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Full-Length Album, and music video that will bring together some of Portland's best in music, dance, and film. You can make it happen!

Her Ghost is a Portland-based indie rock band. Over the past year, we have written, recorded, and mixed our full-length album and we are eager to bring the songs to you through a completed, fully produced record.

This KickStarter page is being used as a fundraiser to help us complete our first album and to produce a music video.

To find out a whole lot more about us check out our nifty video above. You will hear some of the music from the album. To hear completed tracks from the album, click the following link:

We are also very excited to be partnering with some of Portland's top directors and artistic professionals to create a fully produced music video for our lead single. "Bus Stop Betty," a modern alternative original, will be brought to life in the form of Betty’s late 1950’s nightclub fantasy.

The video is both a tool to powerfully launch the record, and a unique opportunity for Portland music, film and dance artists at the top of their craft to collaborate on developing a piece with a strong singular vision with quality artistic value. Artists we have lined up to collaborate and donate their time on the music video include:

  • Tere Mathern (Choreographer) Artistic Director of Conduit Dance
  • Carl & Sharon Jameson (Director, Producer & Set Design) Directing/Producing team of the popular Portland Series, the Bicyclist, as well as many other award-winning videos 
  • Scott Ballard (Director of Photography) Award-winning Director, Producer & Cinematographer
  • Elle Poindexter (Wardrobe) Wardrobe specialist with years of experience in theater and film. 
  • Janet Price (make-up) Professionally trained Makeup Artist and Stylist for Film, Television, Media and Stage.
  • Dancers: Mike Barber, Jesse Berdine and Phillippe Bronchtein

Here's the Her Ghost story:
After performing their unique blend of original music to happy fans at Dante’s, The Jade Lounge, Camellia Lounge, Kelly's Olympian, White Eagle, The Spare Room, and more, the work is ready to be officially released.

So far, Her Ghost has written, recorded and mixed an album that includes:

  • 9 Her Ghost Originals
  • 2 uniquely interpreted covers (Elliott Smith & The Beatles)
  • A "Strange & Beautiful" thread that ties everything together

But there is more to be done and expenses that go with that. These include:

  • Mastering
  • Album Design
  • Album Production

Your contributions will support the production of the "Bus Stop Betty" music video, which includes

  • Actors/Dancers
  • Camera Equipment
  • Set Design/Props
  • Wardrobe/Makeup

One of the blessings of this DIY (Do it Yourself) culture, is the freedom to create innovative art, without the need of a larger entity or studio. Our vision combined with your support, allows us to bring you works of fresh, passionate art unlike anything you've seen. We are so excited to use this Kickstarter campaign to connect our vision with the larger community of music lovers, artists, viewers and listeners. We couldn't do it without you, and we are better for you! The sum of what we can create together is greater than our parts.

Now, we come together to reach this all-or-nothing goal. The money you pledge will not come out of your account until we reach the end date for our campaign, and it only comes out if we reach our goal. We can, however, go over our goal until the deadline. Anything over our goal will go toward our CD release party and gas & touring costs for a west coast tour to support the album.

Thank you!

Her Ghost

(Her Ghost is Danielle Ross- the voice, Todd Bayles- the instruments. Our live performances include a 2-4 piece band setup; also, featuring Drew Nelson on bass)

Todd Bayles has played and recorded with Tony Furtado, Dirty Martini, and Stephanie Schneiderman and teamed up with Ashia Grzesik from Vagabond Opera and Portland Cello Project. He has produced, recorded and played on a song ("The Fever", by the Young Immortals) that found its way onto a Starbucks CD. Todd also wrote for TapeOp magazine about the hugely popular band Menomena. He’s produced CD's by the Fenbi International Superstars, Andrea Wellard, the Young Immortals, Crystin Byrd, and Jacob Ray. And most recently, recorded and mixed the brand new Pete Krebs and the Portland Playboys CD, "Early Sessions."

Danielle has been a musician since the early age of five, and started her first band at age seven, for which she wrote her first song. A classically trained singer and pianist, Danielle received her college degree in theater performance. Since then, Danielle has performed in professional theater, film, and commercials, and she has discovered the perfect way to share her own unique voice. Nowhere before Her Ghost has Danielle found a project that was a perfect blend of all of loves: Music, Writing, Singing, and Performance! 


  • Her Ghost, based in Portland, is a collaboration between singer/songwriter Danielle Ross and multi-instrumentalist producer Todd Bayles. Their music is dark, melodic, textured and beautiful, while still remaining rough around the edges.

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    Advanced digital download of our full-length album.

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    **Special End of Campaign Incentive!** From February 20th until the end of the campaign: Receive a signed, hard copy of the album for only $20!

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    A hard, signed copy of the album.

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    A hard, signed copy of the album and free admission to our CD release show this spring in Portland, Oregon.

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    Limited-edition Her Ghost poster; a hard, signed copy of the album; free admission to our CD release show.

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    Everything at the $50 level, plus a special, limited edition Her Ghost t-shirt.

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    Everything at the $75 level, plus we will thank you personally, live in a "Thank You Medley" at our CD Release show. (If you are not in the Portland area, Danielle and Todd will send you a personalized video thanking you and playing an unplugged version of your favorite song).

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    Everything at the $100 level, plus an exclusive invitation for you (plus guest) to attend an intimate house party/concert this Spring 2012! This evening will include wine, beer, appetizers, Her Ghost, and a limited number of our fans. Will it be you?

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    Everything at the $250 level, plus a special thank you in the liner notes of our album AND a performance by Her Ghost in your home, office, or event space. Limited to Portland and surrounding areas. Will travel if travel costs are covered.

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    Everything at the $500 level plus an original song written just for you! You choose the theme and/or lyrics, and we will create and record a Her Ghost original!

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