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Smartest AI room diffuser yet
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Battery Update and Correspondence

Posted by Scentee Inc. (Creator)
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Dear backers,

My name is Koki, CEO of Scentee.

In our last update, we mentioned that we are taking the batteries off the device, and making it run on AC cable only.

This has made a lot of you disappointed. Even though I like the generation with lithium ion battery as a CEO and I would. But I am very sorry to anounce that we've decided not to include it for this version.

First of all, the main reason we announced such update before finishing the campaign is we want to deliver the product to all users in the world by the time we promised to do so. We've got pledges from more than 30 countries from around the world, and for this we've been searching carefully in advance for the all shipping options to such regions in the world. However, for some countries found a difficulty in shipping worldwide because of the air shipping regulations these days. The shipping issue is the main cause for such decision.

Well, I really want to do something responsing to your warm words , feedbak and special support for the pledge for the project. Let me suggest you to refund the battery cost, 10 USD for each device for all.

The decision not to include lithium ion battery for this generation doesn’t mean we will never include them in future models. As soon as we finish all preparing for the shipping, we may produce the version with lithium ion battery version again.

Of course, some people may cancel the pledge in disappointment to our decision, and I am sorry for that.

Lastly, we are of course producing the device itself, cloud, and app all together every day to the best in our factory to deliver you this product by the date of delivery.

Thank you for your all support and we promise to deliver you this product soon.

 Koki Tsubouchi

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