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The Trio is going into the studio. This album is a collaboration of all original songs... breakbeat, hard-bop, ballads, and fun!
The Trio is going into the studio. This album is a collaboration of all original songs... breakbeat, hard-bop, ballads, and fun!
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Shipping today!

Hey Guys!

This project is now coming to a close. We have our 500 albums, plenty of gigs, and a bit of press coming our way. I'm putting these in the mail to all of you who got physical copies, and they should be arriving next week (unless your in Germany or Canada, not sure how long that takes).

Please, listen to the CD, give us some feedback on the various social media networks, and keep on listening to great music out there. Thank you again for your support!!!! this would not have been possible without you!

P.S. check out what the Tucson Weekly had to say about us!:

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Album is in Production!

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To The Last Minute

This Is The Last Time, I promise! (seriously, it ends at 10 am this morning).

I ask, in your crusty eyed and coffee filled mornings today, that you send a link to this to 1 person you either know likes jazz, or someone who you think could appreciate this project and possibly back it like you did.

Tomorrow, we go back to the studio for the final Mix/Master. Artwork, By Anthony Martinez, has already been narrowed down, and we have also narrowed it down to 2 printing houses ( and ).

If you got it by download, you'll be receiving an email from us with the download codes from

Again, forward this to a friend, and you'll be in our debt forever (um... or the other way around...:)

Sincereley, Collin

Funded, But Further Donations Needed From Your Friends!!

Hey Folks,

I can't begin to thank you all for your generosity and support. You've helped me bring a dream of mine to reality. This album has been in the front my mind for so long, and now it is on the verge of LIFE!

We recorded 26 takes of these 11 songs in the 5 and 1/2 hours that we spent on April 16th at Mattlind Studio. (Thanks Gary and Frank) At this point, we have picked the top takes and a solid idea of song order, now we need to push it to make the album art, finely tune and mix the "chosen ones", upload the tracks to DiscMakers, and await the rest of the process.

Now this is where we could use just a bit more help from you. Just because we've reached the goal doesn't mean that further donations aren't necessary. Every bit allows for things to be of that much higher quality. Better design, more time for the mixing to get it sounding absolutely perfect, more effective promotion, and all the other things that help the album be a success. please, tell at least one of your friends and ask them to watch the video, find a reward they like, and support our project



Straight Up Trio

Hey everyone! Thank you so much for your support! We are really grateful!

Unfortunately, Shawn couldn't make it to the studio on the recording date. We will miss his playing, but I must tell you, we got the sound and the takes that are exactly what we wanted. Still all original, diverse, and now includes a sweet ballad that we resurrected from 2010 called "Your Funny Things" :)

Everything is going as planned, and everything is on schedule. Stay Tuned!