of all, after you turn off the alarm you’ll find yourself in your bathroom or kitchen, away from the evil alluring bed and ready to start your day.

LED Ramos

With your $160 pledge you’ll be ordering the LED Ramos. The special handcrafted wooden Ramos will be smaller than the prototype shown in the video, and will have a birch housing finished in a glossy clear coat. The LED Ramos will have all alarm functionality mentioned on this page. Your LED Ramos will have an electronic alarm tone generator along with a hidden internal antenna. 

Your Ramos will have a 5" by 7" Defuse Panel that you can hang up wherever you want (the one featured in the video is the 8" by 11" prototype). The Defuse Panel is powered by a standard 9 volt battery and has an automatic off feature to conserve battery life. We've been testing our Remote Panel for almost a year and it’s still going strong.

For pledges that are $200 and above you can choose to have either the blonde, teak, or dark stain finish shown above! 

Nixie Ramos

The Nixie Ramos features four vertically mounted nixie tubes that display the time in a stunning and unique way for just $350. The Nixie Ramos uses tested new-old-stock Soviet Union nixie tubes that are no longer in production. These vintage tubes have a limited supply that dwindles every year. The beautiful warm glowing digits, coupled with a green PM back-light, tell the time like no other clock. Be the first one to own such a unique product and help bring Ramos to market. Your Nixie Ramos will be encased in a glossy finished teak case. There won't be a big antenna on your Ramos; it'll have a small internal one, along with an electronic tone generator. You'll also get the small and sleek Defuse Panel as shown in the LED Ramos picture. You can also choose to have it in blonde, or dark stain finish. The prototype model was made a little extra roomy to accommodate development, so the Nixie Ramos you will get will be slimmer in depth to maintain good proportions. 

Because of the scarcity of nixie tubes, the Nixie Ramos is a very limited edition product. We have already acquired all the nixie tubes needed for the Nixie Ramos clocks we are offering here. We are still trying to find more nixie tubes but as of now it doesn't look very good. So we are offering the limited edition Nixie Ramos while it lasts!

Ramos Custom 

At this pledge level I will personally build a Ramos to your specifications. The Ramos Custom will be a Nixie Ramos made out of your choice of available exotic hard-woods and finishes. 2 full sets of nixie tube spares will be included. Each wood panel will be made from a solid piece of exotic wood board. I will spend all the time necessary to make every part of your Ramos Custom perfect. 

Here's a list of some of the hard-woods that we'll have available. You can just drop us a line about any requests of how you want your Ramos to look and we'll work with you to get it just right. 

Ramos Features

Ramos has a bunch of useful features available in all models. Using a simple menu system you'll be able to enable or disable the optional features. You'll even be able to disable the Defuse Panel and use the Ramos as a regular alarm clock.

  • Knob time setting - No pressing buttons over and over again to set the time. A simple knob allows for quick and precise time setting.
  • Snooze Mode -  Ramos will still have an optional snooze mode! You can give yourself as many allowed snoozes as you want. Though once you run out of snoozes you’ll have to get out of bed.
  • Digit Cycling - The Nixie Ramos has a Digit-Cycling effect that is necessary for the health of the nixie tubes. We think the effect looks pretty cool, so we’re including it as an optional feature in the LED Ramos!
  • Lockdown Mode - Ever wake up early before your alarm goes off and decide to change the alarm to get an extra 15 minutes of sleep? With this feature enabled, 30 minutes before the alarm is set to go off Ramos will go into lock-down mode. At that point Ramos will not permit any changes to the alarm until it has been remotely deactivated. In the case that you genuinely get up early, you can just go to the Defuse Panel and pre-deactivate the future alarm.
  • Courtesy Mode - Don’t want to bother your significant other or roommates? With courtesy-mode enabled, the alarm goes off for only 10 seconds. It is then suspended for a minute. This gives you time to get out of bed and deactivate the alarm without annoying everyone else in the house. Although beware, at the end of the courtesy minute the Ramos alarm will come back in full force!
  • Defuse Codes - You'll be able to either use the date, or a 4 digit number that gets flashed on the clock that you'll have to memorize before your trip to Defuse Panel. A defuse code option asking you to punch in the number Pi to the 16th digit might also be in there. 
  • Battery-Backed Clock - Power outage proof Ramos will stay fully functional for hours. It will also keep track of the time, day of the week, date, and leap years for about 9 years.
  • Auto-dim -  Don’t need your clock to be super bright at 3:35am? Not a problem: Ramos will automatically dim the lights at night if you want it to. 
  • Ramp-up -Personally I like to be forced out of bed and ushered into consciousnesses with the same urgency a doctor has while resuscitating a patient. If this isn't for you, just enable ramp-up mode, and enjoy a smoother transition into your day.

Wireless stuff

We will offer two types of wireless systems on the Ramos clocks. The standard range and long range. I've tested the standard range Ramos in all my friend's apartments, including a duplex, and it works flawlessly when placed within 50 feet "walking range" from the base unit. Walking range just means the distance it takes to walk to wherever the Remote Panel is placed. If you're going to be placing the Remote Panel more than 50 feet away simply order the long range version. The long range version has a very powerful 2.4 GHz radio module that will work for an indoor distance of 100 feet, which is a lot. It is also ETSI (European telecomms standards) compliant, so we can ship it to Europe! 

All the pledge levels above $200 have the long range, so you won't have to worry about any of this.

So, whats the plan?

With your money we'll be able to do the many, many, things necessary to get Ramos off the ground. We found a perfect wood-shop that we'll be renting. We'll also have to rent out a machine shop to fabricate drill jigs, clamp fixtures, router templates etc. needed for production. The electrical components will be bought in bulk, which will make Ramos affordable. We'll be able to create an assembly process to produce Ramos, invest in a spray finishing system and the list goes on and on. 

Thank you so much for your time and for checking this out! 

Let's make Ramos a reality.


P.S. All wood used to make Ramos is sourced from wood harvested with responsible forestry practices. And last but not least, here's what the t-shirt looks like!

For press/media inquiries send mail to

*If you live in the beautiful state of New Jersey please add 7% sales tax.


  • Yup! We wouldn't want to ship your Ramos while on, and in the case that the Defuse Panel battery dies or someone hides it, having Ramos go off uncontrollably would not be cool! There is a manual switch that will require some effort and a tool to get at that will reset the Ramos. This may also come in handy if Ramos tries to take over the world.

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  • The tubes are pretty much rated for anywhere between 5,000 hours and 200,000 hours. They should last for a pretty long time (5 years with digit-cycling and night dimming is very reasonable) but because they are new-old stock technology made in Soviet Russia, there isn't a certified life time for them.

    In the case that you receive an unlucky tube that goes out in the first month, we'll ship you out a replacement with a tool that will make it very easy to replace.

    With that said, these tubes are really durable pieces of technology. They were designed to go into wartime equipment and endure very harsh conditions.We test each tube that we use, and you should expect them to at least 5 years!

    Here's a video with more information on the tubes of the Nixie Ramos:…

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  • We will ship you a Ramos that works in your country. Your Ramos will have the right power-supply and the right cord. Just plug it in and you'll be good to go!

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    Thank you so much! Your donation is a step towards turning this dream into a reality. We appreciate your amazing gesture and your name will be added to our list of great people who helped us out from the start.

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    You'll get our custom designed graphic t-shirt printed on a quality American Apparel T. Thank you thank you thank you thank you! Your pledge includes shipping in the US. Add $15 for international shipping.

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    You will be putting your order in for the super special LED Ramos! You will be getting the sleek, handcrafted birch wood Ramos with a large and bright LED display featuring full Ramos alarm functionality, including all the alarm features mentioned. You're going to finally be able to wake up early and do all the things you wanted to do with your morning! This model have a standard range Defuse Panel that can be placed 50 feet walking range within the base. Shipping included, but this reward is available only in the USA for now.

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    You will be ordering the very long range version of the teak LED Ramos.USA shipping included. Available internationally! Just add $30.

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    Get Ramos before everyone else! At this pledge level we'll ship you your LED Ramos in long range. Shipping included!

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    With this pledge, you will receive the Nixie Ramos. You will be getting the beautiful teak wood Ramos featuring vintage individually tested Soviet-era tubes. Your Nixie Ramos will also have the long range radio along with all alarm functionality mentioned on the page. Shipping within the USA included. Please add $30 for international shipping.

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    Pledge $800 or more

    23 backers Limited (27 left of 50)

    The Ramos Custom. A long range hand-made wooden Ramos, built personally by myself with your selection of specified solid hard-woods. Hand finished with a custom wood inscription at your request. Meticulous attention will be given to every detail with your full control over the final look of the product. Along with, of course, my unending gratitude for helping support this project at such a level! Please add $30 for international shipping.

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    At this pledge level, you'll have our unending gratitude for giving us a leg-up at the time when we need it most. You are helping to fund this idea an extraordinary level. You'll receive your personalized Ramos Custom in August, along with 4 full sets of replacement tubes to have your Ramos last a lifetime. Thank you!

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