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Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Jan 15 2015
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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Jan 15 2015


Rabbit was very young when he witnessed the brutal killing of his brother. That was the day that he left the fields and moved into the City Of Animals where he became a dancer, a gigolo, and a bouncer in bars.

Follow Rabbit as he plows through years of failed friendships, alcoholism, embezzlement, poverty, hypocrisy, promiscuity, violence, supernatural misunderstandings and physical decay.

What is the plan?

I am planning to turn a book that I have written (RABBIT) into a graphic novel. Rabbit is currently in the form of a 45-page novella. The first draft was written ten years ago. It has never been published. Very few people have seen it, with the exception of select passages that I presented at the Los Angeles Hammer Museum in 2007. My goal is to create and enhance the world of RABBIT through illustration. The writing style is lean and fast, like a rabbit. Little time is wasted. The visual style is inspired by xeroxed nightclub-flyers of the 1980’s and my own newspaper drawings.

Story Excerpts:

- "Rabbit's dream: Rabbit stood on a cliff next to an Angel. The Angel introduced him to a Woman who was so tall that Rabbit could only see up to her belt. The Woman said to the Rabbit, “I am going to give you a gift. I am going to give you a power. Choose a power and it will be yours.” A thousand possibilities raced through Rabbit’s head. He tried to concentrate on flying, stopping time, or being invisible. When the word “Vulgarity” popped into his head, the Woman said, “You have chosen” and disappeared. Rabbit turned to the Angel and asked “Vulgarity?” “You have the gift of vulgarity,” said the Angel."

- "Rabbit asked the Rat to hire Crow as a bartender. Rat was reluctant at first because she had been a drug addict. Rabbit reminded Rat that all of his bartenders were drug addicts. Rat insisted that none of them had been when he’d hired them."

- "The impoverished periods in his life had taken their toll on his teeth. They were completely rotten by this point. Any cool drink or slight breeze that came in contact with his open mouth would torture him. No one could tell. He would just stand up a little straighter. Rabbit believed in tooth decay. It inspired him."

Why take this approach?

The story was completed in 2003. Variations on the first 5 pages were completed in 2011. It has proven difficult to develop this project without support.

I believe Rabbit is the best story that I have ever written. I hope to finish it with your help.

Thank you.

Risks and challenges

I believe that there is not much risk in this, I'm just one guy, so sickness or unforeseen issues could delay me, but that's the only thing.

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