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Two men years ago sold their souls to the Devil to better their lives but ultimately were deceived. This is the story of their struggle

I'm working on a project about two men who years ago sold their souls to the devil in order to better their lives. However, what the devil promised to them never happened. Instead he deceived them and gave them an ultimatum: spending their lives committed to caring out his tasks of evil deeds or spending eternity in hell.

The two men obviously choose to commit to the devil and caring out these sinister tasks and along the way develop a friendship with one another that ultimately is based off of their love for movies and directors!

The two men have no consequences for their actions of debauchery so while caring out the devil's sinister deeds they blatantly disregard others. All the while relating to their circumstances with trivia and commentary from each characters favorite movies.

This project is not necessarily a movie about blood and guts, if you will, but rather uncovering the treacherous and torturous life that us as individuals can commit ourselves to. We ultimately have the choice of choosing how we live our lives, but along the way, find that we're stuck in a spot that we directed ourselves into. Upon evaluating our options of accepting who we are and making a commitment to change, we tend to turn towards the easy way out! Even if the easy way out is a life committed to practicing heinous acts of evil.

I need funds to make this vision I have become possible and am trying to use all the resources I have to achieve this! Please Help me make this possible by backing my project!!


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