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January Update!

Posted by Tim Rodriguez (Creator)

Happy New Year!

We’ve had a busy holiday season full of prepping and planning for the new year and it’s good and time to give y’all an update on the state of things!

We’ve been working out some production/budget issues and I’m happy to report that we’ve resolved them with packaging techniques. The short version is that running two separate SKUs was going to cost more for an equivalent run than a single, larger SKU. Like nearly twice as much, which started stretching the money a lot thinner than we’d like. So we’ve combined BCV2 into a single thicker box.

BCV2 Package Layout
BCV2 Package Layout

There are upsides and downsides to this decision, that mostly have to do with retail marketing, but especially with card count. When we got to the first step of assembling all the files, we realized that the move to the 108 card box would leave us far more shy on cards than we were comfortable with. (Figuring this out was a major part of the December delay). So we hired out another small stack of cards and while they were turned around quickly, U.S. holidays, business closures, and the like all contributed to a certain amount of stacked inability to get things done. And now as of today they have been shipped to the manufacturer, and the payment for manufacturing has been sent!

All in all, the initial expected date of September was not so much a bad guess as to fulfillment timing, as it was a bit of a victim of assumption of ease of finishing. We didn’t have to do very much new writing, but we did end up with a lot of smaller, difficult to predict elements that stacked up.

Thanks for riding along, we’ll have more information for you soon!


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    1. Tim Rodriguez 6-time creator

      So, files are going through prepress processes right now to make sure there are no manufacturing problems. I'll usually get a physical proof back pretty quickly for a final pass to check for text or layout problems. Then an order of this size will take maybe another week or two to run off and put on a boat or plane (maybe a plane for an order of this size). HOPEFULLY we'll get that through before CNY. Finally, our warehouse partner will be packing and shipping everything back out.

      I've got my fingers crossed for a March arrival. I'll definitely be following this post with any dates that I hear back from the manufacturing partner.

    2. psychicblue on

      great stuff! could you throw out a ballpark figure of when Ill get the physical cards on my table?