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When the caped heroes of the world's safest city inexplicably all turn into homicidal lunatics, no one is safe.
When the caped heroes of the world's safest city inexplicably all turn into homicidal lunatics, no one is safe.
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It's been a long road, but--


We're happy to say that Volume 2 of Leaving Megalopolis is officially on.

 After a lot of discussion and thought, Gail and I decided it would be best to continue the Megalopolis story at Dark Horse Comics. Dark Horse published the retail edition of volume one and they were great to work with. You might've seen the Comic Book Resources interview with Gail and I announcing volume 2. If not, here's the link.

The interview has some info on the new book to hopefully whet your appetite. It was a decision on which we went back and forth, and the discussions with DH were not brief. In the end we knew going through a publisher would benefit the book, not the least of which is freeing us up to concentrate on getting the story done. A regular schedule will help with that, and also allow us to tell a longer, deeper story. The Kickstarter experience was wonderful. We appreciated all the support and hope it will continue as the saga of Megalopolis goes forward. And neither Gail or I are done with the Kickstarter community, I'm sure. Leaving Megalopolis Vol 2: Surviving Megalopolis will be a six issues series. We've already started work, and in fact I just finished drawing the first issue's 22 pages. It's fun, deliciously frightening stuff; Gail and I are excited to continue the story.

And you can see here, page one, we start on some familiar territory.
And you can see here, page one, we start on some familiar territory.

The book hits stands in January of 2016; please let your local comic shop know you're looking forward to it so they're sure to order it. We hope you'll stay with us on this dark ride.  


 The last stretch goal of Volume 1, the bonus story, is done too. 

It's an eight page story telling some of the sadistic speedster Fleet's backstory. It's being colored and lettered now, and when ready it'll be available at Comixology for free. And for those of you hoping for a DRM-free version (PDF,etc), that site now offers that option too. When the story is up on Comixology, there will be another update.

Lastly, another big THANK YOU from Gail and I. We've said it before but not enough, how much your support (and patience) has been appreciated. Seriously, there definitely would have been no Leaving Megalopolis without you.



Been a bit since the last update; Gail and I are trying to clear time to continue our saga, but it's the busy season. Gail's got a lot of commitments; and I've been doing a bunch of tight-deadline help on Red Lanterns (just finished some pages for 34 and starting FUTURE'S END, RL's bit of the DCU jump-ahead-in-time event). Hopefully we'll have some concrete news for you soon. And there's the time-consuming conventions. San Diego this weekend. We'll be there. Gail should be signing at the various publishers; and I'm at my regular booth, 4301 in hall F. Come by and see us. I'll have copies of the KS edition for sale for any of your friends who missed the campaign.

Those backers still waiting on some of the guest artist sketches, I'm working hard at being a pest. I'll be picking up several more at SDCC.

And I'm working at finishing up the full commissions. It seems like every time I start, an editor calls. But at least now all of them are in various stages of progress on the boards. I've attached one of my favorite completed ones below for some eye-candy. The HULK is my favorite character, but I never ever drew Doc Samson, so it was a lot of fun. The backer asked for him to look like he just went ten rounds with the Hulk.

Some of you might've noticed that the Dark Horse edition of LM has a release date, September 17th. Fingers crossed for good sales.

Lastly, I'm involved in another Kickstarter project by good friend industry pro Mark McKenna. I drew his children's book. (I know. Me? A children's book?) It's the next in his series of his own character BANANATAIL, a little monkey with, you guessed it, a yellow tail. The books are a lot of fun, and this is the halloween special. He has a low goal; just trying to cover printing. If you have some time, please take a look. (And forgive his wooden video presence; I told him he needs to get an actor to portray him.)  check it out here

Thanks for your patience, and enthusiasm. A lot of people have come up to us at shows and told us how much they love the book.

More soon. Promise.

Just a quick one...


A few days delay on the PDF. Several backers have said they'd be fine with a larger size file, so we're putting that together and giving everyone a choice. Production person has to regenerate, specifically marrying the 2-page spreads. It'll also mean a different delivery method, most likely Dropbox.

And thanks to those of you who notified us of e-mail address changes; Very helpful.

And lastly, to answer a couple questions about the bonus story: That is coming. When done, it'll be free to just pick up on Comixology. Any backers that requested the pdf will also get a notice about a free pdf version.



So far only a few backers have had trouble with the download. Several backers have said they didn't get the e-mail, but ended up finding it in their SPAM folders. So if you haven't got the e-mail yet, check there before messaging.

(For any specific problems, it's best to message. It's easier to reply to that.)

A couple backers had the problem I (Jim) had. I didn't realize I had to go to purchases and click download to get it transferred to my iPad.

And now the pdf…

For those of you who didn't want the Comixology copy, I have a PDF ready. I was working on getting the file size down; it's not small, but at least under 2mg. It'll be handled on a person by person basis. So, if you prefer the PDF over Comixology, MESSAGE me and I'll get one out to you. It'll be coming via Hightail (formerly Yousendit). Also, including your email in the message would be good.

 Digital only backers ($9 pledge level): No need to message. I have your survey responses.



Backers $9 and above should be receiving an e-mail today or tomorrow from Comixology with a code and directions on how to redeem for a copy of LM. It's pretty simple, and looks great on my iPad.

 I'm working on a pdf, dealing with file size right now.

And as promised, here's an alternate color scheme for the DH edition cover. It's super creepy, and had an interesting feel to it. But it was too much; looked like we were doing a ghost story... neon one at that. But I did like the red sky and had him bring some of that into the final version.