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"Life is but a blue dream..."

About this project

Tabetha Xavier - Writer

A recent Dartmouth College graduate who was a favorite student both of Bill Phillips in screenwriting and of Jamie Horton in Theater, Tabetha Xavier, presently lives and works in NYC.

Professional Writing History
"Where the Shadows Live" (Producer Jed Bernstein hosted Staged Reading 2011), (Access Theater Open Access Reading Series 2010) "Porch Swing" (Fall Mainstage Production Dartmouth College 2011) "Gum Will Rot your Teeth" (Kornaber and Brown sold Short Film Script 2010)

Winner of the 2009 Ruth & Loring Dodd Play Contest (“Fold the Close”)
Winner of the 2010 Ruth & Loring Dodd Play Contest (“Sit-In”)
Byrd Scholarship, Merrimack Scholarship
Acting I Academic Citation (Dartmouth College)
Screenwriting I Academic Citation (Dartmouth College)
Grand Prize 2010 Alexander Laing Screenwriting Award (“Wedlocked”)
Grand Prize 2011 Alexander Laing Screenwriting Award (“Black Veil”)
2nd Place 2011 Alexander Laing Screenwriting Award (“Butterflies”)
Warner Bentley and Henry B. Williams Fellowship 


Olivia Baptista - Caroline

Olivia graduated from Dartmouth College in June and was on a plane two days later to assist in directing Shakespeare's AS YOU LIKE IT in Bosnia, which later toured all over the Balkans! After her success in the debut of "It Could Be", Olivia is thrilled to be reunited with Chris for this current production! Following her work in Bosnia, Olivia backpacked around Europe with her brother and eventually wound up with an equally exciting life in NYC!

Jamie Horton - Henry

Before joining the Dartmouth faculty as Associate Professor of Theater in 2006, Jamie Horton was a principal member of the Tony Award-winning Denver Center Theatre Company for 23 years, where he played leading roles in over eighty productions. Film and television credits include “Lovestreams” by John Cassavetes, “Double Obsession,” “Wavelength,” “Perry Mason,” “Land of Little Rain” with Helen Hunt, “Prison for Children” with John Ritter, and a small role in Steven Spielberg's "Lincoln."

Christian Kohn - Dr. Williams

Christian has taught Acting and Workshops at the Chicago Center for the Performing Arts, Josephine Forsberg’s Players Workshop, Northern Illinois University, American Shakespeare Centre and the University of Chicago's Court Theatre. He has acted in over one hundred productions as a professional stage artist, working prolifically in Americas top two theatre markets - Chicago 1998 – 2003 and New York from 2003 to the present. Christian Kohn has performed in 19 states and three countries from Broadway to the urban storefront space; from the year long tour to summer stock.

Christopher I Ivanyi - Director

Chris brings his unique vision and colorful insight everywhere he goes! He attended the American Film Institute directing program, and is well accomplished in the short film genre.  His recent short films have played in several film festivals. He has directed theater both here in New England and in Hawaii, and is an avid photographer. His real passion is giving voice to regional writers through film and theater. He presently works at Dartmouth College. 

Bill Philips - Director of Photography

Bill has been making films for forty years as a screenwriter for most of the Hollywood studios, cable companies and networks, and as a filmmaker, cameraman, and director for NASA, the National Park Service, General Dynamics, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, The U.S. Olympics, Dartmouth Medical School and Paramount Pictures. He teaches at Dartmouth and freelances in many aspects of filmmaking.

Laurie Churba Kohn - Production Designer

Laurie brings with her amazing talent and resource to this film! She was an assistant costume designer on Saturday Night Live for 11 seasons, and has designed for several independent films. Her costume designs have been seen on Broadway and in many of the leading theaters in the US.

Roy Prendergast - Composer

Roy is a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Musical Branch and a member of the Motion Picture Editors Guild. He has been awarded two Primetime “Emmys” from the Television Academy of Arts and Sciences for Music Editor. Roy has an impressive resume working with major Hollywood studios and most television networks.

Matt Bucy - Lighting 

Matt Bucy, a celebrated local talent, is one of the founding members of WRIF (White River International Film fest). Matt has worked on a number of feature films and is currently involved in the creation of Ultra a new internet series.

Joel Yeaton - Editor

Joel Yeaton is a professional filmmaker who works as an editor, colorist, and motion graphics artist. Working out of the greater Boston area, Yeaton has been editing a wide variety of professional video content for television and the web for the past several years. Credits include multiple short films featured in the festival circuit (Sundance, SXSW, & Florida film festivals),as well as work for companies such as American Airlines, Verizon Wireless, Ocean Spray, Hellmanns, Life is good, Ray Ban, Fiat USA, Chrysler, Country Music Television Network, & Alcoholics Anonymous.

Ben Silberfarb - Executive Producer

Ben Silberfarb’s interest in film began at an early age when his parent’s frequented art films brought to the local college's film society. His interest continued through college where he studied under the screenwriter John Michael Hayes (Rear Window, To Catch a Thief, etc) and Bill Phillips (Christine, The Beans of Egypt, Maine, etc). He holds a Masters from Yale University and has produced a feature film as well as written and directed many short films, documentaries and commercials.

Shannon Delaney - Producer

Shannon brings a curious and engaging, "try anything at least once spirit" to the production. Her degree is in materials/fiber science from Cornell University and she has been working in apparel/material product development for outdoor companies such as Patagonia, Hot Chillys, Ibex. "I have found that once you produce one thing, all of the same processes have to take the product from idea state to physical, movies....not a whole lot of difference, really."

Mark E Merrill - Producer

Mark brings to the production a diverse set of talents. When not making films, he is engaged full-time with a local community arts organization in downtown White River Junction. While studying filmmaking at SFAI, Mark worked closely with the iconic George Kuchar on a number of his feature films.


About our project

The concept for White Lies, Blue Dream had been brewing in the back of my mind for some time. This idea found me when I was buried in other projects, but I couldn't quite let it go. For months, it existed solely in the form of scrawled notes and loose sketches. It was the pairing of actors Jamie Horton and Olivia Baptista that inspired me to finally develop the rough concept into a polished script. I've been hoping to work with both actors for some time, and they fit so seamlessly into this story line. With that gentle nudge, it seemed to me that I had to write this short film. I felt I owed it to the idea, that had so patiently been biding it's time. 

Once we had a script, Christopher Ivanyi, Shannon Delaney, and Bill Phillips joined the project, and everything else has just fallen into place. I'm honored that so many talented professionals feel drawn to this story. I've seen it play, over and over, so many times in my mind -- it's hard to believe that, with your help, the idea will finally come to life!

Your generous financial support will help our volunteer cast and crew create the best short film possible! Your contribution will make possible our seven day shoot helping to pay for our production costs including meals, transportation, housing, insurance costs, costumes and prop rentals. Any left over donations will help towards the distribution of our film to film festivals. Again, thank you for your support and taking an interest in this project!


Tabetha Xavier 

Risks and challenges

"We’re all fighting our own demons. Some people just let their crazy sneak out...and they can’t find a way to lure it back inside" - Tabetha Xavier "White Lies, Blue Dream"

Our biggest challenge is finding the right location. We are working every possible angle and are confident that it will come through for us in the end. Wish us luck with finding it. If we don't find an actual mental institution, we will use spaces that we can dress to make it appear like a mental institution. So it will happen!

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