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A deck building game set 200 years in the future in which teams of Greek gods compete for the title of Invictus.
A deck building game set 200 years in the future in which teams of Greek gods compete for the title of Invictus.
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Add-On Update and Sharing

Posted by Tachyon Games (Creator)

UPDATE: We are now at 70% complete at $16,180 from 322 backers. You guys are amazing! Let's push for $17,000!

Hello Olympians!

Thank so much everyone for taking the time to answers all 3 surveys regarding new add-ons! After a lot of research and reviewing the survey results, we have decided to include the center playmat as an add-on option for everyone at $25 a piece. Please keep in mind that our illustrator, Alexander Levett, is working hard to create a beautiful design that will include an epic battle between the Gods of Olympus. Currently, the design is pending but we wanted let you know that the image will be viewable soon (and will not disappoint) and that if you'd like to include a playmat or two to your pledge you most certainly can.

We are also happy to announce that we have updated the t-shirt and hoodie sections, as well. T-shirt add-ons can now be purchased in 4 different colors (charcoal, white, red, and royal blue) with 7 different options for the Invictus symbol color (red, orange, lemon, green, baby blue, gold, and silver). Hoodies are available in black with the same 7 symbol color options. Both t-shirts and hoodies are incredible quality and are comfortable, breathable, and durable.

As always, we want to emphasize how important sharing is in making Invictus a success. If we want Invictus to achieve its goal of $23,000, we need to "share, share, and share some more!" Remember, if everyone is thinking that someone else will share then no one is sharing. We are currently at 800 points on our Social Media Stretch Goals! If 67 out of 322 backers shared our campaign on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, we will easily unlock Hades and another reinforcement. We know you can do it and we are so thankful for your generous help already!

  •  4 Points - Share on INSTAGRAM - Please use #Invictus, #Kickstarter, and @tachyongamesllc in your post. We also recommend that you comment or private message us after sharing on Instagram. 
  • 3 Points - Share on FACEBOOK - Please use #Invictus, #Kickstarter, and @Tachyon Games in your post. 

** If you have any difficulty using the Facebook link, we recommend following the directions online here. 

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