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The Trading Floor On Your Dining Room Table!
The Trading Floor On Your Dining Room Table!
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Daytrader on Indiegogo

Hello Backers!

Due to the inactivity and technical problems of the new site, JUMPSTARTCITY, I will be pulling Daytrader off and I have launched a new campaign on Indiegogo. Indiegogo is an established crowdfunding site much like kickstarter. It's reputable and has been battle tested, so there won't be any technical hiccups. Today is the first day of launch of Daytrader on indiegogo and I want to ask you to help support Daytrader by sharing the project with all your friends, family, co-workers and social networks to get us off the ground. There are facebook and twitter like/share buttons and a short link you can embed or email out as you please. Every little bit helps!

To quickly reiterate, Daytrader is still in a great position from kickstarter, the game is being made. The new funds will be applied to a larger first run size so we can get the game out to everyone who has shown an interest since kickstarter has ended. We are also creating a business around Daytrader to make sure it can be the best possible game and last well after the first run. So please, help us out and share the indiegogo page so it can succeed!




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    1. spoonofmilk on

      That's very reassuring to hear, Samir. Good luck with the remaining work and I'm sure we're all looking forward to seeing the final product!

    2. Samir Lyons Creator on

      Hi Ignacio,

      Don't worry, once the games are ready on the site I will send you a confirmation code to your email address that you will then use on the site to receive your reward. At that time you will put in your current address, or any shipping address, to where you would like the game sent.

      Everything is right on time for the November release as planned. Thanks!


    3. Ignacio Pallares Sevilla on

      Hi. When are you planning on shipping the game? I have recently moved to a new apt, will you be sending a mailing address confirmation email?

    4. Samir Lyons Creator on

      Hello All - After reading your comments about where the process is I want to apologize for the confusion and clarify a few things.

      We have been really busy getting all the designs finalized in the last few months. We have sent out all rewards that will not be on the site, designs are finalized and production of the game is under way, not only will all your games be ready by November as planned, but we are pushing hard to get them out by October, a month earlier. I can't promise October yet, but we are on schedule for Nov either way. The new campaign is simply to add to the original order, this will not delay the first games at all. I am fortunate enough to say that I received a tremendous amount of attention after kickstarter so I feel the need to expand everything I'm doing and turn the project into a business with much more inventory than originally planned.

      Again, very sorry for the confusion and I understand everyone's frustration, but this is crowdfunding forum so I wanted to let everyone know about our continued efforts to seek funding through crowdfunding. I hope this makes sense to everyone, if anyone has any further questions please email me directly and I'd be happy to discuss with you.

    5. Missing avatar

      JBC on

      You should have fulfilled you initial obligation instead of taking our money and deciding to try and expand. This is B/S, how do you expect anyone to trust you on another website when you obviously didn't stay true to your word on this one.

    6. Nathan Hobbs on

      I agree with all the comments below, I don't want to see an update about needed more money for the game I helped back months ago. I want to see an update regarding the game I backed in terms of printing and things moving along, not other fundraising stuff...I mean is the game even gonna come close to the date that was given? Nov? I'd like an update regarding that, not something asking for more money...

    7. Missing avatar

      Dakota Wolff Nicolucci on

      Yeah, if you didn't receive enough funding to legitimately get the game made you should have shared that with us a LONG time ago. I understand if you need more funding, but obviously you have to see from a backer perspective this does not put you, or your kick starter in a good light.

      I for one am excited for you game, but this makes me feel a little bit betrayed. Not meeting the projected deadline is one thing, but to ask for MORE money in another site is straight disingenuous. Please make another post better clarifying what stage you are currently in and what problems you are having. I don't think anyone wants to assume you are doing something shady, but if you don't explain yourself better it's going to be hard pressed for any of us to believe you.

      Hope you get your act together before this becomes a bigger issue than it should. Look forward to seeing a new update very soon from you :)

    8. Jason on

      Wait, so what does this mean? Will we still be getting the game anytime soon or do we have to wait for the Indiegogo campaign to finish before they go into production? This is kind of unfair to those of us on Kickstarter here :(

      Wouldn't it be better to produce and ship the game out to those of us who already 'ordered' our set so we can actually play with it and then spread the word out instead of trying to get a "larger first run size"...? Kind of tough for us to recommend to anyone else without having tried the game firsthand especially since we've already been waiting for a while with very little updates on what's been going on.

    9. James Matchett on

      Yeah whats the deal, all the social media outlets have been quiet for a few months now. Have there been any updates to the proof you received back in April? Is the game in production now?

    10. Missing avatar

      Chad on

      Agree with Joseph, please provide an update to the people who have been here since the beginning.

    11. Missing avatar


      Are you holding off printing the game until after the indiegogo project? I feel this is misrepresenting the money you needed to fund the game. Will the Nov delivery date be met? because if it's not and you're seeking more funding this could be a issue, It's been 4 months and the only update we have recieved is about getting more money.