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A dark-comic look inside the life of a famous cartoonist on the skids: the story behind the stories - from the co-creator of the TMNT.
A dark-comic look inside the life of a famous cartoonist on the skids: the story behind the stories - from the co-creator of the TMNT.
A dark-comic look inside the life of a famous cartoonist on the skids: the story behind the stories - from the co-creator of the TMNT.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Brett 3 days ago

      Hello , My Kickstarter Pledge was $164.00
      $70-Both Drawing Blood Vol 1 Covers

      Then Added
      1- Robert Rod Cover $37
      1- Personal Letter From Shane BookMan $30
      2-RRRR Variant Covers $20

      My Problem is as I add These to my list there is No Shane Bookman Letter and Extra shipping is deleting my Pledge amount. So now I have $20 left and No way to add the Personal Letter. Please help I’m Not sure what to do.
      Thank you for your time

    2. Missing avatar

      Haitham Al-Shukri on

      Thanks Ben, I just completed the survey. Noticed that there is 1$ difference. Originally the RRR #1 variant was 15$ for int orders; when completed the survey it added 6$ for shipping (total of 16$). Hope that won't be an issue since the remaining balance is one dollar short than the letter (29$ instead of 30$).

    3. My Wife Hates Me on

      When is the deadline to submit our surveys?

    4. Ben Bishop Collaborator on

      Haitham Al-Shukri,

      The RRRR variant is available. That's the one in the survey. the FREE one every backer got automatically is not available in the survey.

      As for the letter, yes. That one you'll have to just write in the comments that you added that, and leave the remaining balance, hope that makes sense! Thanks!

    5. Missing avatar

      Haitham Al-Shukri on

      so I added the personalized letter and the #1 RRR variant. Both of these options are not available in the survey. Should I just make a note of them in the question filed and checkout with no add-on option?

    6. Ben Bishop Collaborator on

      Hi Ashley. Is the $10 for the RRRR #1? I'm guessing the $3 is for added shipping.

    7. Ashley Zimerman-Spraggs

      Hello have a quick question went to fill out the survey and paid the additional $10 but it is still adding an additional $3. Can you please verify if I should be receiving that

    8. Ben Bishop Collaborator on

      Apologies, that last comment was meant to be on the update. But still hope it helps!

    9. Ben Bishop Collaborator on

      Michael, and everyone! Haha

      We have succeeded in adding a COMMENT BOX to the survey. That is where you can let us know you added the Bookman letter during the KS campaign and that is why you have a remaining overhead balance of what should be $30.

      If you’ve already filled out your survey, don’t worry, you can go back into the email and sign into your survey to adjust it, and add a comment.

      Thanks for the message. The RRRR#1 you mentioned actually IS listed in the add ons. So simply select that and the $15 will go towards it. Again, you can re-sign in to the survey and adjust accordingly. And if anyone has any problems with anything, the new comment box is the preferred and perfect place to write us a little note so we can get back to you.

      Hope that helps!

    10. Jason Penney

      Thanks, Ben.

      I understand! It took me a while to figure out what the heck I had planned to add on. :)

    11. Ben Bishop Collaborator on

      Hey Jason.

      Yes, we are getting lots of emails about that. It was an accident.

      We’re talking to crowdox now hoping That we will be able to add that letter into the survey. If all goes as planned it will be in there and you will be able to mark that you added it during the campaign. If we are unable to change the survey after it’s already launched, it will be a little bit more confusing, but will probably come down to having everyone who added it simply send us a message through kickstarter.

      Sorry for the confusion, we will get it sorted. Putting together the survey was so so complicated, I’m impressed we only forgot one item! Please bear with us!

    12. Kristopher on

      Thanks, Ben! I appreciate the quick response and can’t wait to have these in my hands! Also, have we seen a preview of your cover for the book yet? Maybe I missed it.

    13. Jason Penney


    14. Ben Bishop Collaborator on

      Hey Kristopher!

      Right, so here’s the breakdown...

      Every backer (except digital only backers) gets a FREE RRRR#1 with their pledge. That was a stretch goal bonus that we awarded to all of you when we hit the $100k.

      After that, we offered an ADD ON RRRR#1 variant, yes. That’s the one you added on if you added $10 I think it was.

      So in the backer survey you got in your email, the ADD ON RRRR#1 you’re seeing. Is that second variant.

      The first, FREE RRRR#1 is completely exclusive to you Kickstarter backers and not available for sale any longer.

      That all make sense?

      Thanks man!

    15. Kristopher on

      Hey Ben, I just wanted to verify something before I fill out my survey. If we add the additional RRRR #1 it will be a variant cover, correct? I think that is what I upped my pledge for. Hard to remember now.

    16. Ben Bishop Collaborator on

      Rodger, what would give you that idea?

      Have you seen any of the many updates? Including the most recent that said the book will be shipping next month?

      All updates are visible here on the Kickstarter page and are emailed out to every backer when they are posted. Check them out. Make sure your email isn’t throwing them in your spam folder too.

    17. Missing avatar

      Rodger Chevy Barkus

      So what gives? Did this flop?

    18. Ben Bishop Collaborator on

      Ben, Yes sir! I just have to finish this page first! Daily goalzzz.

      Update coming today though! 2 more panels!

    19. Ben on

      Big update coming today I hear? :D

    20. Ben Bishop Collaborator on

      Thank you Huaning!

      If all goes as planned, survey's will be going out in the next couple of weeks actually!

      Expect a very nice update soon here on the page!

      Good luck on your move, that's never a fun time!

    21. Huaning Wang on

      I'm doing a check-up on KS projects since I am moving, and I do appreciate you guys holding off on sending out surveys, unlike other KS projects where I'm scrambling to make sure I had the right address down! Good luck on finishing the project, and I appreciate all your work so far!

    22. Ben Bishop Collaborator on

      Hey Rodger, sorry you’re bummed. I wouldn’t say it’s taking “forever”! Haha

      I wish we could properly portray how hard we’re working. I’m currently pushing through a kind of exhaustion triggered head flu or something from the early mornings and late nights and no sleep. I know Troy is pulling 17+ hour days as well. We are comic making machines, but there’s no way around it, these things take tons of time.

      I haven’t had time to properly put together a small update for everyone in a bit because it would mean taking time away from the drawing board, but I’ll try to do that very soon to keep everyone in the know.

      I know I say it all the time, but if you’re not already, please follow @BISHART @MEANWHILE.STUDIOS and @DRAWINGBLOOD on Instagram. You’ll be able to see just how hard we’re cranking on this - while still making sure we put out the best possible work. There’s no way we’re going to whip this out and sacrifice true quality.

      Also, we DO have a new deadline for ourselves... I don’t think I’m allowed to announce it just yet, for fear of jinxing ourselves, but I can tell you it’s wicked soon, and that’s part of the reason why we’re wokeingnourselves so hard right now.

      So hang in there! Keep the faith! You won’t be disappointed, I promise.

    23. Missing avatar

      Rodger Chevy Barkus

      So bummed this is taking forever

    24. Ben Bishop Collaborator on

      Hey Will! We're all just continuing to CRANK. Troy recently sent us a batch of RRRR pages he wrapped up, I'm pumping out pages for the main book, and Brittany is working on the colors as she gets each page! I'll out together some photos in a more exciting update soon, but as always, make sure you're following @DRAWINGBLOODCOMIC @BISHART @KEVINEASTMANTMNT @DAVID_AVALLONE_FREELANCE and @MEANWHILE.STUDIOS on Instagram for lots of photos and videos and be sure to like the facebook page so you can see the day to day going ons.
      More soon!

    25. Missing avatar

      Will Reifschneider

      Any new updates? There tends to be one at the end of each month

    26. Ben Bishop Collaborator on

      Hey Jasan! No you didn't miss your chance. Go ahead and send the pictures to the email that was given to you when they were asked for. You've still got time! :) thanks for checking.

    27. Missing avatar

      Jasan Cain on

      Hey Ben I got the confirmation to send pictures for the drawing tier I paid into was wandering if I messed up and waited to late. I totally forgot all about it tryed to send Eastman an email back about the same question, I realize yall are a very busy team but was wandering if maybe you could please respond to this question and I hope I didn't wait to long and I hope I'm still able to get a cool part in yall History in the make on such a Cool Story. Thanks for the Time Either way it.goes

    28. Ben on

      I just gotta say... You guys are doing a great job! Not only is the comic going to be awesome, but you're updates throughout the whole kickstarter campaign have been radical! They are frequent and informative and do a good job of letting the fans know how things are progressing. So, keep up the good work and I can't wait for the end result!


    29. Capn on

      Thanks Ben. Must have missed that. Looking forward to reading it.

    30. Ben Bishop Collaborator on

      Hi Capn. Yes sir. If you look at the updates, you can find the backer only update for the digital issue #1 preview. As long as you're signed in you can see the update and then follow the links to either download or view the Issue #1 preview!

    31. Capn on

      Hello - I just come on here to see how things are going, and see that things look great. Then I saw that some people received a copy of the 1st issue digitally. Should I have received a copy?

    32. Ben Bishop Collaborator on

      Hi Lawrence. You can message us directly through this Kickstarter or through the Facebook page

    33. Lawrence Barnard on

      I just read the first issue and it was wonderful. I had a specific question about my pledge but didn’t want to post it in public. Is there a way I can contact you directly? Thank you.

    34. Ben Bishop Collaborator on

      Hi Brian. Surveys have not gone out. The trouble with sending them out too early is that many people move and change their addresses but don’t update them on their surveys and projects wind up getting lots of returned mail. It happened to me on my previous Kickstarter. The surveys will be going out though once we are ready to ship!
      Also, as far as staying up to date with what’s going on, don’t forget there is an update section to the Kickstarter where you can see what’s up. Also our Facebook page and Instagram @DrawingBloodComic are regularly updated with news and sneak peeks of the book in progress. Hope that helps!

    35. Missing avatar

      Brian Flinn on

      Hi all,
      Apparently KS had an issue with my email on their end which kept some notifications from coming thru. It’s all squared away now and I’m contacting all the projects I’ve backed and/or not heard from to let them know I’m still here. If the product is still in production, no worries. If not, I am contacting you to see if I still need to fill out a survey. Thx. - Brian

    36. Missing avatar

      Kaleb Barrett

      Sounds great. Thank you for the prompt response. I don’t use facebook or instagram or any of that stuff so Kickstarter updates are a good idea for weirdos like me.

      Don’t draw too fast! I can be patient for a quality project like this.
      Looking forward to seeing that comic!

    37. Ben Bishop Collaborator on

      Hey Kaleb! things are coming along great. If you're following us on Instagram @DrawingBloodComic or on facebook. I'm sure you've seen the pages churning out. The January estimated deadline for the entire trade paperback of vol. 1 was probably a bit over enthusiastic on our parts, BUT the good news is the issue #1, 24 page comic is being released to every one of you backers this month if all goes according to plan. The art is just about wrapped and it's being colored and lettered as we speak. So you can look forward to that. As far as an ultimate deadline for the full, physical book, keep an eye on those links I shared above as well as the Kickstarter updates as we will likely have a better, more realistic estimate for everyone soon! Rest assured it's all moving forward every single day. I'm drawing as fast as I can! :) Thanks for your continued excitement, support and patience on this project. We can't thank you all enough.

    38. Missing avatar

      Kaleb Barrett

      How are things coming along? Is a January delivery still the plan?

    39. Ben Bishop Collaborator on

      Hi Maarten!
      Yes, as a matter of fact! We’ve all been crazy busy actually making this thing and are putting together a good update for you. Going forward I’m going to try and break away from the drawing at least once a month to put together a hefty update for everyone.
      On that note, we just launched the official Instagram account @DrawingBloodComic and of course have the Facebook page, so make sure you’re following in those places for more up to the hour updates as things progress!

    40. Maarten de Koning on

      Hi fine folks,

      Is there an update planned soon? Just curious!


    41. Ben Bishop Collaborator on

      Thanks JAC! Enjoy! -Ben

    42. JAC on

      Just got "The Aggregate" in the mail... AWESOME!!! Can't wait to get into it!!

    43. Missing avatar

      Phill Warren

      Cant wait to read this and find out the truth about Shane Bookman after all the rumours (most of which he apparently started) going round the cons about him all these years...

    44. Missing avatar

      Jasan Cain on

      Thnx Ben as soon as I sent kickstarter an email all sudden the link to correct problem came back up useless news to you but u kind of pointed in right direction they need to fix there mail system lol anyway yay got all squared away

    45. Ben Bishop Collaborator on

      Thanks everyone for all the awesome congratulations comments and continuing enthusiasm. Running a kickstarter, especially one as crazy as this one, is absolutely a full time job and me and David and Kevin, and Kevin's team Eastman folks are thoroughly wiped out! Haha I keep refreshing and checking the kickstarter page, it's a reflex after 30 days. I think we're going to take a couple days to unplug and get some new and exciting Drawing Blood things together for you all. So please understand if we don't reply AS immedietly as you're used to. We will get back to each and every question and "thank you" as soon as we can. You are all amazing and we are so excited to bring you this story behind the stories! Stay Radical!

    46. Ben Bishop Collaborator on

      Jaroslaw, thank you! We're working on some ideas to put additional stock of the books up for sale incase anyone needed to grab more copies. Not sure if it will be a backer kit or not, but we will keep you posted. We're already getting lots of emails from some who missed the kickstarter or would like to add more, so stay tuned. We're working on some solutions. In the meantime you can LIKE and follow our Facebook page for the book and we will surely post there once we get something going!

    47. Ben Bishop Collaborator on

      Hi Jasan. Unfortunately there's not much we can do on our end. But try contacting and asking them for help. Also if you are logged in, go to your account and double check that your card information is all correct. I'm sure they will or have sent you an email notifying you the payment didn't go through and suggesting some ways of fixing it. I hope it gets resolved! Sorry I can't be much more help on this front.

    48. Bob Tkacik on

      CONGRATULATIONS GUYS!! kevin you created one of my all time favorite franchises and ben is a good friend whos work im proud to support!! im very excited to read about all of your crazy adventures and anecdotes

    49. Missing avatar

      Jasan Cain on

      Can anyone help my pledge is saying error status and it didn't go through my account Thanks

    50. Peter L Brown

      Looking forward to the book... Congratulations on making and exceeding the goals...

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