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When the caped heroes of the world's safest city inexplicably all turn into homicidal lunatics, no one is safe.
When the caped heroes of the world's safest city inexplicably all turn into homicidal lunatics, no one is safe.
4,194 backers pledged $117,660 to help bring this project to life.


Gail here, again!

Sorry for so many updates but HOLY MOLEY WE ALL DID THIS TOGETHER!

Not only did we smash our minimum goals and stretch goal after stretch goal, we also beat the CYBERFORCE record for pledge raising on a straight comic book project (all due respect to those wonderful people!).

Jim and I are totally out of words to express our gratitude. We just can't believe it.

NONE of this would have happened without you guys. Not just the financial support, which was obviously huge, but also all the spreading of the word, and the helpful suggestions and criticisms and advice. You guys have made us feel completely humbled and astounded every single day for the past month.

YOU guys proved that people want original, creator-owned, quality comics. You proved that a book doesn't have to be a crossover or a variant to be a success. 

Just thank you, THANK YOU!

We'll be sharing fun stuff as we go on. But for right now, all we can say is...



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    1. kickstartmyheart on

      you guys are awesome, very happy for your success!

    2. Missing avatar

      Patrick Sinclair on

      I can't get over how special it feels to be a part of this. :)

    3. Missing avatar

      Patrick Sinclair on

      For not being someone who makes a lot, this project has been a joy to follow and contribute to. I think the return for the contributions were priced very well making it so someone could afford to contribute and feel like and know they helped when they see the final product. I know I'm excited. I'm glad so many were able to contribute so much that we reached almost all of the stretch goals and it is going to expand the depth and feel of the project. With all the goals we achieved, it really feels like we made something special, more than a graphic novel, this is a collectors set.

    4. Prelude2Cinema on

      So glad you made and surpassed your goal. I am glad to be a backer and can't wait to read the novel.

    5. Missing avatar

      Thor Dymond on

      I'm so happy to be part of this. Consider my contribution a personal thank you for the years of joy and entertainment your words and works have brought to me.

    6. Gaf, Lilia and Zavier

      Congrats, guys. You deserve this. WE DESERVE THIS. Gimme teh book now.

    7. Jamie Jeans on

      I am happy to be a part of this project and I was really glad to see your last minute update on tumblr. It's honestly going to be exciting to see what you can do outside of DC with characters of your own design, and without having to worry about a greater continuity.

    8. Erica Schmitt

      Perhaps this is obvious, but we love your work too, Gail and Jim! Congrats!

    9. Ronnie M on

      Congratulations, Gail and Jim. This will be my first experience with your work. I'm looking forward to it.

    10. Robert Driskell on

      Didnt have much doubt would hit goal but you guys crushed it...look forward to getting the book...congrats

    11. Every1talks on

      Congratulations, I look forward to reading this epic advanture!

    12. C. S. Jones on

      I think Gail and Jim deserve a lot of credit, too. Of course they're both talented, but they also have a reputation with the comic book community that is greatly respected (go to the cons and you'll see). They're both very personable and that makes all the difference. Thank you both for this opportunity to participate in something truly great!

    13. Maya K on



      Yes cheers!! So excited and can't wait to hold this beautiful book in my hands.

    15. G_Q

      Congrats Gail/Jim! You guys definitely rock and you continually show why the fans love you!

    16. Missing avatar

      James Tichy on


      Man, I love Kickstarter for allowing projects like this to see the light of day. The best part is that it's diverse! Wether it's an all ages book like Molly Danger or a survival horror book like are supporting them. I have a feeling things will only be getting better.

      Congrats Gail and Jim! You guys deserve it!

    17. Monty on

      Hope you are both enjoying a glass of Champagne !! (or beer...or wine..)

    18. Monty on

      Love the updates !!!

    19. Andrew R on

      Eagerly awaiting the final product.

    20. Leonard Pace on

      Awesome! Am thrilled to be part of this that break record.. I have no doubt that you both will deliver the best work! Keep us post! :o)

    21. Peter Palmiotti on

      Congrats again, you guys ROCK!

    22. Eric N Bennett

      Agreed. It's our pleasure to help you meet and exceed the goal for this. It's going to be an amazing product, and we're looking forward to it!!

    23. Chuck Marshall on

      Good ideas will always attract interest. Great jobs guys, can't wait to get the book (and the commission from Jim)!

    24. Eric Ramirez on

      Congratulations Guys!

    25. Twix on

      Thank you for letting us be a part of it.

    26. Antonio Garcia

      You're welcome, Gail!