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$10,536 pledged of $50,000 goal
By Mo Cohen
$10,536 pledged of $50,000 goal

How's it going?!


Hi all! I'll keep this brief because I keep most of my content on Patreon nowadays, but I wanted to send this update to as many folks as I could reach!

When I first started this Kickstarter, the topic of trans women and trans femme representation was brought up quite a bit.  I wrote a blog post about learning how to have good representation of trans women and trans femmes (for folks who aren't), but wasn't able to post it because I was trying to get it on a specific publication I admire.  It's much later than I'd hope for, but that opportunity has officially fallen through so I'm taking this chance to post the (way too late) blog on our Tumblr (as well as our Patreon).  I am slowly having more conversations with other folks from minority groups about representation, and plan on writing more about these experiences (next up/currently in progress is a post about representing people with disabilities in games).  Other game dev progress will be posted to the Patreon only, but I will keep this series about representation available to all on Tumblr.

Thanks so much for following along!  If you are bummed about the Kickstarter failing and have a dollar a month to spare (or 3 bux a month to give input on our design decisions), consider giving to our Patreon!

Best Wishes!

- Mo and the Team <3

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