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Our goal is to draw attention to our talented and vibrant music community and perhaps propel a few to a National audience.
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Our project is to rise our brothers up and put a full community of support behind our local and vibrant musicians.  We have started with encouraging our local musicians to bring new songs to the table to critique and to learn from each other in an atmosphere of shared understanding. Our hopes are to propel a few of our local artists to the attention of many and perhaps on a national level draw some focus to our lively artistic community.

The "Bring it to the Table Sessions" are loosely based on the efforts of Jack Hardy and Fast Folk magazine. The magazine acted as a singer/songwriter cooperative, and was an outlet for singer/songwriters to release their first recordings.

Inspired by Fast Folk we have created the "Bring it to the Table Sessions" to give writers a chance to perform to their peers, work on songs in front of an audience, and receive feedback from fellow musicians and music lovers alike.

We are documenting the whole process from start to finish with a goal of producing a quality recording to represent our music community. The filming of this endeavor will also allow us to represent our community in a different format. Both will be produced in high quality as to put our best foot forward and to represent our artists in a professional manner.

Of course this will all take monies to create a quality representation of our musicians and hence our Kick Starter request. All money raised will go directly to our Collaborative Artist Network and all our accounting will be transparent and open to the public. All monies will be recycled and put into further projects.


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