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Volume one of a 40 page periodical about interaction design by the creators of and Read more

Seattle, WA Periodicals
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This project was successfully funded on October 9, 2012.

Volume one of a 40 page periodical about interaction design by the creators of and

Seattle, WA Periodicals
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About this project

I wrote for a while and decided to take it offline. But I still love writing, and I love the idea of having a tiny 100 person audience.

I asked Lukas Mathis, of fame, if he'd be interested in something similar. He said yes, so now we've got ourselves a collaboration!

We're going to self-publish a 40 page softcover book using the folks at Each copy is $6.31, so we'll charge $10 per book to cover shipping. 

We're printing 102 copies. One for me, one for Lukas, and 100 for some of our closest friends. We won't do any additional runs, but we are planning on multiple volumes.

The content will be similar to what we write on our blogs. If you like our writing  online, we'll do our best to make sure you like the book too :)

(Note: if you're outside the US, you still only need to pay $10, but a couple extra bucks is appreciated to help pay international shipping costs. Thanks!)

Risks and challenges

I've never used before.
Collaborations are harder than solo work.
We haven't written any of the content yet.
Shipping 100 books is going to take some effort.
Maybe the book won't have any of the appeal of our blogs.

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  • Maybe we'll bundle up a few volumes in the future, but there are no plans for a digital copy at this time.

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