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Tenacious New York City cyclists resist and challenge their city and police department in defense of the Right to Assemble... on bikes!

Tenacious New York City cyclists resist and challenge their city and police department in defense of the Right to Assemble... on bikes! Read More
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About this project

Hello Everyone!

Help Chris and I meet our fundraising goal, to edit and create a feature length documentary about the controversial NYC Critical Mass bicycle ride.

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------------------PROJECT INFO / HISTORY----------------------------------------

CRITICAL MASS is a leaderless, monthly bicycle ride that takes place in over 300 cities around the world, typically on the last Friday of every month.

In 2004 New York City's Critical Mass bicycle ride was labeled a "protest" and the police began an uncommonly aggressive campaign of mass arrests of bicyclists.  Chris ( the Director ) was caught up in the first wave of arrests and has continued filming Critical Mass rides, while following relevant court cases and documenting other cyclists' personal experiences.

Chris' footage has already been the basis of a New York Times cover story, helped protect the Constitutional Right of Assembly, and been used to help fellow cyclists prove their innocence, winning court cases against the city of New York and the NYPD for unlawful arrests and tickets.

We've amassed over 350 hours of footage and now we need your FINANCIAL HELP to edit and finish this film.  Our goal is to submit the film to festivals ( Sundance, Tribeca, Cannes), aim for a theatrical release, and eventually air it on television ( PBS, IFC, Sundance ) as well as sell it on DVD and stream it on Netflix.  

To achieve these goals, we need your direct support. By making a financial contribution to our kickstarter campaign, YOU are enabling us edit and create this important historical feature length documentary, tentatively titled "Last Friday of the Month." 

As we meet our financial goal, you will immediately get amazing gifts for your pledge, and will then be a part of the producing team, receiving updates, invites to screenings, dinners, and even a chance for Chris to make a "mini-doc" on the subject of your choice!

Please pass this email & information about our film to anyone you know who is a fan of independent films and supporting the arts.

The "crowd funding" model is an ALL OR NOTHING deal. (We either make our full goal, or we get nothing, so come on aboard and make a pledge.)

Together we will make this documentary!

Allison Ryan

Producer, Last Friday of the Month

=====Director's Statement=======

Hi everybody, my name is Chris. I am a filmmaker & an avid New York City Cyclist.  For as long as I can remember, I have sought ways to combine these two passions.

I began taping and participating in NYC Critical Mass bicycle rides in the early 2000's. These colorful and jubilant rides were once one of my favorite NYC events to participate in. In August of 2004, the NYC ride took a drastic turn as New York Police Department began a sudden campaign of mass arrests.  I found myself swept up in the orange nets, paddy wagons, and tombs of the NYC jail system. It was the first of many run ins with the NYPD, all the while my camera rolling.  From 2003-2010 I shot over 350+ hours of footage ranging from violent arrests, euphoric riders, police officers chasing me into my own home (helmet cam capturing it all) as well as individual police officers telling me off the record, what they REALLY think.  Much to my mother's dismay, I often ended up in the papers. Whether it be captured in handcuffs, facilitating video justice, or presenting the gift of a custom "police cruiser" bicycle to the retiring NYPD officer responsible for my arrests, I became part of a much larger community than I ever imagined possible.  Video collectives, repair workshops, bicycle legal defense funds, and most importantly, a lifetime's worth of friendships that often started in the back of paddy wagons & continue to this day.

Thanks for your interest and support.

-Chris Ryan


additional Info:

===========TARGET AUDIENCE===========

We wish to create the definitive Feature Length Documentary about NYC Critical Mass. Ultimately reaching a mass audience ( not just the "mass" audience.;- )

At our recent wedding, (a grass roots, un-permitted, community affair featuring a "Critical Mass" family bike ride around Governors Island, ***as well as a pirate attack... --but that's another story )  Allie and I were able to introduce our tenacious/spirited/theatrical/cycling friends to the equally crazy families that spawned us! The crazy cop/teacher/intellectual/computerscientist/anarchist ridden side of my family on one side of the aisle, Allie's southern/conservative/religious/rebellious/equally difficult to define family on the other side, all -equally- enjoying the sincere antics of our preacher Reverend Billy, the Pirates who crashed the Wedding (kidnapping Allie from the alter ***an event which she had no prior knowledge of- ), and the -ALL INCLUSIVE- roving bicycle party around a New York City island that most Guests had -no idea existed-, on a bicycle ride they had only heard bad things about, if anything at all...

that's our Target Audience! That's our target Goal! (pirate attack) ( times article Chris/Allie )

============FINANCIAL NEED============

The quality level we wish to obtain, the size of an audience we want to reach, and the necessity for us to work on this project full time requires us to raise a modest budget.  A relatively small budget in the world documentary feature film making, but a sizable amount to us.  As a testament to the team's ability to stretch a dollar, Chris has already self financed and shot the bulk of the film at a fraction of the cost of even the lowest budget projects which Chris freelanced on during the seven years of self financing/shooting this project.  Together Chris and Allie threw a "million dollar manhattan wedding" that received press from the New York Times, to every relevent small town paper, to NBC Television, all on a budget that was a fraction of what this Kickstarter campaign is seeking. CHRIS & ALLIE KNOW HOW TO STRETCH A BUCK.

Overhead already in effect: We have obtained a great deal on a MONTHLY OFFICE RENTAL,  ( a direct result of our years of eco-volunteer work, and an agreement in which we will be making some non-profit digital shorts for environmental groups along the way ) The office, which allows for us to hire interns, assistants, and a freelance editor, comes with a conference room, video projector, grant advisement, and GIANT DRY ERASE BOARD TECHNOLOGY. We have purchased an approx $3000  Hard Drive Array system, a $4000 Panasonic HMC-150 HD camera, (2) Sennheiser Wireless Lavalier Microphones, A Rhodes shotgun mic, and many other past/present and future expenses that we will cover in our more detailed budget*.

* the above numbers are a sampling, illustrating that this is not a minor, part time, pocket change undertaking.  ALLIE has all the hard numbers, producing is her FULL TIME job.  ALLIE has coordinated a massive volunteer team who have spent the last year scanning, digitizing, logging, running out for MORE harddrives every time we filled one up, and has even more dedicated volunteers lined up. 

Also, we have assistant editors, DP's ( directors of photography ), clearance people, audio engineers, graphic designers etc. finishing up our previous freelance television project, ( 5 episodes of "The Church of Earthaluhia" feat. Reverend Billy )  ... skilled artists and professional technicians ready to come on board, who require more immediate compensation, but are worth every penny!

So... through this small scale donation Kickstarter model, you will be CREATING ACTUAL JOBS! Jobs that feed artists, technicians, and passionate people.



Chris, Allie, The Last Friday of the Month Team.


By graciously donating YOU will play a part in documenting "The civil rights battle of the last decade". You will make sure history is finally, eternally, and properly told.

Ultimately the world at large will finally have a comprehensive history what happened on the streets of New York, when a small but tenacious group of riders cried "STILL WE RIDE!"

======ARCHIVAL BENEFITS==========

We recently created archiving systems for Chris' video archives as well as those of several video collectives and local independent videographers whose work is irreplaceable. These archives are currently in danger of being lost to tape decay and erratic storage practices.  These are priceless historic documents, created by the people, that will be preserved as a byproduct of our completion of this project.

=======WHY NOW?===================

This past week, a major portion of the class action law suits filed by arrested bicycle riders have been settled and have their settlement checks*** in hand. Riders are ---finally--- FREE to talk Openly about their cases, and boy do they have lots to say.


This is a rare moment when the actual, affected, passionate people who are involved in the material have some 'disposable' / found income in hand.  The settlements, mainly given to make us all go away, can be a small amount in some cases*, but together they are a SUBSTANTIAL AMOUNT, and could finance a project that will NOT go away.

*sadly/ironically Chris was part of the 1% of riders who were -not- granted a large cash payout by the city ( go figure ), but he did work tirelessly to maintain video collectives, start bicycle legal defense funds, and take early sacrificial guilty verdicts paving the way for countless cyclists would soon find justice! Hopefully some of these riders and the lawyers remember him now! He did donate the full $500 hereceived in order to launch this campaign))

We recognize these are tight financial times and we don't expect anyone to give until it hurts.  But if this project seems worthy of your time, we would like to ask that if you are a recent settlement recipient, please consider giving a portion of your settlement to this project.  The key people involved already, are quite often the same people who provided the video documentation, press contacts, and tireless work that led to a case being made, and ultimately proven in court. 

If the people receiving $5,000 could see it worthwhile to donate $1000 to the campaign, and people who received the larger settlements could slide their scale slightly upwards, this project will reach its goal and see its way to a feature length cut.

At that point the film will be presented to cable and festival outlets, who will likely want to put final flourishes and post production touches on ( clearances and final sound mixes can reach amounts close to $25,000 at the level we wish to present at), and we will reach and affect a sizable audience. Even if this piece can not break through to the "mainstream" ( slightly more passive?) audience, we will use all of our grassroots knowledge, contacts, and experience to make it available to any who seek to find it.

====Important Change / Understanding======

Now, at a time when public assembly and social media are literally changing regimes around the globe, we will examine the basic truths encountered by this often misunderstood bicycle ride, its participants, and the videos that spawned equal amounts controversy and justice, ultimately preserving the untold history of New York City’s Critical Mass movement.

YOU will make it happen.

YOU will be along for the ride.

Thanks for your support,

-Chris/Allie/The Last Friday of the Month Team


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    *$5000 = the standard payoff amount in the recent settlements w/ Critical Mass riders. NYPD/ the city refused to offer it to Chris or 5 other people, who all happen to be Freewheels Founders ( The Bicycle Legal Defense Fund ), maybe you can prove you're more thoughtful and/or forgiving than the District Attorney!
    Let's make a mini doc together Here's some people have commissioned Chris to do Mini-Docs for them in the past!

    ---GOVERNORS ISLAND SWIM NYC ( yep they swims in the East River )


    ---BROOKLYN BRIDGE SWIM ( I'm an inch taller Jerry )

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