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The project is to write and publish the stories of 6 pickup basketball players.
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Welcome friend. My name is George. You may know me as the 1998 Medina County Fair Free Throw Shooting Contest Champion. But I'm here to talk about something more important today. Let me tell you about The Pickup Basketball Journalism Project. Did you know that every day, there are hundreds of pickup basketball games being played around the world. There are, and every one of those games is a story and each of the players in those games has his own story. That's what the Pickup Basketball Blog Project is all about. I currently am the editor for a blog that is devoted to covering a special game of basketball that is played near San Diego California. The game is played at lunch time, and so I've called the blog "Lunchsketball". I tell you about the games, the players, and the world that we live in. It’s a growing blog, but I want to make it grow faster. 

In particular, I'd like to add a lot more player bios to my site. Right now there are 11 player bios on the blog. but there are many more players who play important roles, but have no mention on the blog. Players like Jacob. Or Franklin, players that you really need to know about.  

I plan to bring their stories to the world, but there are substantial costs associated with a project like this. Did you know that these blog posts are typically written in coffee shops? Coffee is what fuels bloggers, and my friends, if you have been to Starbucks recently, you know then that blog posts aren't free. Bloggers are just like your car. They need fuel. Occasionally  in addition to a coffee, I require an Old Fashioned Donut as well, to really get the into the zone, and craft a particularly special piece of journalism. This can make a blog post require $5 worth of fuel. 

To get this project rolling, I'm trying to raise $60, which would cover the costs of 6 new player bios. I'll use your money to buy coffee and donuts, and you'll see content on this blog. As a reward, for those of you who can contribute at least $5 (about half the cost of fuel for a full blog post), I'll even send you a signed coffee sleeve, just as a way of saying thank you for your confidence in my project. So please, give me a try, and enjoy a world with better pickup basketball journalism. 

Risks and challenges

As with any publishing project, an inherent risk is that there could be nothing to publish. The blogger may have writer's block. It is a challenge to come up with new material on a regular basis, but that is precisely the most important factor of any publishing/creative endeavor. No amount of technological upgrades will overcome old-fashioned laziness.

Well, just check out In the past, given the proper resources, this blogger has demonstrated to ability to generate new, original content on quite a regular basis, and with the help of fine coffee and donut goods, there should be no trouble going forward either.

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