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A documentary made on a five-dollar budget about an online community that buys & sells services for about the price of a cup of coffee.
A documentary made on a five-dollar budget about an online community that buys & sells services for about the price of a cup of coffee.
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The Five Dollar Movie



The Five Dollar Movie is a documentary about the users of the website Fiverr, an online community which buys and sells weird and wonderful services on the extremely cheap. For five dollars there are people who will ‘like’ you on Facebook, photoshop your ex out of a picture, or juggle a chainsaw while shouting anything you like.

I want to find out what drives this community. What kind of money are people making from selling such low-cost services? Is this movement re-defining the price point for creativity?

But here’s the catch, in keeping with the ‘five-dollar ethos’, I’m going to start the film with a budget of only five dollars and use the online tools available to raise more money and make The Five Dollar Movie.

I’ve spent my five dollar budget on an eBook titled ‘Kickstarter Power: The Ultimate Crowdfunding Campaign Kit’, which I found on Fiverr.

Using what I’ve learnt from this book, I’ve set-up this Kickstarter campaign to raise $1000 which will enable me to buy some of the services I need to make and market the film - things like: the soundtrack, a poster, special effects, and even a voiceover artist. Luckily, there are talented people on Fiverr ready and willing to help...for just five dollars.

I see The Five Dollar Movie as a social experiment: this is a film all about internet communities which uses those very communities to both fund and make the film. This is process and product in one and an exciting chance for YOU to be part of both.

- Stephen Wright (@stephenpwright), Director

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The biggest challenge in making this documentary is our limited starting budget of five dollars. We’re lucky enough to already own most of the equipment we need to shoot and edit the documentary and our team are currently working on a voluntary basis.

But there is still a long list of jobs we can’t do and will need to remotely outsource on We’ve turned to Kickstarter to raise enough money to pay for the first 200 gigs we need to get the film going (1 gig = $5). If we succeed, we’ll have enough to: set up and run an active blog, produce a trailer, start a marketing campaign to grow our target audience.

The whole philosophy of crowd-funding through the internet is very much in-keeping with the ethos of the film: using the free, or very cheap, tools available at our fingertips to achieve a goal. Therefore, how we went about putting together this campaign and the result will be featured in the final documentary - in fact, we've already begun filming.  We'll be posting video updates revealing some of our crowd-funding techniques as the project develops. 

In keeping with the five dollar ethos, we only have one reward priced, of course, at five dollars. Back us with this amount and you get: 


Send us a picture of you via one of our social media channels and we’ll stick it on the wall of the Five Dollar Movie office. We’re going to be shooting a lot in the office and we guarantee you will be able to spot yourself in the finished film. Once you've backed us, send your picture and your full name via Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.


You’ll be credited both on the website and in the film’s end credits.


As one of our backers you’ll be the first to receive breaking news about the film’s progress and get the option to buy the film when it becomes available.

NEW: Limited Edition Poster ($25 rewards)

To celebrate the final countdown we've released a limited edition poster as a $25 pledge. Here's how we made it: 

Risks and challenges

After the Kickstarter is over, we're going to start meeting noteworthy Fiver users through a series of Skype video interviews and publish them on our blog. The money to set up this blog, produce these video interviews, and start marketing the film will come from this campaign. We also plan to release a trailer by the end of this year.

The biggest challenge is what happens when we use up our $1000 budget. However, this jeopardy is central to the film's meta-narrative. It's a documentary about making a documentary and without a struggle there wouldn't be much of a story.

To keep the film financially-buoyant we're going to be guided by the online community of five-dollar revolutionaries and try our hand at selling services on Will it be enough to finance the rest of the film? You'll have to wait to find out...

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    You’ll get your name on the website and in the film’s end credits. We’ll also print and stick your picture on our office wall, which will feature in the film. We guarantee you’ll be able to spot yourself when it comes out. You’ll also join The Five Dollar Movie mailing list, receive status updates and an early option to buy the film.

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    LIMITED EDITION POSTER We commissioned five designers on to design us a poster. We picked our favourite and are offering it as a limited edition print. Poster dimensions 70x50cm. Comes unframed.

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