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A dark-comic look inside the life of a famous cartoonist on the skids: the story behind the stories - from the co-creator of the TMNT.
A dark-comic look inside the life of a famous cartoonist on the skids: the story behind the stories - from the co-creator of the TMNT.
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We have some really great news...

Posted by Kevin Eastman (Creator)

We've officially set a HARD DEADLINE for JULY 1st, for ALL DRAWING BLOOD work, which will give us just enough time to print  and have some copies to proudly carry around with us at SAN DIEGO COMIC CON!

The deadline is real!

If you've been following @BISHART, @Meanwhile.Studios or @DRAWINGBLOODCOMIC on Instagram, you know how hard we've been cranking to make this happen! David and Kevin are hard at work too, but they don't openly gripe about it like me and Troy. :) 

All kidding aside, this thing is looking AMAZING, and we are so happy you'll all be seeing it in only a few short months. It will be worth every single early morning and late night and icy hot back patch. 

Over the SDCC weekend we will hopefully be signing tons and tons of books and getting them prepped to ship out to all you backers right after the show. We have to work out the details of that since we're all a bit spread out, but I do know that shipping will begin as soon as the books are in. It's important to us that YOU, the people who made this book possible get your books first, so while they will be ready for SDCC, we assure you we won't be openly selling any there. let us know below if you ARE coming to the show though, and maybe we can hand you a copy in person. 

Also, expect your BACKER SURVEY soon! 

We're working on refining all the questions now, and finding the best post campaign 3rd party Backerkit, type company to use for add ons and what now, but it's coming soon!

This has been quite the journey, and there is still a ton of work to be done, but with the FIRM deadline in place, it's an exciting rush to the finish line. We know you're going to love the books and are grateful for your support and patience as we put together the absolute best product we could for you.

Because today is a milestone day of celebration... I'm also proud to present the VERY FIRST full color TEAM shot of SHANE BOOKMAN'S RADICALLY REARRANGED RONIN RAGDOLLS! From left to right, meet MIYAZAKI, TEZUKA and OTOMO (the angry one)!

Colors by Tomi Varga, lines by Troy Little, and layout by Kevin Eastman.
Colors by Tomi Varga, lines by Troy Little, and layout by Kevin Eastman.

 That's all for now everyone, back to the desk! I have to do another page before I can treat myself to dinner and sleep! 

More soon!

Thanks again! 

-Ben and the whole DRAWING BLOOD team.

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    1. Mike Curry on

      Can't wait for this!!!!

    2. Ben Bishop Collaborator on

      Hey Sean! Looking forward to seeing you there.

      I’m not positive whether we will be able to be giving backers their books in person or not yet. We don’t have a table or anything like that, so obviously it could get tricky carrying around boxes and boxes of books, but the important thing is they will be done and be shipping during and shortly after the con.

      If something changes and we’re able to set up some kind of backer book pickup event I’ll definitely let everyone know!

      And yes! Hopefully there is a panel or meetup in the works. :)

    3. Missing avatar

      Sean Risley on

      Hello, I’ll be at the show. Looking forward to getting the book in-person from all of you! Hoping there is a panel setup as well!

    4. Ben Bishop Collaborator on

      Sorry *Calum. Phone changed the spelling. Apologies.

      Anywhoo, to reiterate, don’t worry, we have no intention of selling them to non backers before backers get their books.

    5. Ben Bishop Collaborator on

      Sorry, Callum, not Josiah. *

    6. Ben Bishop Collaborator on

      Josiah, of course! That’s why I mentioned that. Don’t you worry.

    7. Calum Johnston / Strange Adventures

      please ensure they get out to backers first. very important that the copies for backers arrive before you sell them at SDCC. It's disconcerting when a KS project gets out to non-backers before they get to the folks who put up the dough.

    8. Ben Bonnett on

      Woohooo! Can’t wait! Thanks for the update Ben!

    9. Ben Bishop Collaborator on

      See you there Jose! Can't wait to shake everyone's hand!

    10. Ben Bishop Collaborator on

      Hey Josiah, can't wait to see you there!

      I am guessing there will be more to your pledge than just the one book, so we will likely have to ship you more anyway. That being said, I just guessed that we would be able to hand some books off to backers who would be there, without honestly checking with the team on the logistics of doing that, so I can't quite say how exactly that might work and what it means for any shipping costs either. Honestly, if there were like 200 of you there we definitely wouldn't be able to do it, because we can only bring in what we can carry, haha. So that being said, we will find a more definitive procedure and answer for you before the show.
      The important part is they will be done! And you'll at the very least get to see them at the show and then get them in your mailbox soon after. Hope that makes sense. Like I said, we will figure out a more realistic answer for you before then!

    11. Missing avatar

      Jose Angel Salado on

      I will definitely be at the show floor! Looking forward to everything, especially if it means the potential to get a copy in person!

    12. Missing avatar

      Josiah Aiken-Drake on

      Woo! I'll be at SDCC (my first time!) and can hopefully stop by to snag my swag. Just curious, will the shipping fee I paid with my pledge be waived if I do so?