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Volume three of a 40 page periodical about interaction design by Jon Bell and Lukas Mathis.

We're going to self-publish a 40 page softcover book using the folks at We did it before. Twice! This is volume three.

We're limiting the run to 102 copies. One for me, one for Lukas, and one for each of our 100 backers. We won't do additional runs of this volume, so it really is a limited release.

Also, if you back this project, we'll send you a digital copy of volumes one and two so you have the full set.

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Collaborations are harder than solo work.
Shipping 100 books takes effort.
We're currently shipping volume two, so our time will be split between finishing that up and writing volume three.
We've gotten pretty good at this - we were shipping volume one when volume two started, and it worked out great. We're going to do the same thing this time.


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