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All About Fragrances

Posted by Scentee Inc. (Creator)

Dear Backers,

Finally the update you have been waiting for! A lot of you have been asking about fragrances, and we are here to clear things up.

Scented Papers 

When we were preparing for the campaign, we came upon a problem...How will you know if the scents are good or not? Scents are hard to describe with words and each person smell a scent in a different way. We each have a unique way of smelling things. So we decided to send each of you scented papers that contain all 14 scents for you to choose from! This way we will make sure that you receive the scent you like

We are very sorry that the writing wasn’t clear in the rewards. Scented papers will arrive somewhere in April.

Fragrance bottle boxes
Fragrance bottle boxes


Fragrance Composition & Manufacturing 

We have partnered with a huge Japanese fragrance manufacturer to manufacture fragrances specially for the Scentee Machina device. Which means that any other liquids will damage it. sorry. We know that a lot of you want to use their own fragrances and essential oil, but we have to keep it this way to ensure you enjoy Scentee Machina for as long as you can. We went as far as to obtain safety data sheets for each fragrance, just to make sure that each fragrance is safe, and doesn’t include toxic materials.

That being said, we want to HEAR FROM YOU! We have a few more scents up our sleeves, but we want to hear from you what kind of scents do you really want?

Image of the Safety Data Sheets. There is one for each fragrance. (Sorry for the blurriness, we can't disclose all the information in it)
Image of the Safety Data Sheets. There is one for each fragrance. (Sorry for the blurriness, we can't disclose all the information in it)


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    1. Scentee Inc. Creator on

      @Jedi Master
      Thanks for the proposals.

      We will be collaborating with fragrance/aroma manufacturers in different regions around the world to facilitate selling scents that are proper to those regions.

      We will include SDS in the packages in the final shipment.

    2. Shaq Shaq

      Here are my scent proposals:

      Palo Santo

    3. Shaq Shaq

      If the Scentee Machina specifically uses it's own fragrance. What is your retail projection for all of the different scents after the campaign ends per unit?

      Secondly, I'm concerned that the information on your SDS are not fully disclosed. Any essential oil on the market has a SDS. Will a SDS accompany the final shipment? What happens if I accidentally break a bottle, should o seek medical advice? Please clarify!